A Girl's Guide to Vampires

A Girl's Guide to Vampires Als Joy Sich Von Ihrer Freundin Miranda Die Zukunft Voraussagen L Sst, Erf Hrt Sie Zu Ihrer Freude, Dass Sie Bald Den Mann F Rs Leben Kennen Lernen Wird Doch Was Soll Sie Davon Halten, Dass Ihr Traumprinz Angeblich Ein Vampir Ist Kurz Darauf F Hrt Joy Zu Einem Gothic Festival Nach Tschechien Und Wird Dort Zeugin R Tselhafter Vorg Nge

For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book Despite her love for novels, she didn t think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non fiction book about software Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialo

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  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • A Girl's Guide to Vampires
  • Katie MacAlister
  • German
  • 08 April 2017
  • 9783802581380

10 thoughts on “A Girl's Guide to Vampires

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    I didn t get far with this book at all.The story sounded good a couple of American friends who love vampires decide to go to the setting of their favourite books to see if the vampires actually exist I thought this sounded fun but the two idiot vacant headed bitches and their stupid comments all the time really bugged me They were immature and annoying with all their playground taunts I was waiting for You smell No YOU smell WORSE poopy pants or something similar And then the caveman behaviour of the men that they meet in the hotel bar that night had me gritting my teeth The women were getting physically pushed around and hurt by these guys I call that assault buddy.I d have checked out and gone home if men were shoving me down the stairs deliberately or treating me as if I was some kind of slag to be claimed and fought over because I m sitting in a bar I don t call that a romantic vacation I call that a pretty damn scary place to be.Seduction is fine but intimidation and force ain t No thank you, not my kind of book.

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    The title is false advertising If you want an actual satisfying VAMPIRE story, this ain t the book to quench that thirst You will be waiting and waiting and waiting for actual vampire actionand then the book ends I tried really hard to get into this plot, but by the 50% mark it took a complete nose dive for me and never recovered Between the insufferable main character and her b f f, their utter stupidity, the unfunny dialog, the lame plot lines, the ridiculous NON VAMPIRIC sex scenesI just feel robbed view spoiler The sex scenes were beyond weird Not sure if I care to read about the main character about to get it on with the mysterious guy that she s known for 3 days while her friend is in the next room practically giving color commentary on the action Call me a prude, but you would think that sort of thing would ruin the moodBut maybe it s just me Not to mention how conversational they were in general for the other sex scenes It was just bizarre to read.I was utterly sickened by Joy falling head over heels for this dude in practically no time She s ready to spend the rest of her LIFE with him, and yet he could have EASILY been a villain Then she meets the so called vampire She is his beloved, but she rejects him to stay with the lame ass human I mean really, she should have given the vampire at least ONE day since her heart apparently works so quickly But it s not like I cared one iota about these characters anyway hide spoiler

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    Title of the German edition Blind Date mit einem VampirAs much as I love Katie MacAlister s Aisling Grey Guardian Series I can t say the same about this book I didn t like the heroine Joy and her best friend Roxy very much I kow this book and the constant bickering between the two friends is supposed to be funny but that s just not my sense of humor I wished sometimes Joy would just shut up and go on with her investigation because the plot per se wasn t uninteresting.Okay, there were some funny moments no doubt but Joy s brainless babbling even during hot and steamy sex with her love interest made me only roll my eyes in exasperation Stupidly I already have bought the following two books so I ll read them eventually but I don t think I will purchase another one in this series.And last but not least the title raised certain expectations of a vampire story but the only vampire in this book had a very marginal role much too little for my taste and my vampire addiction wasn t satisfied in the leastdisappointing Website of the author

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    Katie MacAlister s A Girl s Guide to Vampires is to put it mildly a disappointment The transparent plot, one dimensional characters and simple story form a perfect trinity of hackneyed and trite elements to take this novel crashing down The writing style was okay until the reader gets to sentences like The cheerleading team in my nether parts kicked into overdrive, or You re going to be the death of me, I m not going to kill you baby Just take you to heaven and back Oh Lord did he Barf Sentences like these made me want to scream This reads like fanfiction, bad fanfiction, the kind most commonly referred to as Mary Sue fic in which the main character is a desperate female and the plot involves all sorts of hunky men suddenly fawning all over her Though I have never read a Danielle Steel novel, I assume this is what it would be like with a tiny pinch of the paranormal thrown in there If you need a little plot and a bit less porn I would suggest the reader look elsewhere for entertainment.

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    I absolutely loved this book it had me laughing out loud from practically the first page I m just glad I wasn t reading it in public or I d have received no end of strange looks I just can t wait to read the next book in the series.Joy her friend Roxy are both hopeless when it comes to love so they ask for assistance from a wiccan friend to find their true loves Miranda s prediction for Roxy is quite straightforward she ll find her true love within a month However, when it comes to Joy things are not so simple there are going to be 2 men coming into her life and if she fails to pick the right one then she will be in danger of losing her soul.The 2 friends are both obsessed with reading vampire novels and love author C J Dante who writes a series about the Dark Ones Roxy is convinced that the Dark Ones are real and is determined to meet the author convince him to tell her how to find them Joy is sure that they aren t real but is happy to go with Roxy to the Czech Republic to search for Dante.They arrive in the Czech Republic find themselves in the middle of a Goth Festival and soon start attracting plenty of attention, both good and bad Roxy is determined to find a Dark One but with people from the festival walking around dressed as vampires spotting the real thing is going to be difficult I don t want to give any plot information away so I ll just say that there are plenty of crazy antics twists to the story and I love the way the ending isn t what you re expecting The book is filled with comedy, romance and lust with plenty of hot sex thrown in for good measure If you want something light hearted but still with a paranormal twist then I d definitely recommend this series.

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    This book was totally a 5 star read for me FUNNY as hell and I think I probably laughed in my head every second page and out loud at least once a chapter The heroine and ber crazy sidekick best friends who can tell each other anything and call each other on anything have very interesting senses of humor and both use them defence when they are nervous or uncomfortable Although sometimes Joy was just plain lippy Raphael is your true alpha male domineering and possessive and protective and sexy as HELL OMG The picture of him you get in your head as Joy describes what she sees when read the book its WORTH IT I enjoyed the cheesy side of this book and I can see that it would not be for everyone I have a feeling that Katie MacAlister is an author that you either love or hate Luckily for me I loved her sarcastic wit and sardonic charm and when a man growls at me I MELT into a puddle of goo just like Joy did.Was it original life changing profound wisdom that will affect me forever No but it made me laugh and lust and made my day funnier and sexier that it would have been without it To me that is a book I want to read again and again and again and dream of in between Looking forward to exploring the other books she has written apparently there are dragons out there somewhere I LOVE DRAGONS

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    Wow, I don t even know where to begin my review of A Girl s Guide to Dating Vampires I thought I was completely over the whole vampire train because I have been bored with most of the vampire books I ve read, but I guess I was just missing something Katie MacAlister has totally changed that for me I ve already got the second book in the series on hold at the library I think the best part of it was that it didn t completely revolve around vampires, and the vampires didn t make a large appearance in the novel I was always guessing, who is the vampire , who isn t the vampire I loved, loved, loved the main character Joy and I thought Raphael was YUMMY I was laughing the entire time and I have to say, if I could pick to be any literary character I would say Joy I loved her wit, snarky come backs, and sense of humor Plus, she got to be with the gorgeous, and yummy Raphael.I thought I could predict most things in this book, but I found that I couldn t There were twists and turns I wasn t expecting and it left me guessing until the very end Also, did I mention Raphael was yummy Don t want to forget that It was a light, humorous, quick read One that I will definitely be reading again I already requested it from Paperback Swap.

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    The is the first book of Katie MacAlister s Dark Ones series It s a wacky contemporary paranormal romance that spoofs Christine Feehan s Carpathians series, but in a friendly sort of way I ve also been reading MacAlister s Aisling Gray Gardian series, and all MacAlister s heroines seem to be impervious to embarrassment, even as they charge ahead with foolish actions They are brazen women and yet strangely endearing, quirky characters I ve also noticed that the mysteries in her books withhold key clues until the last 50 pages or so, making it unlikely that the reader will guess where the book s going I suppose a mystery fan would find that frustrating It s a fun, entertaining series, though This particular book finds the characters Joy and Roxy on a vacation in the Chezch Republic pursuing their shared interest in a series of books about vampires They are stalking the author who wrote them, and Roxy is trying to find a real vampire They are also both looking for soul mates There s a halloween goth fair visiting the town during their vacation and Joy becomes the love interest of three men one might be a vampire, one might be a killer, and one might be the love of her life, or at least the lover of her dreams Joy and Roxy spend their trip unraveling who s who The novel has many steamy scenes with the man Joy takes as a lover.

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    A Girl s Guide to Vampires was a nice and pleasant surprise While I do get tired of Katie MacAlister s same heroine in every book I read, I could tolerate Joy that most others But lord can they be moronic, and not in a good way I do wish she could expand her female leads to be different in both of their physical and mental aspects, and not be the same old monotonous ones over and over again Always my gripe.Now on to the rest of the bookThe storyline was interesting, there was some hilarious moments, and overall I enjoyed it better than most of the contemporary romances Ms MacAlister has written I am very intrigued by Christian and can t wait to read his book in this series Roxy, on the other hand, reminded me of a little, annoying, rabid yappy dog Yes, she could provide entertainment, but if I knew someone like that, I d go insane, or else commit homicide Otherwise the book was fine entertainment but not a keeper for me Probably the main reason I read the whole book was because of the intriguing Christian and wondering about his fate.3.75 stars

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    Honestly, I wasn t really stirred one way or another when I was reading the book it was a way to pass the time at work The obvious spoof on Christine Feehan s Carpathian novels was funny because you know how formulaic those are , but the two main female characters irritated the absolute ever loving shit out of me I could tell Katie MacAlister was going for the type of wisecracking camraderie and pull no punches tell it like it is antics that other writers have done much better, but Katie didn t quite hit it In fact, if I had friends like Joy or Roxy, I d ve punched them in the ovaries than once.The male characters weren t much better, the plot was so easy to figure out it was nearly transparent, and while it got a little better in the end, it was only a small improvement I ll probably read the others in the series since I have them and I have nothing much else to do, but I can t say I d recommend these to anyone else except my roommate so that we can laugh together And because I like to force her to read mediocre books.

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