Deaths of the Poets

Deaths of the Poets In Deaths of the Poets, Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts travel through the deaths of poets to consider the image of the poet as a dangerous vocation, where mortality seems to be the price paid for creation They literally travel, indeed, around the death places of many major poets from Chatterton in the late eighteenth century to some who have died in the twenty first, making the book part travelogue, part literary history, and part musing on being a poet.It is a morbid whistle stop tour in many ways, with the chapters organised by theme and theme is mostly related to their deaths and thus jumping across time and place, particularly across the Atlantic They concentrate on famous British and American poets writing in English, so their travelling features than its fair share of New York and a strange trip to my hometown thanks to John Clare The book is, almost as a side effect, a useful way of gaining some knowledge of a lot of famous poets from the past two hundred years in a concise way.More than that, the authors are trying to examine the image of the dying poet, the post Chatterton post Romantic of a poet going out in an often troubled, possibly drunken blaze They cover poets who famously died young John Keats being high on the list, also war poets and others and those who actually lived out a fairly long life The answer to the question is it a myth is inconclusive by the end, but it was never really a scientific endeavour.As with many books that cover a lot of different bits of literary history, this one works well as a primer on the stories of a lot of big name poets, with the opportunity for those who know about a writer to get frustrated at elements of their presentation It is a reminder of our fascination with the lives of these notable few and the almost mythical position they can hold in cultural consciousness, without consideration of greater depth However, maybe it needs to demythologise the figure of the poet a little As it points out, they re just people who lived and died like anyone else. FRom BBC Radio 4 Book of the week What is the cost of poetry Must poets be melancholic, doomed and self destructive Or is this just a myth In our new Book of the Week, Michael Symmons Roberts and Paul Farley both award winning poets themselves explore that very question through a series of journeys across Britain, America and Europe.From Sylvia Plath s desperate suicide in the gas oven of her Primrose Hill kitchen to John Berryman s leap from a bridge onto the frozen Mississippi, the deaths of poets have often cast a backward shadow on their work.The post Romantic myth of the dissolute drunken poet has fatally skewed the image of poets in our culture Novelists can be stable, savvy, politically adept and in control, but poets should be melancholic, doomed and self destructive Is this just a myth, or is there some essential truth behind it that great poems only come when a poet s life is pushed right to an emotional knife edge of acceptability, safety, security Today the poets explore the lives and tragic deaths of Thomas Chatterton and Dylan Thomas.Written and read by the authorsAbridged for radio by Lauris Morgan GriffithsProduced by Simon Richardson.http programmes b08dn2gj A little repetitive in places and slightly uneven, but intriguing for the most part and an introduction to some poets I have yet to check out. What a long and enjoyable read Not only am I a little familiar with a few poets names, I m also a little learned on the lives and deaths of some of those poets I didn t take notes while I was reading, and my memory is atrocious, so I can t say any chapter or comment particularly sticks out than any of the others, but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book and will probably reread it in the future when I ve read some of the poets they referred to Already an avid Micheal Symmons Roberts fan, in excited to read some of Paul Farley, and would love to read their other collaborative work. actual 3.5i read this on holiday and overall liked it a lot the subject matter is really interesting and the writers are good at picking quotes and anecdotes to highlight their points while also not completely undoing the poet s legacy so i really appreciated that and ofc there were a couple lines that made me laugh exhale so kudos to themBUT heres the stuff that bothered me midway through i felt like they kinda just..lost steam there wasn t a lot of direction to it they started to jump poets in each chapter without actually going in depth giving any kind of background so if you dont know anything about some of these poets you will feel a little lostoverall though good read i enjoyed it given that it was my first literary non fiction and maybe i ll pick up stuff in this genre I wasn t sure at first as the initial chapters slipped by I was unsure if this was some form of ghoulish travel writing masquerading as an exploration of what drives some of us to write poetry But as the final days of pairs of dead poets were presented interwoven, so some notion of what a poet is, and what drives the poetic instinct came to the fore There is poignancy here, a degree of social commentary and the touching insight into lives that were so often full of the ordinary, domestic and routine. I enjoyed this I like the idea of tortured genius I even didn t mind it was about poets I still can t get poetry. Some poets are so dead that it s hard to believe they ever lived Du brit poetai Paul Farley ir Michael Symmons Roberts nusprend patyrin ti poeto kulto, poeto mirties, jo lov s, poeto gyvenimo ir mirties tak ir ry su poezija ioje knygoje jie leid iasi literat rin ir geografin kelion po poet gyvenimo ir mirties vietas Pradeda nuo Chattertono ir Keatso, o baigia W H Audenu ir Robertu Frostu Jie ra o ir apie poetus, kurie live fast, die young , apie depresijos kamuojamus poetus, apie savi ud ius, mirusius nuo alkoholizmo ir kt ia minimas ir Dylanas Thomas, ir Anne Sexton, ir Sylvia Plath , ta iau jie taip pa u kabina ir kit spektro gal poetus, kurie vis gyvenim ramiai dirbo savo darbus ir mir lovoje na, arba ligonin je pvz Williamas Carlosas Williamsas, Marianne Moore ar Philipas Larkinas.Knyga para yta kand iai, gyvai, joje daug domi fakt , citat ir pletk pletk m g jams tikrai patiks Para yta ji, tiesa, keistokai daugiskaitos pirmuoju asmeniu, tas iek tiek rzina Erzina ir tas nuolatinis lakstymas i vienos vietos kit vienoje pastraipoje jie Anglijoje, kitoje jau JAV, tre ioje Pranc zijoje Knygoje nema ai pasikartojim ir kartais ji ima nusibosti, ta iau vertinga kaip b das susipa inti su kokiu 20 brit ir JAV autori , susidaryti, kad ir nelyg , bet gana dom poezijos paveiksl Ai ku i tos, nir iosios, morbid pus s.Autoriai stengiasi minti m sl kas ver ia poetus ra yti, kiek savo gyvenimo jie aukoja savo k rybai, kaip k ryba i kreipia ar paveikia yvenim , kas i poeto tekst ir lov s lieka po mirties Joki ai ki atsakym knygoje negausite, bet gausite daug klausim ir med iagos apm stymams to lyg ir pakanka.Tiks visiems besidomintiems k rybos ir ra ymo psichologija, ra ytoj biografijomis ir pan. From Chatterton S Pre Raphaelite Demise To Keats Death Warrant In A Smudge Of Arterial Blood From Dylan Thomas S Eighteen Straight Whiskies To Sylvia Plath S Desperate Suicide In The Gas Oven Of Her Primrose Hill Kitchen Or John Berryman S Leap From A Bridge Onto The Frozen Mississippi, The Deaths Of Poets Have Often Cast A Backward Shadow On Their Work The Post Romantic Myth Of The Dissolute Drunken Poet Exemplified By Thomas And Made Iconic By His Death In New York Has Fatally Skewed The Image Of Poets In Our Culture Novelists Can Be Stable, Savvy, Politically Adept And In Control, But Poets Should Be Melancholic, Doomed And Self Destructive Is This Just A Myth, Or Is There Some Essential Truth Behind It That Great Poems Only Come When A Poet S Life Is Pushed Right To An Emotional Knife Edge Of Acceptability, Safety, Security What Is The Price Of Poetry In This Book, Two Contemporary Poets Undertake A Series Of Journeys Across Britain, America And Europe To The Death Places Of Poets Of The Past, In Part As Pilgrims, Honouring Inspirational Writers, But Also As Investigators, Interrogating The Myth The Result Is A Book That Is, In Turn, Enlightening And Provocative, Eye Wateringly Funny And Powerfully Moving

Michael was born in 1963 and spent his childhood in Lancashire, England before moving south with his family to Newbury in Berkshire in the early 70 s He went to comprehensive school in Newbury, then to Oxford University to read Philosophy Theology.After graduating, he trained as a newspaper journalist before joining the BBC in Cardiff as a radio producer in 1989 He moved with the BBC to L

❰Epub❯ ➝ Deaths of the Poets  Author Michael Symmons Roberts –
  • Hardcover
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  • Deaths of the Poets
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  • 23 October 2018
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