The Cursed Heir (Spirits and Thieves, #3)

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Morgan Rhodes lives in Ontario, Canada As a child, she always wanted to be a princess the kind that knows how to wield a sharp sword to help save both kingdoms and princes from fire breathing dragons and dark wizards Instead, she became a writer, which is just as good and much less dangerous Along with writing, Morgan enjoys photography, travel, reality TV, and is an extremely picky, yet vor

[Reading] ➷ The Cursed Heir (Spirits and Thieves, #3)  By Morgan Rhodes –
  • Hardcover
  • The Cursed Heir (Spirits and Thieves, #3)
  • Morgan Rhodes
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9781595148018

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    UPDATE from Morgan Rhodes A regular question I get lately is what s going on with Spirits Thieves 3 I apologize to all those who ve asked me online only to receive a response of absolute silence from yours truly until today.It s time to answer that question.I am very sorry to say, that the last book in the Spirits Thieves trilogy and what I considered the 9th book in the overall Falling Kingdoms series has been indefinitely delayed I prefer to say that rather than canceled because I choose to hold out hope that there might be a chance to revisit this book some time in the future.Here s the hard truth While my Falling Kingdoms series sold at healthy numbers, took me onto three group tours with Penguin Teen, got me invitations to many festivals and conferences, and put me on the NYT Bestseller s list twice Spirits Thieves didn t see this level of success, capturing only a fraction of the readers that followed the FK series.This is both disappointing and embarrassing for me to admit I have no solid reasons why ABOSAT didn t sell as widely as its sister series did I gave both series my heart and soul and blood, lots of blood the characters can confirm that but the bottom line is it just didn t work out.Publishing is a business and as much as editors and publishers and authors love books simply for the sake of them being fantastic, tangible pieces of magic and escapism, it is a business And business decisions need to be made Sad to say, I feel that I can take a great deal of the blame for the trilogy s untimely demise due to the fact that writing two multi POV epic fantasies a year had started to take its toll on me I suffered from what I can only describe as creative burnout for a couple of years, with only enough stamina to produce one book a year Therefore, book 3 of ABOSAT got bumped from its original release date Had I managed to hit my initial deadline, THE CURSED HEIR would have come out before Immortal Reign Alas, I can t go back in time and fix this mistake.When the schedule was adjusted and ABOSAT3 was to come in 9th in this larger series, I had planned to connect a lot of dots such as, does the bloodstone ring have something to do with Maddox s magic Yes Is Valia actually the person we think she might be Yes And just who did Cleo descend from No comment at this time, but it s not exactly who you might have guessed And that cliffhanger I never would have left readers with that insane cliffhanger at the end of The Darkest Magic if I thought there was a chance there wouldn t be a follow up So I m very, very, VERY sorry for that Some readers might now be thinking Will I write this book anyway and provide it to fans for free I really wish I could I really wish I had the time and creative energy to write THE CURSED HEIR and make it available for those who are dedicated and invested in this trilogy Writing is my job, my full time job, and taking 8 12 months to write, edit, and produce this book is just not in the cards for me at this time Again, I apologize to those disappointed by this news I have considered doing a FAQ page with answers to some of the pressing issues that would have been resolved in book 3, but for now I m going to hold off I don t like to say it s 100% absolute that this book will never happen Because it could Maybe Someday But I can t make any promises at this time Clearly, if tons of people discover the first two books in this trilogy, that would likely prompt a third, but the odds of that when shiny new books are being published every week are very slim.

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    Despite the fact that I haven t even read book 2 yet, WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE AND A TITLE YESSSSSSSSSS

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    Cries In her blog post, Morgan Rhodes has canceled the Spirit and Thieves Trilogy I feel like this final installment would have been amazing sobs some Don t mind me, I just have to step back for a moment as this series goes in the lost book cemetery.

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    And THIS is exactly why authors shouldn t end books in fucking cliffhangers Because you never know if a series will do well or not, or even if the author will even decide to hold up their end of the bargain by finishing things off Don t get me wrong, I get it, I GET why this author is cancelling publication on her 3rd book, but I ALSO get why so many readers who HAVE purchased and read the last two books now eagerly awaiting the conclusion to this trilogy are fucking PISSED it s because the last book ended on a cliffhanger and now they ll never know what happens The author does say the 3rd book MIGHT see the light of day, but I feel like that s a copout and that s just dangling a carrot in front of the proverbial horse, since it s neither here nor there Authors, STOP WRITING CLIFFHANGERS End things on a slightly ambiguous note so readers know there s to come, sure, that s fine, BUT give your readers closure in case your series goes by way of the Dodo, and things end abruptly mid series I DO have the last 2 books but I haven t read them yet because I was waiting for the 3rd book to release so I could marathon them all , but now I won t even bother, because WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT TO READ TO BOOKS TO A STORY THAT S UNFINISHED, KNOWING IT ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER Spoiler alert I don t It s funny how ironic this situation is going to become though, because the reason this series is ending is because of sales but I am about to return these 2 brand new books for a refund, because no thank you NOBODY in their right mind is going to go out and purchase books to an unfinished series, knowing the likelihood of it being continued is incredibly slim read non existent , and anyone who HAS recently purchased the books is likely to return them What happened here is a perfect case of Catch 22 and what has happened here has effectively killed the series The author mentioned not being able to write the 3rd book and make it free for the series s existing fans and I TOTALLY get that, I NEVER would expect anyone to give their hard work away for free BUT, I m sure her existing readers would have purchased exclusive copies or perhaps eBooks the author can independently publish, JUST as a show of good faith, so her readers DO get that closure on this series ORRRRRR she could invest profits from other books into this one I am NOT presuming to know how her world works and I am definitely not presuming to know how much all this costs, I m just speculating on potential solutions that might help to save this series and these books That being said, if this author comes out with a new series, the likelihood of me purchasing the books is VERY SLIM, just because I don t trust the predictability of this author s book publications I WOULD purchase the books if I see the whole series is out and there s no risk of what s happening here I DO own the whole Falling Kingdom series I read the first book and it was phenomenal and I will definitely continue with that one Anyway, all in all, this is a bummer But hey, it happens, and I don t fault the author in any way whatsoever I DO ask though, once again, that authors stop writing cliffhangers, PRECISELY for this reason

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    So while moving around books on my bookshelf today I was looking at my Morgan Rhodes books and I was like when does the third book in ABOSAT come out Looked it up and found out that there is no plans for it to come out any Morgan explained why on her tumblr and yeah I understand the whole business thing but I am hella upset about it I love her books so much And I actually really enjoy 5he characters in ABOSAT and I was really excited to read of their adventures I just cant even believe that this is a thing that has actually happened..

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    Ok, so I ve just discovered that this book will probably never come out, as the author mentioned why on her website, and I have to say I m than a little upset I know most people liked the Fallen Kingdom series than this one, but I actually preferred this one To me FK was ok, Spirits and Thieves, however, I was much interested in Well now I guess I ll never read it and resolve all those cliffhangers.

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    PUBLICATION CANCELLED Is this a bad joke Razorbill Are you serious I can t believe this This was one of my most anticipated reads for 2019 and now it s been cancelled oEVERYONE WHO READS THIS, GO AND BUY THE FIRST TWO BOOKS NOW I need an ending

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    Is this not being published any

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