The Cinderella Deal

The Cinderella DealDaisy, a woman who has a messy apartment, messy clothes, and a messy life, is seriously in need of money Her landlord came one day and found the cat Daisy just adopted And he also came to tell her that she didn t pay her last month s rent Lincoln, who was next to them, couldn t help but overhear her predicament and came up with a proposition Daisy was to pretend to be his fianc e, so that he could land a job at Prescott In exchange for helping her pay her rent 300 , and add in a thousand bucks and bamLinc landed himself a job at Prescott, and a fianc e They agreed that after Daisy helped him get the job, they would part ways and never see each other again So, they got on with their lives Then, Chickie, wife of the man who insists that Daisy is a great wife, and mentioned once or twice, maybethan that, it might ve slipped out what a lucky man Lincoln is, asked if Lincoln wanted to have his wedding in she and her husband s backyard Lincoln flew back to get Daisy back, only to find her ex boyfriend wanting to get back with her Daisy, having lost total interest in Derek, agrees and they re off to Prescott again Daisy bonded with Lincoln s students and everybody in the neighborhood not exaggerating loves her Including Lincoln Well, you can pretty much guess the rest A word of advice Never, I repeat never, read this book before a test I have a test tomorrow and when I was doing last minute revision, I kept thinking of this book Argh So freaking frustrating I revised finish, picked up this book immediately where I left off, and was rewarded Thank goodness my studying paid off, and I got to read such a great, awesome book This book would never disappoint you, I assure you maybe not 100%, cause we might have our likes and dislikes, but if you crave a good romantic book, this is the book for you Pick this up like, right now Adored this book, really romantic I don t know how to explain it, but the style was different somewhat old fashionedprofound I loved it.I also love stories that start as a love hate relationship. New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Crusie Brings Humor And Storytelling Magic To This Modern Day Romance Of A Match Made Anywhere But In Heaven But Destined For A Fairy Tale EndingDaisy Flattery Is A Free Spirit With A Soft Spot For Strays And A Weakness For A Good Story Why Else Would She Agree To The Outrageous Charade Offered By Her Buttoned Down Workaholic Neighbor, Linc Blaise The History Professor Needs To Have A Fianc E In Order To Capture His Dream Job, And Daisy Is Game To Play The Role But Something Funny Happens On Their Way To The Altar That Changes Everything Now, With The Midnight Hour Approaching, Will Daisy Lose Her Prince, Or Will Opposites Not Only Attract But Live Happily Ever After Just when I am ready to embrace M F contemporary romance again, I have to stumble into this BLAH story At first I though, Hey, I used to like Jennifer Crusie s older stories, so this might work Especially since this is supposed to be a revised version Oh, how WRONG I was How wrong Let me count the ways.Yes, I know the blurb says it will going to be one of those fake wife thing I m good with that if only I can find each of the character as likeable But nope, not at all I think Linc is a douchebag, an ass He practically think that Daisy is plain He needed a a wifely looking woman A Little House on the Prairie kind of woman but wants her appearance at least her style should lookacademic wifey The only reason he starts to notice Daisy is because he sees her in her slip and feel the impact of Daisy undressed Oh, GOD No, not about Daisy s character, or her mind, but it s the state of her undressing Sure, THAT will make me believe that he falls in love with her hmph Daisy is no better Okay, at first I think she s intriguing because she s not conventional But then she thinks of Linc, and she likes him because he makes her feel safe and because there s his body Especially stop thinking about how nice and solid he was with his arms around you and how gorgeous he looks with his shirt off WTF Then they got pretending to be married, which is a total bore it s so stupid and ridiculous Let s see, Linc starts to like her because he thinks Daisy Blaise My wife My wife, the adult. Oh yes, there goes Daisy s personality which I realize is not even good to start with, considering she likes Lincoln for his body wait, maybe they do belong to one another as she becomes the boring Daisy Blaise instead of Daisy Flattery.I even feel mad for myself because I actually finish this I know, I know, I try to at least see if there s some miracle in the end Which there isn t And there goes my time of reading this Aaaaarcckkk Okay, I m definitely getting cranky with M F contemporary romance again Maybe I should just dig some of urban fantasy paranormals with women that can fight demons or vampires.PS Why the cover for this new revision features a dog when the dog does not appear until about half the book is beyond me Easy read just what I needed The characters did not rush into a romantic relationship It actually took a while for them both to overcome prejudices about each other H is uptight with a lot of baggage and expectations h has baggage as well but keeps trying to overcome Side characters are great and I like how the h brings perspective and color into the H s life She is just what he needs against his better judgement h makes quite a few concessions but she grows from it H comes to appreciate and love her His life is richer for it 3.5 rounded happy ending stars. 1.5 stars This is a story that i can t even complaint on how much it disappointed meI picked it up because i just wanted a nice, fast read to just cleanse my mind for the next earth shattering story that happened to come my way So yes, i just wanted something fluffy to read Something that would just leave me with a stupid smile on my face, and that i would mostly forgot in the following week oOInstead i got a novel capable of rousing my inner feministnot that she needs being roused muchbut, you know Okay, this story, how should i say thiscould have been written in the fifties, eighties That s how dated it feels But, no, apparently it was written in the end of the twentieth century, em 1996 I don t get it oO Was this some sort of veiled attack on feminism The main characters are card board stereotypes, worst that most of the harlequin characters books that i read about two decades ago Daisy our main character who is a free spirit, and who as such , uses long dresses and a weird looking hat, is a painterwell she was a teacher who decided to quit her job to pursue her dreamYears later, she is still trying to survive and things aren t looking good.Now Daisy our free spirit through the course of the book will see how important it is to change her way of beingbecause she was just being childishShe will have no problem getting married due to money difficulties..Changing the way she dressesBasically growing up , until her way of thinking pretty much corresponds to her husband way of seeing things This is me reading thisminus the noose ringor the hornsor the furbut the eye expression looks about right Then there was an ass, who could and SHOULD be arrested, due to sexual harassment, but which she endured up until the end.Basically most of the woman that where presented here, were seen as weak flowersand the ones that didn t, were just disagreeable b s The good woman in this book, is the little wife type who stays home, and who is kept by her husband Of course she is the artsy type, and she has all the adjacent stereotypes that come with this role.But check this out She is so AMAZING, that she s even capable of predicting when she will get sick, so she takes care of all the bills, and of all the things that had to be done, in order for the poor little dark, brooding, sexy husband of hers won t have to overtire himself Isn t she wonderful Then she has this amazing smile that makes all the men around her go insane..As for the husband, he got a really round, amazing body to go with the dealhonestly, i lost track of the number of times that this word round appeared As for her, she got security with her marriage Yay.If none of the above gets on your nerves, then go ahead and read it Its quite a fast read.If however this troubles you..better skip this one Honestly, if this was a Cinderella Deal i would just continue keeping the wicked stepmother s company Author Official Audiobook review A sweet romantic comedy with a fake relationship opposites attract trope The heroine is the free spirited artist and the hero is the uptight college professor It was short and sweet The 3rd person narration made for a great audiobook listen. Loved the book, JC just has this very different style The heroine is quite bohemian, she quit her teaching job to be an artist, lives in a mis matched apartment with cats, wears weird loose clothes and is not the hero s type who likes blondes but she is his perfect fake fianc e and would help him get a teaching job at a college Her transformation makes him want her but he knows she is a hurricane while he is all dull and boring, the heroine finds him stifling, he reminds her of her father who she can never impress, she does like his body though Things happen and the hero suggests they get married for a year or so in return she gets financial stability to pursue her art I loved how their marriage started out, both try to hide they have the hots for each other, the adjustment they had to go through and how Daisy transformed his life for the better without his knowing They both had people around them who fit their type but what you think you want is not always what your heart wants Daisy becomes a bitadult yet she is still her open, friendly self and even manages to repair Linc s relationship with his mother I loved the end when Daisy transformed herself into what Linc thought he wanted and he ended up hating it and hated thinking what he would have become, had she not come into his life. The Cinderella Deal is a straight forward romance, minus the secondary characters and complicated mystery plots in Crusie s later books She manages to take the old fake marriage trope and add her own clever spin to it Daisy and Linc are both likable and very typical of Crusie s characters him straight laced and her bohemian Even the pets developed their own personalities.The banter between Daisy and Linc was entertaining and the sexual tension between the two had me glued to this book from the get go I really appreciated the fact that Daisy s character painted weird , strong and independent women from history in an unusual manner I was so fascinated by the details of Daisy s paintings that I put the book down long enough to research Lizzie Borden This book was adorable and loads of fun exactly what I needed during a stay at home, sick day While this book is a little dated written in the early 90 s , I can t imagine why the author is so embarrassed by her earlier novels I truly enjoyed this onethan her newer books A total riveting read NOTE Crusie just announced that this book is being re released next year, so don t be a dumb ass like me and pay 20 for it on some obscure website unless you really, REALLY have to read it right now I loved, loved this book There is the fairytaile y feeling, the romance is deep, there is humor, and two strays cats and a stray dog, whatcan you ask The love hate initial relationship is great and the development of the love story is even better I would definitely recommend this book.

Jenny Crusie is the NYT bestselling author of twenty some novels and lots of other stuff Her latest novel, Maybe This Time, hit shelves in August, 2010.Jenny lives on the Ohio River where she often stares at the ceiling and counts her blessings.

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