The Ravenous

The Ravenous From The Outside, The Cane Family Looks Like They Have It All A Successful Military Father, A Loving Mother And Five Beautiful Teenage Daughters But On The Inside, Life Isn T Quite So Idyllic The Cane Sisters Can Barely Stand Each Other, Their Father Is Always Away, And Their Neglectful Mother Struggles With Addiction And Depression When Their Youngest And Most Beloved Sister, Rose, Dies In A Tragic Accident, Mona Cane And Her Sisters Are Devastated And When She Is Brought Back From The Dead, They Are Relieved But Soon They Discover That Rose Must Eat Human Flesh To Survive, And When Their Mother Abandons Them, The Sisters Will Find Out Just How Far They Ll Go To Keep Their Family Together

Ever since she was little, Amy was especially intrigued by horror books and movies Raised in a small mountain town in Arizona, she sustained herself on a steady diet of Goosebumps, Fear Street, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books before discovering Stephen King in her mother s bookshelf Amy lives with her husband, their two precious squidlings, and an old gentleman cat by the name of Fro

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  • Hardcover
  • 299 pages
  • The Ravenous
  • Amy Lukavics
  • English
  • 15 March 2018
  • 9780373212606

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    I hate writing less than glowing reviews I know how hard authors work on producing books and I never want to take away from their livelihood because I feel enjoyment of books is really a matter of opinion That said, the following is simply MY opinion and please take that with a grain of salt I m not sure I need to warn against spoilers as the entire plot is listed in the blurb for the book No, seriously if you were wanting some form of suspense or twists and turns, you won t find them here The first half of the book is mostly character development for a dysfunctional family of all girls, as daddy is away on military leave Mom is clinically depressed and an addict and the girls are left to mostly fend for themselves Rose dies in a very underwhelming accident and is brought back to life by a sketchy past friend of mom s, but this incident is neither thoroughly questioned or further explained We soon see the rest of the plot unfold until the ending I ll be honest, I felt as if the cannibalistic behavior should have been left off of the blurb I believe the reader who is drawn to this type of book doesn t need a trigger warning openly listed on the back of the book, and this would have given the story purpose, an aspect of mystery, suspense, and creepy intrigue that the story lacked otherwise The reason this is getting 2 stars instead of one is because that last chapter was fantastic It was disturbingly delicious and honestly, what I wanted for the entire rest of the book It could be that maybe I m simply too old for the target audience this novel is marketed toward I enjoy many forms of Young Adult novels, but this one felt different I went in expecting a Silence Of The Lambs vibe and, sadly, this felt a little like a b rated horror film So much potential there and I would gladly pick up another novel from the author as she shows tremendous talent in her writing form and quality Many thanks to the publisher for providing my copy.

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    Let me preface this by saying I wanted to love this book, so badly It was one of my most anticipated releases of the year I requested an ARC so many times before finally being able to trade for a copy on twitter I hoped I would be writing a rave review to tell you guys that this was morbid and gross and creepy and so much fun Sadly, instead, you get this review Before the birthday balloons, and before the accident, before the broken mirrors and the black veins and the dismembered bodies in the basement, there was only the Cane sisters. Sounds kinda spoilery, eh Nah That s literally the first line in the book which made it seem like it was off to a killer start, but unfortunately, was just foreshadowing for what would ultimately become my first problem with this book it spoils itself If you ve read the synopsis or the blurbs on the dust jacket, congratulations, you already know how it ends.If there had been any mystery left to the plot, I think this book would have felt so different and so much better There is literally one twist in the plot that is kept a secret , but it s so painfully obvious that I can t even count it as a legitimate twist Loyalty is everything when it came to family, Mona believed It didn t matter what they do or put you through at the end of the day, they were the only family you had. Easily the most infuriating thing about The Ravenous was Mona s family, who made me want to scream at least once per chapter I get that it was intentional, and that we were supposed to hate everyone except Mona and Rose and maybe one other sister , but everything was so over the top particularly with the incredibly abusive eldest sister, Juliet that it went far beyond hating the characters, straight into the zone of considering DNFing the book just so I wouldn t have to read about them any.The second worst part of this book was, funny enough, something I m actually not taking points off for the horrible grammar and writing My copy is an ARC, so I m hoping and assuming the finished copy was cleaned up substantially, but my word, the run on sentences and random tense changes were terrible Some of the phrasing itself just felt well, I hate to say lazy but here s an example When she did, she saw that Anya was sitting near the top of the stairs, hugging her knees to her chest while Juliet said a bunch of bullshit to try and get them to open the door. A bunch of bullshit Show me, don t tell me What did she say I mean, come on God, I feel awful about the direction this review is taking, but rereading through the places I tabbed is just making me want to knock this down to 1 star and forget about it, but I m TRYING HERE.I don t know The plot is vaguely fun, but mostly incredibly boring, and barely anything happens None of the characters are enjoyable and the entire story is spoiled in the blurb If you exceptionally like zombie stories, maybe pick this one up, but otherwise, I can t say I d recommend The Ravenous to anyone I m told that Amy s other books are exponentially better, so maybe I ll give her another try once I ve stopped being so bummed out about this release.P.S One final thing I m all for swearing in books, but when you literally use fuck in every other sentence for pages on end, I stop paying attention to the plot and start counting fuck s Sorry.Content warnings violence, familial abuse emotional verbal physical mental , parental neglect, alcoholism, ableism RE depression unchallenged , child death, fat shaming, cannibalism All quotes are taken from the ARC and may have been changed before final publication.You can find this review and on my blog

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    Amy Lukavics is definitely one of my favorite horror writers Juliet TaylorAnya Monaand RoseAnother perfectly spooky story from Amy Lukavics Five seemingly perfect sisters live a pretty normal life until the youngest, the one who truly holds them together dies Dead For one day When she returns she is still the sweet, loving, happy sister they all adoreuntil she gets hungry And guess what she wants to eat Whoops, I mean Rose I had no idea if this book could even receive any type of happy ending but I had to find out and didnt put it down until the end It was seriously creepy and the other sisters totally f d up and I loved it So, was there a happy ending Did Rose get cured of her hunger Well, I aint telling Mona thought of the dark place Rose described, filled with ravenous others She thought of how she insisted something from the land of the dead had stuck to her soul Was it possible that the something was still with her Rose answered with a strange voice and Mona met her eyes with fear I m starving

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    I am saddened that this review is going to be anything but praising Lukavics and her usually superb YA horror skills Unfortunately, this one just did NOT work for me I REALLY wanted it to but sadly, I do not However, I did finish it which was easy enough to do because of the easy writing style this author has and because it was just under 300 pages I won t lie though, there was a couple of times I considered DNFing this one I kept thinking maybe SOMETHING was going to happen that would give me an AH HA, there it is moment but nope.Now, I m all about suspending reality especially in a horror book I was willing to concede that a hammer could potentially do THAT. but a fireplace poker It absolutely canNOT do THAT So um. yeah, no These girls have a horrible home life and clearly live in their own little bubble with a father who is always gone and a mother who basically should be Also, one person, one sitting Talk about some binge eating Look, I m not giving anything away the synopsis is basically what the story is There s no surprises There s no twist or gasping moments It s just a straight story from beginning to end For some readers, that will be perfectly fine and if you like zombie stories, maybe this one will work better for you However, I needed something Or maybe if the synopsis had left some mystery to the plot then it would have resonated a little better I m not entirely sure.I DID like the reference to a certain killing family in their video watch, so thank you, Amy, for that reference Honestly, guys and gals, I do highly recommend Lukavics for your YA horror needs I m not quite sure how much I d recommend this one.

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    Very engrossing However1 I m pretty sure a hammer wouldnt do that.2 I m ABSOLUTELY SURE a FIREPLACE POKER wouldnt do that.3 Why not use homeless people

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    Check out this, other reviews, and fun bookish things on my young adult book blog, Here s to Happy Endings I remember being super excited to read Daughters Unto Devils when it first released, because it promised a whole bunch of creepy packed into its pages I loved that book so much, and while I still haven t gotten around to The Women in the Walls, I was super excited to read The Ravenous, so as soon as this book came out, I happily picked up a copy and read it as soon as I had the chance.This book didn t really have the overall creepy vibe that Daughters Unto Devils had no, it was a intense, dark kind of story that will take you places that you normally wouldn t ever want to go. Before the birthday balloons, and before the accident, before the broken mirrors and the black veins and dismembered bodies in the basement, there was only the Cane sisters The Case sisters all five of them have been each other s closest friends and family since as long as they can remember Their father is a member of the military, and is away often than he is home, and their mother has a bit of a substance abuse problem, and there are times when she stays in her room for days or weeks only emerging to get alcohol or get food for herself, leaving the sisters to fend for themselves She also starts horrible arguments with the girls, making them feel as though they will never be good enough.One day, after a particularly bad episode with Mona and her sisters against her mother, Rose dies and it is a terribly bleak day Rose is the youngest and most loved out of all the sisters the peacemaker, the youngest, the one who makes them all happy when they feel as though their lives are falling apart Unable to cope with the fact that her youngest daughter had died, their mother takes Rose s body and leaves returning later with Rose, perfectly alive.Only Rose isn t herself any .The girls are forced to remove all the mirrors in the house and not mention Rose s death in front of her they have to cover up all of the weird bruising and black veins on Rose s skin, and keep her at home as much as possible.It also doesn t help that Rose is always hungry No matter how much she eats, no matter what she eats, it is never enough for her.When they do discover what Rose needs to stay alive and satisfied in terms of hunger, it becomes something that the sisters must deal with if they plan on keeping Rose with them even if it means going beyond anything they ever thought they would have to.It s pretty hard to spoil any aspects of this book, and in fact, since this book follows the too much revealed in the synopsis syndrome that a lot of books seem to be suffering from these days The synopsis gives everything away there really weren t that many surprises here, except for a single one at the very end of the book The whole cannibalism thing should have been emitted from the synopsis, phrasing it perhaps in a way such as the one I chose above This would make the book way shocking, because you wouldn t know what was coming.While I did know what the whole book was about and while I was disappointed in the lack of shock value that I would have gotten had the synopsis been worded differently or, you know, just left out parts that should have been left out , I still enjoyed it and thought it was a really good story.I found myself not really liking many of the sisters I think the only sister I liked was Rose I didn t even care all that much for the main character, Mona she didn t have to much in terms of personality that I felt added all that much to the book She was kind of just there.I m giving this one 4 stars because of the issues listed above the inability to care much for Mona s character and the fact that there was really nothing to be surprised by in the book but the overall writing and story was so good, so I m leaving it at the 4 stars I love Amy s writing and I think she is one of the best in YA horror her novels go to some really dark places and they re also so horribly delightful She s a genius when it comes to thinking up new and original horror stories, and she tells them in a way that is frightful and exciting you won t be able to put The Ravenous down.The Ravenous is told in such a way that keeps the reader excited the whole way through There isn t a dull moment in this one the pacing is ideal, the characters all have different personalities except for Mona, because for whatever reason I just couldn t get into her character, as I said , and the whole idea behind this one is the kind of stuff nightmares are made out of.If you love horror, don t miss this one

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    I m in the dark now, Rose, Mona thought from the shadows I m in here waiting for you, come join me, won t you Wow, what a fun little horror story, one that didn t shy away from the gore and blood splatter The Five sisters were easy to join Juliet, Taylor, Anya, Mona Rose You instantly felt their wall of protection both around Rose and about the frustration and embarrassment of their mother and both her drinking and her near abandonment of her kids But once their wall is shattered and they are driven to desperate measures to save one of their own, the story turned gruesome and fast paced I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.

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    That ending I need a sequel asap

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    For the record, I begged for an ARC of this book, and nobody would give me one It was so sad, because I have a very hard time waiting for her books to come out Lucky for me, I work in a library and sometimes we get books a little early, so I cheated and read it before I processed itWhat I m only human LOL This book was worth the wait, and I could not put it down Once again, Amy Lukavics has written a book that about 50% through it, it takes a turn that is both horrifying and awesome My only issue is the amount of f bombsbut that s just me As for the rest of the book, I read it in less than 24 hours, so you know I really enjoyed it Also, I don t think I want to have dinner with the Cane sisters After this book, I want to be a vegan LOL

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    Ok Amy Lukavics, I ve given you three books worth of chances now No I actually can t believe that a publisher is still investing money in publishing this shit.If you want to know the plot, just read the blurb It quite literally tells you everything about the book that there is to know What it doesn t tell you is that the characterisation is so poor as to be non existent Character motivations make zero to no sense, and there is absolutely no sense of danger or terror anywhere in this plot.I think Lukavics might be the only writer who legitimately gets worse with each successive novel, but there we go Plot, pace, character, all of the things that she started with potential back with Daughters Unto Devils seem to get thrown to the wolves, regurgitated, and fed to them again and again with each successive book she releases.If you like YA, horror, or just, you know, books Please, don t bother with this.

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