Adorkable Adorkable Ah Dor Kuh Bul Descriptive Term Meaning To Be Equal Parts Dorky And Adorable For Reference, See Sally Spitz Seventeen Year Old Sally Spitz Is Done With Dating Or At Least, She S Done With The Horrible Blind Dates Hookups Sneak Attacks Her Matchmaking Bestie, Hooker, Sets Her Up On There S Only So Much One Geek Girl And Gryffindor Supporter Can Take Her Solution She Needs A Fake Boyfriend And Fast Enter Becks, Soccer Phenom, All Around Hottie, And Sally S Best Friend Practically Since Birth When Sally Asks Becks To Be Her FBF Fake Boyfriend , Becks Is Only Too Happy To Be Used He D Do Anything For Sal Even If That Means Giving Her PDA Lessons In His Bedroom, Saying She S Than Pretty, And Expertly Kissing Her At Parties The Problem Sally S Been In Love With Becks All Her Life And He S Completely Clueless This Book Features Two Best Friends, One Special Edition Yoda Snuggie, Countless Beneath The Ear Kisses And Begs The Question Who Wants A Real Boyfriend When Faking It Is So Much Fun

Cookie O Gorman writes YA romance to give readers a taste of happily ever after Small towns, quirky characters, and the awkward yet beautiful moments in life make up her books Cookie also has a soft spot for nerds and ninjas Her novels ADORKABLE, NINJA GIRL and THE UNBELIEVABLE, INCONCEIVABLE, UNFORESEEABLE TRUTH ABOUT ETHAN WILDER are out now Her next book, The Good Girl s Guide to Being Bad, wil

[Ebook] ➨ Adorkable  By Cookie O'Gorman –
  • Paperback
  • 332 pages
  • Adorkable
  • Cookie O'Gorman
  • 15 September 2017
  • 9780997817409

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    But why I don t get it You don t have to But Becks, she whined, I don t understand Why her Nothing to understand really, he said, smiling down at me Sal s my girl Always has been Adorkable is one of those books that just LOOKS like it s going to be, well, adorable Yet, every time I saw it and what people were saying about it, I thought it was going to be cheesy as hell So, for as long as this has been out, I have passed it up and never marked it on my TBR Stupid, really, considering all I m ever looking for is my next addicting YA contemporary that makes me happy even on the saddest of days So it wasn t until recently that my good friend, Jen, read it and told me my preconceived notions were not only false, but that it was actually better than one of my favorites To this, I thought, bring it on Why not What do I really have to lose in the grand scheme of things My most anticipated releases of the year are rolling out at full steam always spring time and early winter, why is that and I m just reading fun books during the week to pass the time If I didn t like it, the worst that would happen is that I get to pick up an anticipated release right after Not a shabby deal So I picked up this book immediately, heavy on skepticism, low on give a shit I truly didn t expect much But from the moment I picked this up, I knew it was just what I needed Light hearted, funny, heavy on swoon I really had no complaints Sure, there was a little cheese factor, I mean, all the best books have a little bit of cheese when it comes to teen romance, right But there was just something so sweet and special about this book I can t even begin to explain it It s definitely the purest form of first love , the kind where you pine for your best friend or, I guess, just your guy friends since that s how I felt in High School and just know he couldn t possibly feel the same about you Cue the eye roll, I know But that s what s so sweet How couldn t it be Aren t these sometimes the best forms of YA romance, if done correctly Well, they are to me And, even better, we get to add in the fake relationship trope and this book just got a whole lot interesting What starts out as a ploy to get her other best friend, Hooker sigh , to stop setting her up on blind dates becomes much real, much quicker Becks does everything in his power to be the alpha boyfriend, the don t touch my girl boyfriend, the one who is wanted by everyone and yet doesn t want her to grab anyone else s attention I mean, we ve all seen it, right Hell, that was my husband and I in High School though, I d say we were on a pretty level field of don t you dare fucking look at my girl guy, takennnnn Totally believable image error

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    She is my friend Her name is Sal I hope one day she ll be my gal Becks, aged 7Sally Spitz is in love with her best friend, Becks Tired of having her other friend, Hooker and her mother trying to arrange dates for her, Sal decides she needs a FBF.a fake boyfriend And who better to play her FBF than her BFF, Becks Sure, there are some cons to this story, particularly in regards to Sal s friend, Hooker and her mother who are both annoying And, for crying out loud, Sal s only 17, so why the big huge.pressure from Hooker and her mum for Sal to have a boyfriend Sure, it s predictable in that we ve all read this plot of friends to lovers, faking it till making it, hundreds of times across romantic sub genres Sure, it s sweet and too cute And sure, Becks is just too good to be true.he s not just hot, but great at soccer, popular, smart, and oh yeah, he can cook Here s the thing I don t read young adult romance novels I m a few years past 17, so I usually can t relate But Adorkable is sooo well written, so funny And it s great to see a nerdy heroine revelling in the fact she s a nerd, instead of chasing testosterone Becks is respectful and sweet to Sal.So, I m giving it a full 4 stars because it just deserves it Apparently, Adorkable is the author s debut, so well done, Cookie O Gorman Recommended for young adult readers and for others like me, who just want to read a sweet, funny story about young love.Steam 1.5Available for free on Kindle Unlimitedhttps www. Adorkable Cook

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    For half an hour I ve been attempting to write a full review for Adorkable, which is usually how long it takes me to write a review Due to this, I have forfieted any formating ideas and am just going to babble, so, this is a forewarning Adorkable has to be one of the cutest books I ve read of 2016 I got some crazy Kasie West vibes throughout the story, but what can you expect from an author named Cookie The book was an adorable contemporary that is all about childhood best friend s being in love, but with a whole lot Harry Potter references thrown in for good taste There isn t much to say about this book, unfortuantely I smiled, I laughed, I cried I felt emotion for the characters who I felt were absolutely adorable and relatable The author did a spectacular job of pulling me out of a slump I had been nearing, so I can t help but recommend this book to anyone in a slump kind of mood or just wants a fast read.

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    This book is going into my favourite shelf This book is exactly how I wanted to meet my husband, be best friends first then blossom into it hasn t happened I really felt Sal s heart ache but just wanted her to tell Becks how she felt It all worked out in the end and loved how he proved to Sal that he really did love her People need to read this book

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    Let s start by stating the obvious fact that I READ THIS BOOK SO FREAKING QUICK AND I FREAKING REGRET IT I have no one to blame, but myself so, shame on me Lately, I ve been reading books that are focused on heavy plots that involve a lot of thinking so, I was like I NEED SOME LIGHT READS NOW and DING DING DING I found this book Adorkable, is told by Sally Spitz Yeah, you ll get used to it who is our main female character Her friend, Lillian Hooker, is a matchmaker in the process who is determined to find Sally a boyfriend EVEN HER MOM IS ON BOARD She sets her up with horrible blind dates, hookups, and sneak attacks I m not lying guys, she would get all these boys from lord knows where THEY JUST KEEP COMING She has this best friend named Becks His real full name had nothing on Sally and they basically grew up with each other Okay, I m about to drop several clich s so, HERE I GO Becks is a popular soccer player, everyone loves him, girls want him, and he s smart You guessed it right Sally loves him but doesn t know if he feels the same way so, she buries it deep within her He knows all about her horrible blind dates and teases her about it Sally came up with this plan to get herself a F.B.F Fake Boyfriend , to get her friend off her ass with the never ending horrible blind dates Wow, you guessed it again Becks becomes her F.B.F I don t want to ruin it for you guys but, seriously, I recommend this book I thought it was a clich book and yes I predicted half of the shit but honestly, it ll make you laugh The dialogue between the characters is so entertaining, actually, scratch that, THIS WHOLE BOOK IS SO ENTERTAINING Lowkey, I love this book because Sally is a huge fan of Harry Potter and Star wars She doesn t care like she ll wear a Harry Potter t shirt to a date and be like Whaddap I absolutely loved the opening of this book, it was hilarious as hell and immediately sinks it claws into you Seriously, I read this book within 24 hours like THAT SAYS SOMETHING The writing was fun and easy to follow If you ever need a good laugh guys, just hit this book up Anyway,

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    5 TOTALLY AWESOME HUCKLEBERRY STARS ADORABLE FUNNY SWEET ROMANTIC PAGE TURNING FANTASTIC LOVED EVERY MINUTE.ONE OF THE VERY BEST NA ROMANCE I VE READ THIS YEAR To be honest, there is a plethora of 5 star reviews about this sweet little gem about two best friends who fall in love And I agree with all of them so I won t repeat anything here Suffice it to say, I LOOOVED ADORKABLE 6 Blew me away stars

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    He was my Huckleberry, my Han Solo, my one, but most of all he was my Becks and I was his Sal Sally Spitz hasn t ever had a boyfriend, and her good friend Hooker is bent on playing matchmaker by setting her up repeatedly on blind dates that go pretty bad In an attempt to dodge awkward moments with boys she s not into Sal adopts the plan to use a fake boyfriend as her get out of blind date card Fortunately, her best friend Becks would do anything for her Unfortunately, she has been in love with him since they met in elementary school The Story To start, I d like to point out I think it s stupid that her friend and mom are in cahoots to set her up over and over with boys Like seriously She s just 17, let her meet boys on her own The premise that started the whole book was funny yes, but I just wanted to push her friend down a very long flight of stairs see below.Anyway, if you are a clich trope devourer then this book is probably for you I love that stuff But the entire time I was reading this book I was wondering, why did I pick up this garbage Super cute popular boy Love triangle Misunderstanding Girl who melts at the touch of said cute popular boy Happy ending Yes, it s got all this and I am totally okay with all of this, I especially love the hidden feelings best friend trope that it is centered on Even though I am okay with all of it, I sort of feel like when you re doing a same ol story you still have to bring something fresh to the table.also those characters I am not sure how by the end though I thought, dang that was cute I think it s the grand has to be, because who can get over that Another thing that just sort of bothered me on a really small irrational scale Each character was introduced with a first and last name except the brothers because duh, they have the same last name I don t even know why it bothered me so much why each character s full name had to be pointed out The big problem I had with this book was how it took peoples names and made it a point to make fun of them MAINLY SPEAKING when my name, Priscilla, was changed to Pisszilla GTFOH I ll never get over that The Characters Sal So Sal was supposed to be a dork right She as obviously beautiful without really knowing it, because she is repeatedly told she is good looking throughout the book, but at least she wasn t Debbie downer about herself either But really, the things that made her a dork I didn t personally think was dorky Like really, I m pretty sure guys think it s pretty cool when a girl can be into things like Star Trek or Star Wars Liking Harry Potter Pretty sure that s not dorky at all there s an entire theme park and franchise dedicated to its fan base, what other book series ever got its own theme park This girl is sort of rude though For example, she s a Griffindor so she had to go and bash on Slytherin not cool in my book at all Becks Oh Mr Perfect He s incredibly good looking and just so amazing at soccer He s pretty much the prince of the school What bothered me about this book was that he was making out with half the school, and of course is spared the man whore card, all the while his best friend Sal is judging every girl for going after him Like I know you re jealous and all, but quit objectifying the girls vying for his attention.Hooker Can we just talk about how much she pissed me off If I had a friend that acted like this I would bitch slap her to Antarctica where she can set up some penguins Seriously, screw this chick No means no doesn t apply to just sexual when your bestie says to please stop setting up her with blind dates because she s not interested and only 17 then you should probably stop She had zero personality and added nothing but premise to the story She could have easily been taken out of the story all together and been set up by guys her mom randomly bumped into Really, half the guys that she was sending to Sal was her cast offs What kind of friend does that He wasn t good enough for me, so you can have him Hooker you are awful The Soundtrack Okay, now since I wanted to punch a hole through this book, I have a few qualms about assigning some good jams to this book, alas, it cannot be helped Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Can t Take My Eyes of You because big gestures in stadiums make me think of Heath Ledge 10 Things I Hate About You Backstreet Boys Quit Playing Games with My HeartJimmy Eat World Carry YouCivil Wars Poison and WineMore reviews can be found at

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    4.5 5 Stars Adorkable was filled with laughter, butterfly and smile inducing moments, and I couldn t get enough of it The characters quickly found a place in my heart, and the story line was so cute It involved the fake boyfriend trope, and it was done in a way that made it feel fresh and fun So this addicting book easily made its way onto my favorites shelf I was so tired of surprises If I had to meet one blind date, I would literally go insane Just a heads up, nicknames can rub me the wrong way But these were hilarious Our heroine is Sally Sue Spitz and her classmates call her Spitz And her best friend is Lillian Hooker, who Sally calls Hooker Loved it So Sally was forever single and Hooker, trying to be the best friend ever, always set Sally up on blind dates But these weren t regular blind dates Or even regular guys it would seem Each and every interaction Sally had with them had me laughing, groaning or doing both out loud After a horrible double double date you ll see what I mean lol gone terribly wrong and a misunderstanding, Sally comes up with the idea that she needs a fake boyfriend It was the only way to stop Hooker s attempts So she begged Becks, her best friend forever who s been in her life since grade school, to be her fake boyfriend Ducking, he placed a lingering kiss on the spot right below my ear The move made my hand shoot out to grip his jersey Becks laughed silently, little puffs of air hitting my neck, as I shivered Becks Oh Becks He was one of my many favorite things about this book The way Becks looked at Sally, the way he claimed her as his, the way he protected her, his jealousy, oh my gosh even the way he touched her, it all made my heart beat so fast But here s the confusing part, I had NO clue what he thought at times You see, he would say and do these things that would imply that he liked Sally than just friends, but then again he was just playing a part And his words would reinforce that idea So I desperately wanted to get in that sexy head of his and know all of his thoughts Especially when he suggested that they should start practicing.hello butterflies But Becks, she whined, I don t understand Why her Nothing to understand really, he said, smiling down at me Sal s my girl Always has been As he squeezed my hip, I swear I stopped breathing So not only did I adore Becks, but Sally too I loved how Sally easily sprinkled Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek etc into her daily life She embraced her geekiness, and I loved how she didn t second guess herself in that regards But at the same point, she could be self conscious Especially when it came to her feelings towards Becks You see, while Becks was her BFF, he was also beautiful, smart, a player, a jock and everyone easily loved him Including Sally Knowing that Sally wanted to be than friends with Becks put my heart on the line right with her I flipped through the pages as fast as possible for both of our stakes Spitz, the guy s wearing Chinos, and he tried to shake my hand She tugged at one end of her bob I found him bent over a book bigger than my head in the sci fi fantasy section at Barnes and Noble That sounded suspicious And what were you doing in Barnes and Noble I asked Isn t it obvious she laughed I was looking for the male version of you I laughed despite myself Spitz Sally and Hooker The only slight hiccup I had, was with Hooker I wanted her to be a better friend at times and to listen to Sally But we all have our flaws, and what Hooker thought was best for Sally wasn t always what was truly the best for her The rest of the side characters that helped round out this book felt so real to me Including Ash, Sally s mom and dad, and Beck s family My favorites were Ash, Becks fellow soccer teammate and Sally s fellow classmate and also Clayton, Becks oldest brother I could easily and happily read a book about each of them This one could only end badly, and when it did, it was going to hurt A lot So if you re a fan of cute books that leave you with the hugest smile ever, or if you adore the fake boyfriend trope, then I highly recommend you pick up Adorkable Now I can t wait to read future books written by Cookie O Gorman, since she created characters that were so easy to connect with and love, and of course had a fabulous, addicting story line too For of my reviews, please visit

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    3 Adorkable StarsI picked up this book because it seemed like a sweet YA read and that s what I got I really liked the premise and I love the sweet innocent high school setting.Sally is a single girl and she has been this way her whole life Her best friend and mom thinks it s time for Sally to not be single any so they set her up with lots of random dates.I thought Sally to be a sweet, charming and a very nerdy girl She makes a lot of Harry Potter and Star Wars references and she even dresses up in her favorite characters I can t relate, but I found it very endearing to read and well, it s refreshing to read a nerdy girl than a sluty one to be honest.I found Sally s best friend Hooker and Mom kind of annoying It s one thing to set up your friend on one or two random dates, but sometimes three a day I think it s a little excessive and obsessive in my opinion and no wonder Sally needed a fake boyfriend.Sally s best friend is Beck and yes, he s the star athlete and player guy I m on the fence with Beck At times he s very sweet and nice to Sally and at times him checking out other girls kind of made my eyes roll, but he didn t do anything to really upset me I really liked Sally and Beck s relationship It s cute and tamed I wanted Beck to be a little bit flirtatious with her because that is what I crave, but I keep on reminding myself this is a YA read Sally asks Beck to be her fake boyfriend for one month to get everyone off her back because she is single and of course the handsome jock agrees Overall, it s an easy and sweet read I think for once I GASP could have gotten a little angst but I liked it, I just didn t love it.

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    You know the feeling when you ve had enough of heartbreaking dystopian fantasy books and you seriously just need a cute contemporary to serve as the perfect pick me up, well that is this book Adorkable is about Sally Sue Spitz and her eternal struggle of warding off blind dates set up from her lovely but kinda annoying besties, Lilian Lillian believes she is destined to be a matchmaker and Sally s mom is a wedding planner, so things are not looking bright for Sally The problem isn t just the mysterious and strange dates that Lillian sets up, the problem is that Sally has been in love with her other best friend, Becks, since forever But she d rather die than let that be public knowledge I must admit, I am a sucker for the best friend love stories so I m probably going to be biased in this review judge me I don t know what it is about them, they really just fricken cute Albeit, Sally did do the whole I m not like other girls cliche and also the I m super cute in a dorky way but i m oblivious to it cliche and Becks had the whole sweet best friend who is athletic and literally the most beautiful person in the world cliche, but I m so blind to all that because this book was so fricken cute But I have to say, I m really disappointed in this Lillian character I totally get the considerate bestie who s trying to play matchmaker, but this girl has gone way too far It s like her sole existence on earth is to hook Sally up and she s fricken annoying about it Sally s always telling her she s not interested or that she s feeling down and what does Lillian do Not comfort her or eat three tubs of ice cream with her, no she sets her up with a blind date sighs So basically Sally gets Becks to be her pretend boyfriend to ward off Lillain s matchingmaking attempts and yada yada yada but this story had the perfect touch of hilarity and sweetness and fluff and frustration I just really enjoyed it in comparison to all the heart shattering books I ve been reading lately And Becks is not a football player, no sir, he is a soccer player and I could cry from joy because thank you, I really needed this addition Raised the book so much higher in my eyes He was my Huckleberry, my Han Solo, my one, but most of all he was my Becks and I was his Sal That was the truth Somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars

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