螺子 [Neji]

 螺子 [Neji] Neji And His Fianc Were Killed After Getting Caught Up In An Unfortunate Kidnapping Situation After Being Cryogenically Frozen By The GERA, The ESP Research Facility, For Years, Neji Wakes Up It Doesn T Take Long For The GERA To Discover Neji S Extremely Powerful And Unnatural Powers And To Make Him Into One Of Their Mercenaries However, Neji Finds Out His Fianc Will Be Used As A Guinea Pig For The Research Facility S Medical Research And Desperately Tries To Escape In The Second Part, Neji Encounters His Nephew, Who Is Also Created From GERA And Both Begin On Their Journey Through The Future Where Human Like Robots Are Used As Slaves

is a female Japanese manga artist best known for her gothic manga such as Earl Cain, its sequel Godchild, and Angel Sanctuary Yuki debuted in 1987 with Natsufuku no Erii which ran in the manga anthology Bessatsu Hana to Yume published by Hakusensha Her work is typically serialized in one of Hakusensha s two sh jo manga anthologies, Bessatsu Hana to Yume and Hana to Yume In 2010, Kaori Yuki was one of many manga artists whose work would appear in the new sh jo manga anthology Aria by the publisher Kodansha on July 28, 2010.She supposedly lives as a hermit with her cat but very little is actually known about her Her doujinshi ka name is MoonClock As of October 2007, she has a three year old girl and a newborn boy Her blood type is B and her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • 螺子 [Neji]
  • Kaori Yuki
  • Japanese
  • 06 August 2019

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    Screw wakes up with no memory of his true name or past Having been put into frozen sleep in the 90 s, he now faces the year 2033 where he has lost all his human rights With Screw s girlfriend as hostage the scientific group, GERA wants to make use of his psychic abilities which he has developed during his frozen sleep Although cooperative at first, Screw breaks free from GERA and tries to find a place for himself in this futuristic world with ESP assassins and lifelike humanoids Neji was my first manga by Kaori Yuki and I actually bought it by accident Though it is not exactly an accident I regret while not my favourite reading this manga has led me to read of Kaori Yuki s works which I enjoyed than this particular one That is not to say that I disliked it.The characters are fun and generally interesting Although the concept of frozen sleep, humanoids, clones and whatnot are far from being an unusual story line, I thought the premise of the story was well sussed out That being said, I have never been a major fan of Sci Fi so this story is not quite my cup of tea Kaori Yuki has a lovely art style in general but, once again, it is not quite my cup of tea Male characters can look very feminine at times Nonetheless, I prefer her designs for the male characters a good deal than that of the females Unless they are the younger and cutesy characters, I am not too fond of how she draws females But anyway, I still believe that she has a unique and recognizable style with a lot of detail As a lover of nicely drawn hair, I can particularly appreciate her characters hairstyles.I think Neji s biggest flaw is its length I often prefer shorter series over longer ones but this single volume is divided into three arcs which could have easily made three books if not If there would have been volumes there would have been room for character development and, importantly, time for the reader to bond with the characters There are several emotional scenes which just do not work as well if you are not somehow involved with the characters It is still a nice, action filled and certainly fast paced story that is probably well received by people who like Sci Fi especially ones that involve humanoids and the like.

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    Schon seit l ngerer Zeit hatte ich hier eine ziemlich abgegriffene Version von dem Manga liegen, ihm aber irgendwie keine Beachtung geschenkt, was eigentlich komisch ist, da ich ein ziemlich gro er Fan der Angel Sanctuary Reihe von Kaori Yuki bin und somit das Verlangen mehr zu lesen eigentlich nahe liegt.Ehrlich gesagt h tte ich es auch l nger liegen lassen k nnen, denn der Manga war gerade einmal durchschnitt Die Geschichte dreht sich um einen Protagonisten, der in diesem One Shot drei verschiedene Abenteuer erlebt Am st rksten war dabei der Anfang In den anderen Geschichten flacht es etwas ab und alles wirkt ein bisschen unzusammenh ngend, als h tte das ganze eigentlich eine viel l ngere Story werden sollen Schade.Optisch ist es typisch Kaori Yuki Wer schon mal was von ihr gelesen hat, wei was man bekommt Ich pers nlich bin gro er Fan ihres Stils, w rde mir aber w nschen, dass es sich in den unterschiedlichen Werken auch ein wenig unterscheidet In diesem Manga habe ich ziemlich oft gedacht, ich h tte Figuren aus Angel Sanctuary vor mir Nicht nur vom Stil her, sondern auch von den Posen und allem.Alles in allem ist es ein ganz netter Manga, den man ruhig einmal lesen kann Am besten eignet er sich, wenn man noch nichts von Kaori Yuki gelesen hat und nur mal einen kleinen Einblick gewinnen will.

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    Read in Japanese, but goddamn, talk about awesome I don t think Kaori Yuki is capable of writing a normal book in this one, carbon freezing haunts a crygogenic governmental assassin whose girlfriend is separated into frozen organs, and later on he hooks up with a drug dealer who has a bomb in his eye socket and runs into a psychotic tycoon who builds robots named Norma Jean How does she come up with this stuff

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    Manga one shot ini terdiri dari tiga cerita, dan dua cerita pertama dibuat pada masa masa awal debut Yuki Kaori, sedangkan cerita terakhir dibuat belakangan Jadi terasa sekali perbedaan goresan gambarnya Konsepnya sendiri bagus, khas fantasy manga tahun 90 an dengan segala futuristic dystopian nya Less gore, tapi tetep asyik dibaca Sayang, hanya dibuat satu volume Padahal kayaknya keren kalau dibuat seri dan dunianya dibuat lebih kompleks lagi.

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    Der Manga hat mich mehr mitgenommen, als ich gedacht h tte

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    Der Manga war an sich nicht schlecht, und die Zeichnungen mochte ich ganz gerne, aber irgendwie bin ich mit der Geschichte einfach nicht warm geworden

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    Decent, but the story isn t quite the calibre I ve come to expect from this mangaka.

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