Death Awakening

Death Awakening Some time ago, the author decided to do a crowd funder where those who wanted to pledge a certain amount, got their own novella If the rest are anything like this one, then I better fill my account because I seriously will be going oneclick happy.Wow just wow Another winner by Mason Sabre I ve been waiting for the additions of Vamps to the Society Series and the author did not disappoint.Yvette serves drinks at a bar where Humans and the Others mingle, but on this night, one mistake awakens a deep dark evil that once unleashed will bring about terror and possible destruction to all.Henry has been asleep for a long time Through the fatal errors of some humans he is awakened and out for blood He comes across someone from his line and he intends to use her and exact his revenge.Sure, it was great to see some main characters from the full novels but the true star of this story was Yvette She brought her own brand of sassy yet vulnerable personality to this book and I loved it Her love of family and inner nature to always do what s right gave me an instant girl crush Her ability to reason with Henry, despite his hold over her had me wanting.Henry oh Henry Having been sleep for so long, I understood his need for vengeance, but he made me slightly upset when he started harassing my girl crush I love and despise Henry, but I can t be too mad at him because as a Master Vampire, his reactions were a part of his nature I look forward to seeing of him in the next installment and yes of course Vet and Troy.Five vamplicious stars This has left me with such a book hangover I sucked up every word and it has left my brain reliving all the twists and turns that were experienced throughout this incredible book A fantastic addition to the Society Series, Death Awakening introduces the reader to new characters, namely Yvette and the formidable Henry I have officially got a new crush Mysterious, powerful and the description of Henry s eyes, I m hooked A couple of friendly faces from the series also make their appearances and just WOW is all I m going to say No spoilers from me Yes, this book is part of a series and reading the other books is an advantage, but I really think this could be also be read as a standalone Well done Mason, your imaginative mind and way with words never fails to amaze me. Well holy.You know what Wow wow wow What a great book as a spin off of the most incredible Mason Sabre series The humans vs others continues in Death Awakening I seriously cannot get enough of this world This book we were introduced to Yvette in the vampire world A mysterious ancient is released leaving me dying to know where this will go Must read. Wow, absolutely amazing I was hooked from page one I didn t want this book to end Mason Sabre sure had me on the edge of my seat Love this series and looking so forward to the next book Must read Holy Shizballs This was insanely amazing Loved getting to read about Yvette and Troy as vampires The story was done with such depth of feeling and beautifully written it leaves me in awe I cannot wait for the next book to come out..Mason you are the king Simply AMAZING This novella shows us another facet of the world created by Mason Sabre I literally could not put it down until I had read every last word We get to see of Raven and a surprise appearance at the end.I ve read all of the stories in The Society Series This one is as captivating as all the previous stories My emotions were completely engaged along with my imagination I want to know about Yvette and Troy and what made Henry do what he did..This is a must read for anyone looking for a heart stopping, attention grabbing story Once you start, you won t want to put it down until you ve read every emotion filled word This is another level when you think Mason Sabre has given his best, he just goes right on and gives a bit.1669 a year that no one will ever forget, Henry has been slain, captured and has paid his price for the lives he has taken, futures he has sabotaged There he lies in the mausoleum on The Hill a reminder to all, who would pay for their obscure lives Henry is a man of history, someone to be feared, a tale to talk about and someone to be warned of.Yvette, a young and vibrant woman, 23 in years at the time she was turned, now an other not to be tolerated for she chose her turning, as did her husband Troy, eternal youthful life was theirs, theirs for the taking They were not pure other , they were the nasty type, the type that chose a life extracted from the haven of the humans A life lived alongside shifters in a totally different world.Moon night approaches, a night to behold, a night that no one will forget for Henry returns, returns with such vengeance, interrupted from the hell he has been made to endure and they will pay Moon night will transform the lives of so many, it shall reveal secrets and lies in equal measure There are heart stopping moments, moments of clarity and moments of sheer delight where those that should be hated will be loved.The hype leading to this book is nothing compared to the actual story, its beautiful, its haunting and it is just DAMN FINE Thank you Mason. They Call It Moon Night The Night When The Moon Rises High In The Sky, Fully Visible For All To See, Is The Time Humans Venture Outside In Hopes Of Catching A Glimpse Of Others For Their Personal Entertainment Shifters Transformed, Strange Dark Creatures, All Answering The Call Of The Moon Yvette Is A Vampire Who Works In A Bar Owned By A Panther Shifter Called Raven It Is One Of The Few Bars In Their Community In Which Others And Humans Can Mingle Restless Shifters, Blood Lusting Vampires, Supercilious Humans The Night Is Filled With Them But What Happens When The Doors Close Tonight What Long Buried Evil Awaits Yvette A Dark Force Will Awaken One That Will Change Her Life, And Those Of The People Around Her Forever Please Note This Novella Is Part Of The Society Series, But Does Not Need To Be Read In Order Moon Night those words alone conjure up all sorts of evocative thoughts, mmmmm Death Awakening is a brilliant addition to The Society Series We get to meet Henry, the Lynchpin of it all Mason is such a tease, he gives us a very brief insight into Henry s history, and what a back story this guy has I cannot wait to read about him, and just what connection does he have to Gemma Davies Raven is back as his broody and formidable self We are introduced to Yvette, a voluptuous vampire whose unbeating heart is split between her love for her husband and her loyalty to the Elder of her race.I absolutely love this fantasy Other World Mason has created There is no skipping, skimming, pausing for a cup of tea moment You ll be up to the wee small hours devouring every word of this 5 star series of books. The writing is brilliantly discriptive in this short read that keeps you engaged through the read It also introduces one of my favourite if not my new favourite character of this series.Imagine if you will paranormal beings co mingling with humans, only the paranormal beings or Others are the ones comprising who and what they are Then imagine one night not like any other, humans set a course that will change everyones lives forever Yvette the main character is put in a position that will test everything she is as a vampire, and will put her in the path of someone or something that centuries have turned into a myth, or a boogie man to scare humans Definitely recommend to any paranormal reader Note however this is a cliff hanger Waving fist in the air awaiting the next installment.

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