Brimstone Kiss (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, #2)

Brimstone Kiss (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, #2) Amazing Book, Brimstone Kiss Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, 2 Author Carole Nelson Douglas This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Brimstone Kiss Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, 2 , Essay By Carole Nelson Douglas Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of sixty four award winning novels in contemporary and historical mystery suspense and romance, high and urban fantasy and science fiction genres She is best known for two popular mystery series, the Irene Adler historical suspense novels and the 28 book Midnight Louie contemporary mystery series Delilah Street, PI Paranormal Investigator , headlines Carole s

[Reading] ➿ Brimstone Kiss (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, #2)  Author Carole Nelson Douglas –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Brimstone Kiss (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, #2)
  • Carole Nelson Douglas
  • English
  • 08 November 2019
  • 9780809573042

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    I m stunned and almost wordless Brimstone Kiss , Carole Nelson Douglas 2nd book about Delilah Street is just as good as the first one and only leaves me begging for .Delilah is an orphan She s also got the appearance and coloring that make her vampire bait in the new millenium where all the fairy tale creatures came out of the closet She recently came to Vegas on the trail of her double a woman who could be her twin who appeared in a dissection scene on CSI V In the first book she hooked up with Ric Montoya, a delicious Latino, former FBI agent who earned the nickname the Cadaver Kid for his ability to find dead bodies What he never publicized was that his ability was actually the talent to call up zombies The first book ended with Delilah escaping from a power and money hungry werewolf with Ric s help In this newest book, Delilah is becoming a person of interest to even of the supes in Vegas And she s learning alot than she ever wanted to know about the struggle for power among the varied supernatural groups When her investigation into an old murder ruffles feathers or fur , she finds herself neck deep in danger.If this series sounds interesting, you really need to read the first book Dancing With Werewolves before you tackle this one There s just too much information you d be missing Carole Nelson Douglas has penned an intoxicating mixture of fantasy, suspense, mystery, romance, and the paranormal I want .

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    I am not enjoying the author s writing style at all She seems overly obsessed with turning her main character into a victim, and seems to really think her including imagined rape scenes over and over is titillating or edgy It s not, it s just disgusting I was angered by the repetition of what makes Del such an attraction to the unhuman predators in the first book, as well as what I consider lazy writing repetition, inconsistencies, unexplained plot points not even ones that are meant to be mysteries, some were just dropped , etc The magic in the world is what made me decide to check out the second book, but I am already regretting it Going with some of the reviews, it looks like I won t be enjoying the book if I do try to finish it.Did not finish If I ever come back to it and finish it, I ll edit my review.Edit I went back and finished it and it never got much better if any better at all The big questions that really should have information on do not, and in fact, have questions I don t like anything in this series enough to continue, and I almost felt that way about the first book I would have felt the same about that book, if it weren t for the intriguing hints that Del s magic gave off of being something special Even the magic is not enough to sustain my interest in this series The second half of the book was like an entirely different book it was not connected in hardly any way, shape, or form to the first half of the book, and had a different tone to it The information about the bad guys was interesting, and showed promise, but once again not enough to make this a good book Del jumps to conclusions at the end of the book that just happen to be right She didn t have enough evidence to make those conclusions, and everyone who came to the rescue probably wouldn t have done so It just feels like a case of the author says it happened this way, is too lazy to figure out a better way to develop reasons to explain why they happened, and so they just do.

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    Oh My Word.What a terrible book I m almost ashamed that I read the entire thing, but I guess my inner eternal optimist kept hoping for some redeeming quality I didn t find it.This is even worse than the first one Sloppy writing, often contradictory from sentence to sentence, and aboslutely NO world building since presumably that would mean the author had to stick to her own rules, which she clearly can t do Ridiculous plot elements, even for para normal stories, with so little explanation that suspension of disbelief is simply impossible I will defintely not continue with the series I m sorry I spent the penny to buy this one used.

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    I really, really hate when I m left holding the bag at the end of even a very good book Yes, leave me with a reason to anticipate the next book, but do we have to be obvious about it Love the chemistry between Del and Ric Love the paranormal elements Love the intricate plot and the number of agendas.

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    Second in the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator urban fantasy series about a reporter turned investigator based in Las Vegas.My TakeDouglas has got some imagination She s also something of a drama queen Clever idea and evidence to consider that the pharaohs mummies were vampires I gotta confess, I wouldn t stick around for a potential client who has his messenger drop me off on an abandoned rooftop with the only way in via ductwork, ladders, and through grilles Odd Comments Hmm, not so much a loose thread as a loose connection Why is Douglas having Caressa Teagarden tell Delilah about La Gargouille and then having Snow raise him Ric and Delilah have an interesting sex life A vertical sex life with a bit of bondage and exhibitionism I m torn between fascination with how Douglas incorporates classic movie references and actors the CinSim Boys into her story and how contrived it is I am so not understanding the significance of the Lip Venom that Rick passes on from Ugarte I guess Douglas is saving up the Imiut fetishes for the next installment.It s official Delilah is irritating me She s asking Snow for this major favor call up all his forces to invade the Karnak Yeah, it s major She knows she ll have to say yes to the Brimstone Kiss he s been angling for if she wants to save Ric And she really wants to save Ric God knows, she s going on and on about it enough as she whines over how much she loves him and she just has to save him from the pharaonic twins But with all the pre kiss bitching, I actually found myself hoping that Snow would refuse to kiss her At the least, will somebody please let me smack her The StoryIt s just too weird when Bela Lugosi as Dracula enters Delilah s bedroom at the Enchanted Cottage Seems he s the emissary for a potential new client Then there s the confirmation on the skeleton lovers Ric and Delilah found in Sunset Park see Dancing with Werewolves It seems Sansouci has some relevant info as well Caressa Teagarden has also popped back into Delilah s life with some surprising news Lucky Delilah ends up with a number of clients for the same job identifying the skeleton couple Hector Nightwine wants it for his show Howard Hughes also wants their identity who knows why Snow wants to know except that knowledge is power and, the CinSim Boys who escape their restraints to keep Delilah informed The Boys like her styleOf course, nothing is ever easy although Hector s DVD of Haskell s harassment comes in handy at the police station Then there are the new shapeshifters in town who attack Delilah, fighting them off with the help of Sansouci and Quicksilver who pops up out of nowhere Except that Delilah s insatiable curiosity ends up with an involuntary meeting with Kepherati and Kephron they think it was her talent that night out in the desert and they have their own prospect in mind for resurrection night And that shape changing jewelry Oh yeah, the Egyptian twins want that, too.The mirror reveals Cicereau s daughter who drops her boyfriend s name, Krzysztof, a Polish prince, as well as useful details about their deaths Details Delilah uses in her rendezvous with Sanscouci who reveals her name and the details about the Blood Price which leads to yet another danger for our Delilah as to her suitability just right blood type and just right genes.But now the Double Ks have Ric and Delilah ain t laying down for that one She rallies the troops by giving Snow what he s been wanting from her with a little outside, unexpected help.The CharactersDelilah Street has retained her reporter instincts along with her passion for vintage clothing and classic movies even as she embraces her paranormal detecting skills She s also got a special piece of jewelry from Snow Intrusive, yet protective Dolly is her 56 black Cadillac with a red leather interior and a white ragtop Quicksilver is part wolfhound, part wolf and newly adopted from the Las Vegas ASPCA He likes to prowl Vegas and is very protective of Delilah Irma is her subconscious girlfriend Ric Montoya, a.k.a., the Cadaver Kid, is a former FBI agent with a Gift A gift for dowsing for the dead He seems to have a bit of a kink for keeping his clotheson.Hector Nightwine is the producer of CSI and a seriously odd man He has hired Delilah to find out who the skeletons are for an episode on his show He also wants to figure out a way to make Delilah s resemblance to Maggie pay Lilith Quince signed up to play an autopsied victim for Hector s production CSI and looks exactly like Delilah the maggot that took up residence in his nose turned Lilith, a.k.a., Maggie, into an international sex symbol Nightwine has a Cin Sim butler, Godfrey who helps Delilah sneak past Hector s security CinSims, Cinema Simulacrums, are a result of a merging of zombies with classic film stars brought back to life to serve whoever purchases or leases their bodies Perry Mason is Delilah s defense attorney Basil Rathbone s Sherlock Holmes and Ricardo Montalb n s Latin lover persona have joined up with Claud Rains as the Invisible Man to help Delilah They like her chutzpah Peter Lorre as Dr Ugarte seems conflicted about his service to Kepherati she and Kephron he when he sends a cryptic warning to the Invisible Man Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine is passing on a message and a lost object.Detective Haskell is one of the old school, obnoxious, and prejudiced policemen with a corrupt outlook and a hardon for hurtin Delilah Captain Kennedy Malloy is a friend of Ric s Grady Grisly Bahr is the coroner for Las Vegas Ric s jealous cause Bahr has already put Delilah on the A list.Howard Hughes is the oldest vampire still in Las Vegas, still a perv, and now one of Delilah s clients Snow, a.k.a., Christophe, a.k.a., Cocaine, is one of the Seven Deadly Sins band members as well as the owner of the Inferno with an interest in Delilah And a client Grizelle is his shapeshifter white tiger bodyguard Nick Charles and the Invisible Man are CinSims at the Inferno who help Delilah with her investigations, break ins, and escapes Cesar Cicero is the werewolf mob boss who simply wants Delilah dead, partly due to her knowing the identity of one of the skeletons she and Ric found, partly because she cost him a lot of men when he tried to kill her on a hunt Sansouci is his hit man and seems to have a sympathy for Delilah Madrigal, his pet magician, and his two assistants Sylphia and Phasia have just had another 50 years slapped on their performance sentence at the Gehenna.Caressa Teagarden, a.k.a., Lilah Lockhart, was part of a child vaudeville act She became a star in the early part of the twentieth century and was supposed to be interviewed in Kansas by Delilah until she disappeared.The Cover and TitleThe cover is Vegas, baby, with a miniskirted Delilah wearing a V neck, sleeveless top, dangling handcuffs from one hand as a white tiger charges at her side against a sky view of a lit up Vegas Strip and flames are flaring in the upper left against a collage of Vegas signs.The title is all about Snow and the Brimstone Kiss he bestows on his selected groupies as well as the new drink that Delilah invents.

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    I m a bit conflicted about this one Bits of it are great, with a different take on the supernatural Others fall into way too many paranormal romance tropes.

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    Brimstone Kiss is purely emotionally driven It also manages to ask questions than it answers The regular casts of characters is back Snow with his Brimstone Kiss and rabid groupies Ric, aka the Cadavar Kid, with his shocking scars and the reveil of his illict past Quicksilver, with his knowing looks and sharper fangs The CineSims and CineSymbs with their underground networks and brewing civil war Lilith, still stuck in the world of shadows but given a new twist in Del s life There are a few add ons to the world of questions with the scary vampire twins, the dead werewolf s daughter, along with a few of the odd Cine charactors who try to show up to help save the day, the invisible man makes a notable appearance and Snow s second shows a bit of fang.What makes this book oddly unique is that the story line is very loose You re not sure what s going on until the last minute and even then you aren t realy sure The last few pages breeze by and your slapped in the face with the end It leaves you tangle up and craving You might even find yourself wanting to toss the book in frustration I can t wait for the next book.

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    Not a fan I hated the classic movie references and the constant talk about vintage clothing cars people movies times I don t want a historical fiction, if i did I would read that The idea of the CinSims, the characters that are pulled off of old movies and made into life, is interesting, I just think she talks about it way too much Now for my biggest pet peeve for this series I have no idea how this character is remotely successful She has major ADD, she doesn t go Oh, here s a lead, let s follow it until the end She goes Oh here s a lead, let s go follow this one instead I m sure the author is trying to make it interesting, but she really just makes delilah seem like an idiot Also the fact that she s named her inner voice, Irma, is really disturbing to me This had major potential as a story, just wasn t executed well too bad.

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    I m giving this book 4 stars because I m looking forward to the next book in the series and I d suggest the series to other readers of urban fantasy.I had a hard time starting this book The author thought it was necessary to do a prologue that basically gave the reader the basics for what is a very unusual urban fantasy universe She might have been right, maybe we did need it, but it did slow down getting into the story.The main character is an interesting woman surrounded by very unusual characters who are also not your usual supernatural creatures There are several flavors of vampire and both werewolves and other shapeshifters, but there are also some creatures that I ve never seen or heard of anywhere else.The choice of Las Vegas, and its strange hotels, as the place where the action takes place is also pretty unique.

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    I have and am enjoying Miss Douglas s books very much I know that she has written quite a lot of books but these are the first that I have read and I am enjoying them a lot The Delilah Street books could easily get lost in the new influx of the paranormal investigator , vampire hunter and other supernatural stories that are out there, but what is doing it for me is all the movie and television referances that Carole has used And if you are a fan of old movies, like I am, you will enjoy these books a lot.One of my favorite lines in the book Inside, Wrathbone s was as dark as the Devil s left nostril Gee that must be dark indeed.

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