The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun

The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun Mab Is An Unemployed Feminist Blogger With A Philosophy Degree, A Deathly Allergy To Bee Stings, And The Real World Experience Of A Domestic Rabbit When Portland, Oregon Is Evacuated, No One Thinks To Look For Her In Her Unlabeled Apartment She Can Still Get News From The Outside World For Days All The News Is Bad The Planetary Tarantella Dance Has Started, And The World Is Shaking Itself Apart Volcanoes And Earthquakes Abound Taking Stock Of Her Supplies, She Finds That Her Best Survival Gear Includes A Cc Moped And Clothing That Wouldn T Keep A Chihuahua Warm In A Florida Winter Left Alone In The City, Mab Fumbles Along And Documents Her Post Apocalypse Adventures Through The Lens Of Mankind S Greatest Coping Mechanism Inappropriate Humor She Learns From Experience As She Misinterprets Survival Tips, Battles Wild Geese, Steals Cars, Befriends A Buffoon Of A Dog, And Discovers The Difference Between Instinct And Cultural Training When Mab Learns Of A Geologically Stable Place In Canada, She Leaves Portland Behind Vet, The World S Dumbest Remaining Dog, Goes With Her, And While They Try To Navigate The Wilderness, Mountains Become Volcanoes Strangers Become Bandits Mab Wasn T Prepared For This, But She Writes The Book On How To Improvise In Case Of Apocalypse

After a decade of touring the country, Rachel Sharp is hiding out in Vermont with several plants and her questionable sense of humor At time of writing, she is working on entirely too many projects The previous statement will be true regardless of time of reading She also lives with chronic illness, plays ukulele, and tries to save the planet.

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  • The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun
  • Rachel Sharp
  • 22 June 2019

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    Y all, I LOVED this book Mab s journey from typical millennial to apocalypse survivor is hilarious and moving, and rings emotionally true I laughed, I got verklempt, I couldn t stop turning the pages Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys apocalypse stories, humor, and protagonists in a constant state of existential crisis I must add, I really appreciate this book s avoidance of certain tropes of apocalyptic fiction I absolutely hate it when collapse of society stories revert to 1950s gender roles complete with rampant sexual assault , because cavemen or something This book doesn t go there at all, which made me very happy.

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    This is a unique look at the Apocalypse Mab, an unemployed Philosophy major from Portland, OR gets left behind by the populace and is all but alone in a post apocalyptic Portland The destruction is caused by natural disasters when the ring of fire pops off, the New Madrid fault creates a new volcano in Memphis and the continent splits in half She spends the first few days in panic and denial Her gradual discovery that she knows absolutely nothing she needs to survive is well handled and her choices are realistic Eventually she realizes she needs to leave Portland and sets out for Canada accompanied by a dog, a chicken and a goat As she travels she destroys and loses vehicles, learns to trap, hunt and survive in the wilderness And she also discovers that as opposed to wanting to be a woman represented by a Feminist slogan she has become a woman survivor who doesn t need slogans.

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    Let s face it, my darling smooshy faces, we will not all be Carols or Roberta Warrens when the Apocalypse unfolds.Some many of us will be Mabs.Mab is a delightfully sarcastic, introspective protagonist TBBOPCF draws you right in with Mabs snarky, self deprecating narration of the dystopian events occurring around her.I enjoyed the consistent pace of the story line At times I was chuckling at the absurdity of the situations Mab finds herself in However, really, when time is everything and nothing, why not free the inmates of a pet shop The evolution of Mabs was fascinating to me At start of the novel, Mab is out of sorts, both mentally and physically As the seriousness of her situation plays out, she taps into a deep inner strength You know, I was slightly irritated with Mab at time initially the way she fumbles through the early days of the Apocalypse After a bit of contemplation, I realized that the reaction I had was towards Mab s flaws were actually towards her humanity Her very real reaction to the world going to shite around her I think her humanity was what I valued most towards the end of the novel.I liked the Mab at the beginning of the book I was hugely fond of the end of book Mab.It is my hope that Rachel Sharp will continue Mab s story Two thumbs up for me I quite enjoyed The Big Book of Post Collapse Fun.

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    Guys, this book was SO FUN It was hilarious without being overbearing and altogether fascinating If you like dystopian stories, girls who get scared and cry but then do the scary thing anyways, dumb but lovable dogs, and humor in the face of adversity, this is the book for you I am beyond excited to read the next one

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    very well done and unique piece of post apocalyptic fiction refreshing to see a female heroine who learns through her mistakes

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    A good book it deals respectfully with the apocalypse theme while being captivating and refreshing.I was a bit put off by the casual ableism and cissexism.CNs for those, death obviously , natural disaster, murder, trauma, injury, animal death don t worry, the dog will be fine

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    Awesome fun I can t believe I forgot to review this Really compelling with a strong narrative voice.

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    I reeeaaaallly enjoyed this book It s pretty unlike anything I ve ever read before I would not have expected that a first person narration with almost no other human characters could suck me in so entirely Mab is such a relatable and realistic character, and going along with her as she matter of factly faces the apocalypse was strangely comforting She s also really funny the book had me laughing out loud in public places than once I m looking forward to reading of Rachel s books 3

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    Review to come soon My husband and his friend have zombie preparedness plans In fact, he s so serious about them that we had zombie plans IN OUR WEDDING VOWS Not even kidding.But ya ll, when it comes to fight or flight I HIDE So I completely related to Mab when she hid and hid and hid some until she finally could nit hide any When she came out of that third story apartment to realize Um, hey, where s everybody at OH SHIT I almost died Of course so did Mab.The Big Book of Post Collapse Fun is written like a travel memoir think Wild if Cheryl Strayed were walking the PCT while it was exploding It s also SUPER campy, thanks to Sharp s incredible sense of humor It s equal parts serious, as in, OMG THE SUPER VOLCANO IS HAPPENING, but also HEY LET S STEAL A HOT AIR BALLOON.By the way, I would be dead, in this scenario because the Midwest just falls into a cavernous lake All those dreams of Florida falling off into the sea Nope Rachel Sharp killed the Midwest Thanks Rachel Sharp Love you too.I do though This book is the very last book of 2016, and what a way to end the year Actual fire and brimstone Sounds about right.

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    I loved this book It s a post Apocalyptic adventure and personal journey Its narrator is a young woman left behind after a general exodus of residents from Portland, Oregon because of earthquakes and eruptions of Mount St Helens and Mt Hood Actually, most of the Pacific Northwest is destroyed by the cataclysmic events that continue to play out around her Suddenly, this Philosophy major and blogger must find her way through a world that is literally falling apart There s lava on the highway The bridges are down Her apartment building collapses.So begins her bizarre journey through the mental and physical hazards of this strange and deadly world all told in her brassy, no nonsense voice I was stringing up a tarp between three trees when I heard the noise Guns do not go pew In the unpopulated quiet, coming from a long way off, they sound like a lightning strike turning a tree into splinters A lot of synapses snapped together in my brain at the same time Gun Guns don t go off by themselves, so that means people People Run towards the sound People firing guns Run away from the sound Good people Bad people Schrodinger s people Go find out what it was Get as far away as possible Stay right where I am and throw up because my stomach feels like a kiddie pool with a downed power line in it At one point she breaks into an abandoned house, looking for food and water Instead, she finds a dog, identified as Vet on his nametag So she takes Vet with her, as well as a goat she finds abandoned, and a chicken, and she piles them all into a stolen car I hesitated before turning off the car If it didn t start again, we were all in big trouble On the other hand, if the car exploded, we were in even bigger trouble I turned the key and took it out of the ignition, holding it in front of me like something precious but dangerous A poisoned Faberge egg, maybe, or a rock star boyfriend She learns how to butcher and skin animals, how to drive a boat, how to operate a hot air balloon, how to drive a stick shift with one broken foot, how to scare off a bear But her biggest challenge comes from the bandits she meets when she thinks she s made it to safety.The book is non stop adventure and discovery The narrative voice is consistent and wonderfully irreverent, the flow effortless What a treat Grab a copy of The Big Book of Post Collapse Fun Highly recommended.

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