Abducted (Alien Mate Index, #1)

Abducted (Alien Mate Index, #1) For those that like the kindred series this will probably be another winner There was a short plus sized heroine, a huge hunky alien hero to likes to lick and heal with his tongue A group of female friends, defenceless little sisters, big baddies It is Kindred with another coat Different alien species, different names colours anyway, some who are aggressive, some who like to share who can bond with human girls, girls who happen to have unknown special powers.If you can suspend disbelief that a girl who is kidnapped and is told she s going to be sold into slavery for the rest of her life would come up with the ultimate insult of big red jerk for the perpetrator of this crime, read on Zoe really is too stupid to have made it to adulthood, let alone be a paralegal There are pop culture references, funny food and a heroine although sexually experienced who is horribly embarrassed by all things sexual and is forced to ask the hero to commit sexual acts on her in the guise of being healed She also doesn t like anyone seeing her ta ta s She is described as her head barely reaching his elbow Kissing during missionary position sex must have been.bendy It wasn t mention that he has a double jointed spine.Ms Anderson has a definite formula, if you like it, this fits the bill, but it was a step too far down the yellow brick road for me. It seems that we have an abundance of horned hunks lately I ve found a gif of a much hunkier guy, but it was flagged and taken down This book is hilarious Zoe, is a hoot She has some ideas that made me laugh out loud She s kidnapped by weird looking aliens and should be terrified And she is, but her brain functions in a laugh instead of crying way The descriptions of aliens are incredible we have a three tentacle eyed Bambi, a poo shaped centipedes, a lantern looking A.I named Alfred by her You get it LMAOOOAlso her reactions are fun Stupid, maybe, but still fun I usually hate TSTL heroines, but here I laughed Even when the situations were deadly Incredible I loved the descriptions of food generatorwhat did you expect to come out of the pot full of green goo The hero, Sarden, is the horned hunk and you know how much I love by blue horned barbarians with red skin and golden eyes Yummy But for all his trying to be a bad kidnapper, he comes out as a very sweet guy I thought, being this Ms Anderson s book, that here would be a ton of sex, but instead I found a ton of innuendos, some nude scenes, some licking for the purpose of healing, but not even a kiss until well over the half part of the book And I loved that I loved it very, very much Then the author dropped reference to my favorite TV series And I was won Zoe is seeing herself as the Mother of Dragons But then realized that she has these instead This is and is not a classic alien abduction romance But you should read it as a parody comic movie, like the famous Airplane , or The Naked Gun For all of us who read and love the Ice Planet Barbarians this book is a MUST Abducted Is Book In My Alien Mate Index Series It Is A Plus Sized Novel , Words Long My Name Is Zoe McKinley I Have A Boring Life, An Awful Job, And A Boss That Throws Staplers At My Head What Could Be Worse How About Being Abducted By Aliens Being Dragged Through A Mirror, Naked And Screaming, Onto An Extraterrestrial Ship Was Bad Finding Out I Had Been Sold To A Huge Alien Male Who Looks Like The Devil Was Worse But Learning He Wanted To Trade Me To An Intergalactic Petting Zoo Was The Worst Of All Now I M Whizzing Through The Galaxy With A Robot Butler, A Trio Of Nib Nibs They Re Like Tiny Green Monkeys And One Huge, Muscular, And Very Grumpy Alien The Clothing They Gave Me Shows All My Lady Bits, The Food Sim Makes Banana Cream Pie That Tastes Like Sauerkraut, And Sarden, My Captor, Is Too Hot To Stay Mad At, Even If He Is A Jerk In Fact, I Think I Might Be Falling For Him What S A Girl To Do It S All In A Day S Work When You Ve Been Abducted The Alien Mate Index Learn From The Pen Of Evangeline Anderson, The Writer Who Brought You Brides Of The Kindred, Comes A New Race Of Alien Warriors Twelve Races, To Be Exact Everyone Thinks That Life Just Evolved On Earth Wrong Our Planet, And Twelve Others, All Capable Of Supporting Terran Life, Was Seeded By The Ancient Ones Then Earth Was Locked Away, Kept Safe In The Cocoon Of Our Ozone Layer But Now There S A Gaping Hole In Our Security Blanket And Guess Who S Coming To Dinner That S Right The Alien Warriors Of The Twelve Peoples Also Descended From The Ancient Ones, Are Looking For Mates And Earth Girls Are Their First Choice The Vorn Are Feared Throughout The Galaxy Savage, Horned Warriors, These Males Can Be Surprisingly Gentle To The Females They Choose To Bond WithDenarins Come In Pairs Two Muscular Males Who Share A Psychic Bond And Feel The Need To Share One Woman As Well The Majorans Worship Their Females As Goddesses, The Very Color Of Their Skin Changing With Their Bonded Mate S MoodBraxians Are Savage With Black On White Eyes That Can See Every Spectrum Of Light They Will Defend Their Females To The Last Drop Of Blood In Their Huge, Blue Bodies And There Are So Many Alien Warriors To Pick FromWhich Type Of Male Would You Choose Too Bad You Won T Have A Choice, Because Thanks To The Alien Mate Index, An Agency That Abducts Earth Brides For Alien Males, You Could Be Snatched At Any Time And Turned Into A Massive Warrior S Mate Or ConcubineSo The Real Question Is Who Will Choose You This was surprisingly funny I didn t expect that at all A lot of these books take themselves way too seriously and you want to say the book, you know you re about a horny alien dude wanting to bang it out with a human chickyou re silly Obviously, I like this often silly genre, but too many of them think they re writing hardcore literature Back to this book, it was funny Why A lot of it was because of the heroine and her reactions to the alien guy Plot Zoe is having a crap day at work because her BO blasting boss threw a stapler at her head She s sitting in the ladies room whinging on the phone to her two BFF s when she s abducted She wakes up on icy cold floor naked with a 7ft tall red skinned male with horns and vertical slit eyes peering at her She screams in fear, I d be screaming over the fact I was getting hypothermia on some private areas from their ice cold space ship floor You d think they d have central heating She thinks he s the devil come to take her to hell, he s not, he s just bought her on the Alien Mate Index, which is like Sky Mall for human brides She s now his property and he has plans for her..They end up on his spaceship journeying across space to other planets in order to fulfill Sarden the red devil alien guy s plans It s pretty funny the various escape attempts and hijinks that Zoe gets up to and Sarden has to fix I enjoyed her annoying him, which isn t always the case, but this book made it comical Sarden isn t a passive alien guy and he enjoys annoying her right back As to the characters Zoe is very determined, stubborn, and headstrong She copes super well with the whole alien thing and her travels in space after learning that Sarden is not the devil come to take her to hell haha She s funny and comes with a tragic background Sarden is on a mission to acquire a human bride and trade her for something important His mission doesn t allow for him to develop feelings for the mischievous human, even if he finds her super super hot I liked how he was firm, but not mean when Zoe caused him problems He never was abusive or vengeful about her actions I also liked how he cared for her when she was vulnerable or in trouble He was a good alien guy I think the ending was kind of cheesy and could ve been eventful, but overall this is a good 4 star book I m adding a star because it was funny and I think that s uncommon in books At least I don t find many that make me laugh Extra star for being amusing. Feel is like this book was trying to hard I saw the first part of this book free on and when I read it just knew that I wanted to know I m a fan of the authors Kindred series so was delighted to discover a new series with her trade mark hunky guys and rather down to earth females and yes pun intended So here are my thoughts.I liked Zoe, she s just a pretty normal sort, stuck in a job going nowhere , unappreciated by her boss , absolutely no love life and yet she has two really close friends who support her through thick and thin So imagine her horror when a bathroom mirror does all kinds of funky things and she finds herself in space and at the not so tender mercies of aliens Now I might try to run screaming at this point but not so Zoe Ok there s a scary big red guy with horns for crying out loud but he doesn t seem to want to hurt Zoe but there s no way she s going to go quietly No it s time to get stealthy , lull Sarden into a false sense of security then pow Knock that alien for six and find a way home Yes it all seems easy in Zoe s head but you know what they say In space no one can hear you scream I m loving the new life forms that we are discovering and admittedly Sarden looks demonic but he s anything but Sarden is patient and caring then he wants to appear at times but it s his loyalty and fierce need to protect that made him likeable to this reader Zoe is sassy and had me laughing as she totally baffles Sarden, yes Zoe for me just came to life Now those who enjoy raunchy sci fi might be surprised at just how much goes on here The author gives a much longer story then many others I ve read that has a simple plot that allows for adventures along the way Whilst not exactly action packed, situations arise that put the main characters in danger but of course there s a happy ending which is always my favourite Is it saucy Well yes is my answer but frankly there s no instant bonking just a couple who learn to love and ultimately trust each other.This was an entertaining read clearly aimed at those who enjoy a sexy romp At times really funny and so easy to just get lost in If like me you read to escape then this new series might just be the one you needI was gifted a copy of this in exchange for an honest review 2 5 starsThis was very average and extremely weird I went in expecting a little angst and drama, but it ended up being kind of boring, I had to force myself to pick this book up and finish it And for an almost five hundred page book, not much of consequence or much interesting happened I love a strange plots and I have a high tolerance for bullshit, I buy easily into things as long as they re written well and are detailed enough that they feel like an alternative reality But even I had a hard time buying into this shit This book was all over the place, you had a hundred different alien species that were introduced so quick that you had no chance of remembering them, you had species that could and couldn t mix and then you had half breeds Then there was the fact that humans were a pure off breed of these special aliens The weirdest thing had to be Doloroso s weird breed of technology and alien To be completely honest, I still have no idea what the actual fuck he was By this point I was over the entire book, and with this character suddenly shedding a human skin suit I knew this book was making shit up as it went along There were kidnappings and murder plots, and yet I still found the entire story boring and nothing was linked well I had no connection to the characters and the so calledemotional romance angstwas so BORING.Overall I found this to be a rather meh read, definitely won t be picking up the continuations in the series. A little over the top at times and you have to wait a long time for the poking, but all the different aliens, creatures and settings are well worth it There are so many possibilities surronding the universe created here. Five Mars Needs Women Scale StarsThis has a cover and title that doesn t really do it any favors, in my view However, it s a fun sci fi romance that pretty much fits the paranormal romance formula, except the male is not a vampire or werewolf Except WAY BETTER than most PNRs Seriously Way better For those of you squicky about alien romances, this is NOT one of those where the alien acts and looks like an alien The hero, Sarden, is seven feet tall, has red skin and horns, but otherwise, he acts and talks just like a human Of course, he is incredibly muscled and has a giant peen I mean, you need to know what you are getting into with this Like I said, basically paranormal romance, only set in outer space I think it s very accessible to those readers who get squicky with the idea of alien romances The story flips between Sarden s and Zoe s the heroine s POV Zoe is short, sized 16, freckled with red hair, rambles a lot, but she s funny This book is funny It has just a tad of a chick lit vibe, but I hate chick lit, and liked this, so really just a tad.The sci fi aspects are great The descriptions are not wordy or technical, and there is way world building than your average romance Earth s quarantine has been lifted and Zoe gets abducted and sold The females in this galaxy sure seem to be in danger a lot Always getting kidnapped and sold into slavery or auctioned off to wealthy collectors seems to be a common theme But it s not rapey although there are some rapey tentacles in one scene Also, the author has written in TONS of pop culture movie tv references, which I really liked There wasn t actual sex for a while, but plenty of almost sex and second third base scenes which were so over the top, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride Don t expect realistic sci fi here I usually get annoyed when the couple doesn t do it until the very end, but I was so entertained and like I said, there are plenty of other sexy moments, so I didn t even care If you are expecting a romance that is set up realistically and makes sense, you will be disappointed You have the original abduction kidnapping of the female, which happens to be a trope I don t mind if done well, and this totally works Sarden is a strong, confident male, but not an alpha douche He respects women a lot I know, that sounds like a contradiction respecting women and kidnapping one but he has a reason for doing it and this is not a captive romance It s so much The one scene where Sarden heals Zoe I won t spoil it, but OMG, Hilarious I freaking LOVE when authors go there in romances Just so silly and over the top ridiculous But HOT My only issue is that it really didn t need to be 400 pages But I didn t struggle to get through it or resort to skimming The nib nib monkey creatures Zoe names after the dragons in Game of Thrones loved them I loved all the movie and tv references Okay, I m repeating myself now I loved the way the author introduced the male that is featured in book 2 He seems really hot In fact, I loved this so much, I am dropping everything and going to buy and read the next one Right now Grav, here I come Even though your cover scares meThis was also only 0.99 on US when I got it. Zoe and Sarden Half Vorn half Eloim Before I start talking about this specific book, I would like to declare myself a huge fan of the Brides of the Kindred series Every time someone asks me for a suggestion on Sci Fi Romance, this is the first series that I propose adding the fact that this is not just Romance but also Erotica And it is not just smut for the smut s sake Sooooooooooo, I was not really sure about this new series Alien Mate Index and about how much different this will be in comparison to the Brides since we are talking again for unwilling human brides and alien boys.Well, my worries were only short lived, because this is definitely a fresh series and it has a different way of looking at things If I could just say one thing about this series and how much different it is from Brides , I would say that it is surely complicated and a touch sophisticated The author does not hold back on world building She does not hesitate to include terminologies and technology descriptions that fall mainly on the Sci Fi part of the things and less on the Romance side This does not mean that the romance is lacking On the contrary, it is enhanced as well since now we get to see how the alien boys think There are two points of view on the book Girl s POV and boy s POV And yes, apparently and obviously alien boys have true feelings and can get hurt easily no matter how much cocky bastards they are.The book is sci fi, erotic, funny, angsty and out of this world If you love Brides give it a chance If you don t love Brides , but you love Sci Fi romance give it a chance I talk a bit about this world and the different species here Abducted Part 1 Through the Looking Glass Reviewhttps www.goodreads.com review show

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for

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