Archer (Urban Wizard).

Archer (Urban Wizard). When Dark Forces Merge, Archer And Kirby Are Caught Squarely In The MiddleArcher McKenzie Is A Modern Day Wizard Whose Heritage Dates Back To The Sixteenth Century While Archer Has A Wealth Of Magical Talents At His Disposal, He Chooses To Live Under The Radar, With A Day Job As A Private InvestigatorPopular Artist, Kirby Langston, Believes The Man He S Been Dating Could Be The One, Until A Violent Street Encounter Throws Him Into The Path Of The Lethally Seductive McKenzieWhen Kirby Hires Archer To Find His Missing Brother, Everything Changes Archer And Kirby Must Fight Against The Black Magic Wrought By A Powerful Enemy In The Ultimate Battle For Survival Kirby hires PI Archer to find his missing brother Sparks fly between the pair, but Kirby tries to fight his impulses since he s in a relationship with another man He s startled to learn that dark plans are in store for not only his twin brother, but for him and that Archer s a wizard But are Archer s powers enough to keep them alive Download this book and find out Great chemistry, exciting storyline, skilled writing Don t miss it A Joyfully Jay review 3.5 starsThis is a short, quick read, and as such it definitely has its merits The style of writing makes it easy to just jump in and go along for the ride, so I didn t have too much trouble with the lack of world building The characters were pretty well developed, and though I had some problems with the pacing it was, for the most part, an enjoyable read.Right off the bat, the reader is thrust into Archer s world, as he s on a case We immediately get to see both sides of him, the wizard and the PI, and we get a good sense of who he is I would have liked some background about him to really ground him, but as it was, he was easy to relate to at face value Without getting too in depth into him and his thoughts, I found him to be a pretty well done character anyway The author manages to convey his personality and abilities without it ever feeling like an info dump As I said, I would have really liked world building as to how magic works, but Archer s solidness made it easy to just roll with his abilities.Kirby is also fairly well done, but I felt like I was missing from him He s an artist, a painter, and I wished we could have seen of this aspect as I m sure it would have fleshed out his character even I liked that he was a fairly easy going sort of guy, but that he had a solid backbone He wasn t going to take no for an answer when it came to his brother, and he wouldn t be swayed in other areas of his life when he was being coerced to do things he didn t On the other hand, he pretty readily accepted Archer s powers when they were finally revealed It was partially because he d seen the proof and partially just because of his attitude So even though the quick acceptance was almost certainly for plot purposes, I found I didn t have too much trouble for it.Read Kris review in its entirety here. 2.5 3 stars.

Ali Atwood is a transplanted Brit, living the outdoor life in Florida Her previous careers could fill a catalogue everything from flight attendant to ice cream parlor owner Since Ali has traveled over much of the world, she draws from that knowledge to create unique characters and backdrops Aside from writing, Ali enjoys horseback riding and golf She has eclectic taste in music, a fondness for

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  • 10 September 2019

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