There's a Wocket in My Pocket

There's a Wocket in My PocketWith A Host Of Crazy Crackpot Creatures, From Wockets In Pockets To Waskets In Baskets, This Hilarious Books Helps Young Children Set Off On The Road To ReadingThis Delightful Book Forms Part Of The Second Stage In HarperCollins Major Dr Seuss Rebrand Programme With The Relaunch Of Titles In August , Such All Time Favourites As How The Grinch Stole Christmas , Mr Brown Can Moo Can You And Dr Seuss Sleep Book Boast Bright New Covers That Incorporate Much Needed Guidance On Reading Levels Blue Back Books Are For Parents To Share With Young Children, Green Back Books Are For Budding Readers To Tackle On Their Own, And Yellow Back Books Are For Older, Fluent Readers To Enjoy There S A Wocket In My Pocket Belongs To The Blue Back Book Range

Theo Le Sieg

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  • Paperback
  • 30 pages
  • There's a Wocket in My Pocket
  • Dr. Seuss
  • English
  • 01 November 2017
  • 9780007169955

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    Say what A Dr Seuss classic that uses pretend words to help the young reader see rhyming patterns Neo undertook the task of reading this one to me and dove right in, talking about wockets found throughout the house of this childhood narrator Some of these creatures are welcome guests, while others can stay away, even if they help the rhyming process Neo pushed through and showed how he can tie the created word with the actual rhymed noun and push passed the silliness While he did crack a smile, he also made sure I knew that he was serious about reading to me He recommends it to young readers, but not before bed, as it could be a little too silly and create laughing fits.

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    Did you ever have the feeling there s a WASKET in your BASKET Or a NUREAU in your BUREAU Or a WOSET in your CLOSET Sometimes I feel quite CERTAIN there s a JERTAIN in the CURTAIN Another amazing book by Dr Seuss A bit scary, a bit funny, a bit ridiculous, BUT very clever and with great lyrics and illustrations.For the brave little readers

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    We love this Seuss book, too I am honestly relieved there is NOT a nook gase in my book case

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    There s a Wocket in my Pocket is truly a brilliant book from the creative mind of Dr Seuss and it is about how a young boy tells the audience about the strange yet fun loving creatures that live in a young boy s house There s a Wocket in my Pocket is definitely one of the greatest books about rhyming ever written Dr Seuss has done a splendid job at both writing and illustrating this book Dr Seuss illustrations are truly great and creative as he illustrates the boy with a red outfit and spiky brown hair, which makes him a truly unique character in the book Also, the images of the creatures themselves are creative, especially of the images of the nupboards in the cupboards looking furry and yellow and have cotton ball shaped heads Dr Seuss story is truly creative as the names that the boy gives to each creature is truly inventive as the names rhyme with various furniture that the creatures associate with such as the yeps on the steps and the vug under the rug There s a Wocket in my Pocket is a brilliant book that children will easily love for many years I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since the image of the vug under the rug might scare smaller children.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    sometimes i feel like there s a zamp in the lampand im also quite certain there s a jertain in the curtainwhoa

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    Warning despite the title, this book has very little to say about wockets If you purchased this book hoping to gain insight into the ecology and habitat of the wocket, you will be disappointed.

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    Nonsense Rhymes18 November 2013 I notice that some people deeply analyse the functionality of the book in how well it would work to help children to read and to understand the English language, and there are others that simply go on about how much they loved this book when they were a kid and have probably not read it since then Then there is me, who will read the book and then make comments about it in the same way that I made comments about Mister Dog The Dog Who Belonged to Himself and The Three Bears Mind you, I m not going to be making any outrageous comments about this book other than the fact that while I think that it is stupid I still feel the urge to give it a high rating This is what you would call a nonsense book not in the sense of Alice in Wonderland nonsense but nonsense in the sense that this book is stupid Basically it has a kid running around his house pointing out all of the weird and wonderful creatures that happen to rhyme with the item of furniture that then live on or in The pictures are also quite silly as well, but as I said something is forcing me to give this book a high rating and I really do not know why Hey, I liked this book as a kid, and I notice that I tend to prefer the Dr Seuss books to the Little Golden Books and I have said than enough on that already The rhyme and meter are exceptional, though it is not hard to create a rhyme when you are basically making up all of the words that you are rhyming Oh, who am I to complain Dr Seuss is a very famous and much loved children s author and as such it doesn t matter how stupid his books are, he still made money off of them.

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    and that Jertain in the curtain better start paying his rent or he ll get thrown down to the cellar with the Gellars Another wonderful play on words and sounds that my kid adores.

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    I m completely unfamiliar with the original There s A Wocket in My Pocket so I don t know how this differs, sad to say, but as it s quite the silly book and so much fun to read, I wouldn t mind getting the longer version too.It begins Did you ever have the feeling there s a ZAMP in the LAMP Or a NINK in the SINK and so on.For each everyday household item or piece of furniture, Seuss made up a silly rhyme There s the WOSET in the CLOSET and the BOFA on the SOFA, the GEELING on the CEILING and the NOOTH GRUSH on the TOOTHBRUSH To be funny, my almost two year old son started saying No to the opening questions quoted above , mostly because the first time he did it we laughed it was so funny, so of course now he says it even Whoops But it s not just questions, it s the boy describing all the strange creatures he finds around the house, which ones he likes and which he doesn t which ones are nice and which are not I have no idea if the kids, who are still so young, actually think these are real things that you can find around the house, but either way they re fascinated and the rhymes seem to really entertain them Plus, it s a lot of fun to read so I don t mind reading this one over and over

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    I liked the rhymes they were so funny

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