Lion Lost & Found (Ghost Cat Shifters, #2)

Lion Lost & Found (Ghost Cat Shifters, #2) A Steamy Shifter Romance With A Guaranteed HEA From Bestselling Author JH Croix If You Like Smoking Hot Paranormal Romance With A Twist Of Suspense And Adventure, You Ll Love This Series Heath Ashworth Is A Mountain Lion Shifter From A Family Whose Roots Go Back To The Birth Of Shifters A Strong Alpha Male And Former Marine Special Forces Operative, He Stumbled And Lost His Way After A Car Accident Where He Barely Escaped With His Life His Grueling Recovery Led Him Down A Path He Never Imagined After He Tangled With The Shifter Smuggling Network, All He Wants Is To Make It Right Again Now He S Trying To Live Up To The Man And Shifter He Once WasVivi Sheldon Once Harbored A Secret Crush On Heath He S Her Best Friend S Older Brother And All Kinds Of Tall, Dark, Strong And Sexy She Shelved Her Youthful Fantasies When Heath Moved Away For His Military Career In The Meantime, Her Heart Took A Few Bumps And Bruises She S A Busy Single Mother And Has Convinced Herself Life Without Love Is Better Than Putting Her Heart On The Line AgainVivi Is Bold, Brash And Beautiful As Heath Pulls His Life Back Together, He Finds He Can T Stop Thinking About Her The Spark Between Them Burns So Hot And Bright, He Doesn T Want To Ignore It Any One Kiss Sets The Tinder Between Them Alight In Flames Heath Isn T Sure He S Shifter Enough To Live Up To Vivi, While Vivi Struggles To Let Down Her GuardIn A Love Story Filled With Passion, Steamy Romance, Suspense And Adventure, Heath And Vivi Are Bound Tighter And Tighter Together As They Face Down The Secrets Threatening Shifters Everywhere Can Heath Be The Shifter He Believes Vivi Needs Can Vivi Have Faith In The Love Between Them This Is A Spin Off Series From The Catamount Lion Shifters Series All Books In This Series End In HEA Lion Lost Found by J.H Croix.Oh my goodness, every book I read by this author keeps getting better The book is filled with love, romance, suspense and shiftingwhat could you want I loved watching these great characters Heath and Vivi stories unfold, so entertaining I was given a complimentary book in exchange for an honest review. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.Vivi and Heath s story is such a touching one Vivi has had a rough time raising her daughter on her own It means everything to her to be able to stand on her own for her and her daughter, so much so that she hadn t really made time to date since Chris didn t want anything to do with her and their daughter Heath is still adjusting to being totally healed after his addiction He is starting to get his life together and start a new business Vivi and Heath finally admit to their attraction, one they both had since high school but thought they hid it well The town is still trying to take down Daniel s uncle for the drug trafficking ring Great story with touching moments, action and lots of love Reviewed at Shifter HavenWe first met Heath and Vivi in The Lion Within, Sophia and Daniel s story which also sets up part of the drug smuggling ring aspects of this story It was obvious that our couple had a strong interest going on in the previous story, and now we get to hear their tale.Because the Cover Blurb gives such a good, detailed summary of what you ll find within this story, I m not going to rehash it much but move on to my reactions to this amazingly strong couple s romance.Heath is pulling his life back together after facing a difficult year that included the car accident that resulted in such severe pain that he became addicted to pain medicine which lead to his making a foolish decision that he s paid dearly for It hasn t gone unnoticed that his high school crush seems just as interested in him now as he is in her He always held off on acting on the attraction he s felt for Vivi after all, she s his sister s best friend and there could be complications Yet, if this past year has taught him anything it s to grab onto life and live it fully He knows Vivi is his mate, he s known even before he went away to the military but he hesitated no It s gonna take some work, but the lady of his dreams and her daughter are well worth the work.Vivi has almost loved Heath most of her life He s definitely the crush of her high school days, but when he went away to the military she felt he d made his choice and it wasn t her She got a bit dazzled by a handsome man who offered good times and no commitment, especially when she became pregnant He was outta there because everyone knew that Shifter males had to be free and not tied down Yeah Right She s a single mom who doesn t trust like she used to And because of her situation with the scumbag Chris, she s very hesitant of handing over her heart and daughter s affection to Heath.Vivi is one of those characters that you understand why they re acting like the are but you still want to sit them down and give them a stern talking to It s going to take a near tragedy for her to truly open her eyes to what her heart already knows She s not wrong, she is afraid and reluctant to hand over her trust because of that, she makes decisions based on the past,not the present or the promise of the future.Lion Lost Found is a truly compelling, at times heartbreaking story of two people who belong together they have to get past their issues to realize that and honestly accept the other for exactly what they are I believe that any mother, especially a single mom will understand Vivi s hesitation in letting Heath into their lives As a reader I wanted her to trust the hero, as a mom I understood why she took so long Heath has come so far, and worked so hard to be the man he is now His love for Vivi is strong, and he ll give her all the time he can But life is full of changes, and the drug smuggling ring is very real and close to being shut down Which brings us the danger and action of this story.It seems that this story wraps up the spin off from the Catamount Lion Shifters series yet, one can always hope for another story, right grin I would not hesitate to recommend these stories to any Shifter Romance reader You re going to get realistic characters with true to life difficulties and the emotions that go along with just living Now I have to backtrack a bit and go start the Catamount Lion Shifters series, since I seem to have put the cart before the horse, so to speak. This is Vivi and Heath s story, which you met in book 1 You could tell there was something there but I am so glad to have their story I enjoyed this on a tad bit than book one Maybe it s because I can relate to Vivi a bit.She is a single mom in the shifter community Heath is her best friend Sophia s brother They have both had crushes on each since high school but neither acted on it.Heath has had a rough year with his accident, getting addicted to painkillers, and the smuggling He is finally clean and becoming the man everyone knew he could be Vivi is a strong woman that has been on her own since she told Chris that she was pregnant She has her family and friends to be there for her She is sure how to handle her feelings for Heath any but she knows that she wants.This continues the tell of finding the leader of the drug smuggling ring The ups and downs of finding leads and not getting much You can feel the frustrations for all of them, Sophia, Daniel, Heath, and Vivi.I am hoping this isn t the last of the series, as I would love to see a book for Tommy, Sophia s coworker He just seems like a great guy.Received a copy for my honest review

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❰BOOKS❯ ✬ Lion Lost & Found (Ghost Cat Shifters, #2)  Author J.H. Croix –
  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • Lion Lost & Found (Ghost Cat Shifters, #2)
  • J.H. Croix
  • English
  • 02 March 2017
  • 9781533290205

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