Blueblood Dragon (Genesis Valley, #1)

Blueblood Dragon (Genesis Valley, #1) Dragon Shifter Ferro Formed The Dragon Council To Keep His Kind In Check Now The Council Has Gone Quiet, And Chaos Is Returning Ferro Would Prefer To Stay Uninvolved, But He Has No Choice And Must Seek Them Out As The Father Of All Dragon Shifters, Ferro Has Long Since Come To Accept That He Will Live Alone, As There Are No Other Beings On The Planet With A Lifespan As Long As His Or So He Thought Ana Is On The Run A Group Of Powerful Shifters Has Been After Her, And Lately Things Are Getting Intense And Violent She Left Civilization Behind To Keep Innocent Humans Safe, But It Didn T Work Now She S Trapped In A Small Village In The Middle Of Nowhere It S Going To Take A Miracle For Her To Escape When Ferro Drops From The Sky, His Intent Is Not To Fall In Love, But To Save A Shifter He Saw In Trouble Surprises Happen All The Time, However, And The Pair Quickly Realize They Have In Common Than Just Fighting The Same Mysterious Enemy As They Try To Get To The Bottom Of Everything, Personalities Clash, With The Slow, Methodical Dragon Shifter Trying To Tame The Wild, Unpredictable, And Hard Charging Woman The Challenges They Face Seem Insurmountable, Their Enemy Unknown But Together, They Might Just Return Peace To Their World

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➷ Blueblood Dragon (Genesis Valley, #1)  Free ➭ Author Amelia Jade –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 178 pages
  • Blueblood Dragon (Genesis Valley, #1)
  • Amelia Jade
  • English
  • 20 October 2019

10 thoughts on “Blueblood Dragon (Genesis Valley, #1)

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    DNF I m used to insta lust and sex right after two people meet but what really turned me off about the first sex scene in this book was view spoiler Ferro choking Ana and she is okay with it hide spoiler

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    FREE on today 2 6 2018 Blurb Dragon shifter Ferro formed the Dragon Council to keep his kind in check Now the Council has gone quiet, and chaos is returning Ferro would prefer to stay uninvolved, but he has no choice and must seek them out As the father of all dragon shifters, Ferro has long since come to accept that he will live alone, as there are no other beings on the planet with a lifespan as long as his Or so he thought Ana is on the run A group of powerful shifters has been after her, and lately things are getting intense and violent She left civilization behind to keep innocent humans safe, but it didn t work Now she s trapped in a small village in the middle of nowhere It s going to take a miracle for her to escape When Ferro drops from the sky, his intent is not to fall in love, but to save a shifter he saw in trouble Surprises happen all the time, however, and the pair quickly realize they have in common than just fighting the same mysterious enemy As they try to get to the bottom of everything, personalities clash, with the slow, methodical dragon shifter trying to tame the wild, unpredictable, and hard charging woman The challenges they face seem insurmountable, their enemy unknown But together, they might just return peace to their world.

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    I just wish I had found this author earlier.Ferro has been a side character since the start of the Genesis Valley series books with quite a pivotal part which slowly comes into play over the Genesis Valley dramas He has been the bar tender and therefore knows all the goings on in the valley.He is the original shifter and over 8000 years old His mate Ana is something special as well Not telling what she is but definitely unique and the author was brave to write her as one Loved it.A fast moving story which hardly gave them time to get to know each other but it flowed well with hardly a breather between all the action happening.I have only read a few of the previous books leading to Ferro s story but I still really enjoyed this book, but I will have to read the rest of the previous books leading up to this point in time I will then re read this book as it is that good.I believe this book has been a long time in the waiting.I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

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    So I am going to do this review and not try and compare it to another book we have Ferro and he comes upon Ana while she is being hunted Why is she being hunted you may ask because she is a view spoiler hide spoiler

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    CrazyvilleSPOILER ALERT I m shocked that Ferro s daughter was behind the Order I really felt bad for him when he found out that his 1st 3 children were dead I m so happy he s found his mate after all this time I always thought it was such a waste for him to be the only Dragon w o a mate Now it s Ajax s turn so can t wait.

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    OkI liked it well enough in the beginning but then it began to drag on for a while I probably wont continue the series.

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    This was unexpectedly hilarious and heartwarming The main characters were so made for each other It was touch and go right at the beginning and that s what made this story so much fun This was at times a wee bit sad but don t all the best books encompass all the great emotions I d absolutely read from this author I love that she took ancient themes and beings and created this huge theme And I loved how Ferro spoke in an old world manner The dude is oooolllldddd so it was appropriate for his wording to reflect that Gotta love a hero that both respects his lady and would slay for her as well I tend to shy away from covers with bare chests but I m so glad that I picked this up

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    Lovely storylineI have truly enjoyed the book, to meet a very unique shifter named Ana I was truly amazed in what beast she can change into Good storyline with twist There are two things I missed to have a perfect book More detailed description in the surroundings as well for the emotional part of the characters.As well for most of the time is was only Ana and Ferra I wished there has been involvement with other characters to have a better development with conversations, the end was a bit rushed to perfect.

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    Ferro and Ana What a team Exciting adventure as Ferrovax, father of Dragon shifters, sets out to protect humankind shifters from power hungry dragons On his way he saves Ana, another ancient shifter This was a touching yet action packed story of two old souls coming to grips with finding their true mate Great couple you will cheer to succeed and enjoy as they discover love.

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    I really enjoyed this one the characters had a great chemistry and their banter made the story have a funner lighter side instead of just death and people chasing them at times it felt like there was a previous book or maybe a previous series with characters and information that you need but it did a pretty good job of filling the reader in so it wasn t too much of a hinderance I would defiantly recommend this one.

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