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Hello StrangerA Woman Who Defies Her TimeDr Garrett Gibson, The Only Female Physician In England, Is As Daring And Independent As Any Man Why Not Take Her Pleasures Like One Yet She Has Never Been Tempted To Embark On An Affair, Until Now Ethan Ransom, A Former Detective For Scotland Yard, Is As Gallant As He Is Secretive, A Rud Assassin Whose True Loyalties Are A Mystery For One Exhilarating Night, They Give In To Their Potent Attraction Before Becoming Strangers Again A Man Who Breaks Every RuleAs A Ravenel By Blow Spurned By His Father, Ethan Has Little Interest In Polite Society, Yet He Is Captivated By The Bold And Beautiful Garrett Despite Their Vow To Resist Each Other After That Sublime Night, She Is Soon Drawn Into His Most Dangerous Assignment Yet When The Mission Goes Wrong, It Will Take All Of Garrett S Skill And Courage To Save Him As They Face The Menace Of A Treacherous Government Plot, Ethan Is Willing To Take Any Risk For The Love Of The Most Extraordinary Woman He S Ever Known

LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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  • Hello Stranger
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  • 14 October 2017
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    I ll read anything Lisa Kleypas writes I love her books.

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    3.5 starsThis was pretty cute Then again, anything from Kleypas usually is, so that s no great surprise, is it I was surprised that I liked this one quite a bit better than Devil in Spring, though Then again, I was looking forward to that one, and Hello Strangernot so much There wasn t much about Garrett in the past books that got me excited to read her story It s not as though I disliked her character, but she seemed somewhat dull not at all like the shiny Pandora Which was odd considering she was a spunky female doctor facing all kinds of gender prejudice Thankfully, that sort of thing wouldn t happen todayAnyway.I liked Garrett much better than I did the nutty, childish Pandora For one, Garrett had a much realistic outlook on life for a romance novel and a pretty level head on her shoulders again, for a romance novel There was, of course, the part where she throws all of her common sense out the window for hot sex true love, butIt s a romance novel.Yes Yes, it is And as such, you have to go into it with the expectation that, at the end of the day, even a woman who clawed her way into the position of 1st Female Doctor in the country is going to turn into a panting ninny when her Hero comes along And when it comes to this genre, I m ok with that sort of thing.Because I don t know what your real life romantic experiences have been like, but mine have always been a tad, wellEXPECTATION REALITY So as long as the hero or heroine doesn t work my nerves with their stupid, then I say go ahead and coat the story with a thick layer of cheese Yum.Thank you, Romance Writers May I please have some PS Kleypas very cleverly named her heroine after England s first recognized female doctor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

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    Spoilers aheadHello Stranger is, in my opinion, the weakest instalment yet in the Ravenel series which, after finishing it last night and taking a step back to mull over, seems to be an oxymoron in the context of the series No obnoxious behaviour like Kathleen and Devon showed No character transplant of Rhys Winterbourne and Helen s angelic delicacy that sent me to sleep No ADHD Pandora and Gabriel whose most shocking kink is bondage light.To make myself understandable and actually understand my dislike of the book myself , I will have to draw comparisons to previous LK books.In short, the book was all over the place The characters were all over the place the plot and the romance were all over the place At no stage did I a get a grip on Garrett and Ethan, and for the better part of the book I thought that it must be me, not the book, which might very well still be the case.But then I thought about the books I adored and still do, written by this author, and wondered what had changed what was different then Just three examples Seduce Me at Sunrise I still blame Kev for the low rating, but nonetheless How beautifully and tenderly was Kev and Win s relationship drawn Win s tenacity, even when she was still very ill, inspiring Kev s resolve to not wanting to go on without her, devastatingly evoked by the little bottle of nightshade concoction Love in the Afternoon The letters, anyone Christopher s unhurried realisation that there s to Beatrix than meets the eye Beatrix who knows she s an oddball and yet follows her own heart, despite the ridicule she sometimes has to endure And, of course, Devil in Winter Do I actually need to say anything here Evie, stuttering and awkwardly self aware, coming to her own Sebastian, who always showed this Ebenezer Scrooge like bah humbug attitude, while we watched gleefully how Evie brought him down to his knees.There are but I ll leave it here.Hello Stranger starts with Garrett, the only female doctor in England, being set upon by three men who want to rape her She s not stupid and has sought lessons in self defence but when Ethan jumps in and helps her, it becomes clear that she needs than fencing lessons It s also here where I had my first hard eye roll moment I need no protection, she informed him Further, if I did, you re not the one I would hire to provide it Obviously, I would have cheered her on, had she been able to deal with them alone, and why shouldn t I But it s not me here making it clear that her self defence lessons are lacking, it s Lisa Kleypas Why she has to act so prickly No idea But then, she s used to being treated with condescension as the only female doctor So, let s leave this as a moment of wariness on her part We also find out that Ethan, who has been falling in love for some time, has been following her every Tuesday when she makes her rounds in workhouses and areas where the poor can t afford a doctor This is surely meant as a protective gesture, a romantic one, but I find it creepy I ve always found this typical romance hero behaviour creepy They come to an agreement that he ll show her some other, street wise, tactics They meet up the next day, and because I m reading a romance, and romance rules demand sexual attraction, we have sexual attraction He gets a hard on, while she muses over possible other causes for his erection, because she s a doctor, of course But we know that she knows what s caused his hard on Another few days pass, she can t get him out of her mind, wants to meet up with him again So, they meet up, spend a romantic evening walking around the stalls that sell all the nice little bits and pieces He says all the right, aka swoon worthy, things, while I m wondering about the speed of development in conjunction with the rather low amount of times this couple has spent together up until this moment Garrett, who has never really shown any romantic inclination for men, is all afire for Ethan As for Ethan see previously mentioned hard on.Had it not been for Ethan s mysterious work for the government, the book could have ended at 30 35% We have the first passionate encounters, and then this happens Ethan, sent to India to learn the art of Asian Indian fighting skills, also learned the Oriental art of sex, kindly provided by an Indian woman, and he knows a whopping 120 positions Huh Imagine my stony faced expression Indian woman doing some sex ed Clich much And yeah, knowing 120 positions is definitely the minimum of positions a woman needs to be sexually satisfied And Ethan is all I know 120 positions, darling, don t worry , while Garrett could have simply said there s something called the clitoris She s a doctor, after all Admittedly, it would have killed any romantic notions there and then, but no, she s in awe of his sexual knowledge Here the book turns slightly into a romantic suspense novel, with Ethan telling her repeatedly that in his line of work, seeing each other is too dangerous There are documents to be stolen, with Garrett helping Ethan, betrayals from Ethan s superiors and colleagues left and right, and an attempt on Ethan s life It s Garrett who saves him, and now I m going to end my reiteration of the plot Anything I ll say from here on has to do with the direction the book took.Which direction it was, however, was difficult to discern Let s go to the author s note Garrett s character was inspired by Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first licensed female physician in Britain To quote directly She was also active in the women s suffrage movement and became the first female mayor and magistrate in England, serving in the splendid town of Aldeburgh It wouldn t even occur to me to make a mockery out of Miss Kleypas s inspiration We needed these women who broke through male domains, as much as we needed the women in the factories, who equally fought for their rights Having read Hello Stranger, it s clear to me now that it was apparently never the author s intention to focus on Garrett s special status We had a little discussion about it on one of my status updates, and I ll ask the questions a little differently now Knowing enough of Miss Kleypas s work, knowing that she had created wonderfully strong heroines, what was the point in using the real Dr Anderson as an inspiration for Garrett, if her status played no role in the plot In the whole story, there was only one moment where Garrett s sex and her position as a doctor were at odds for the times she lived in One mistake on her part and her license would have been revoked, based on the constant suspicion she lives under as a female doctor Apart from that, Garrett lives in a bubble, thanks to her close association to Rhys Winterborne, with the weekly work she does for the poor I would have loved it, if this angle had been played out, instead of a romantic suspense thriller I would have adored it I would have loved to see, to quote my friend Lyuda s words, the trials and tribulations a woman like Garrett would have faced I would have loved to learn about her time before she came into Winterborne s employ or her time at the Sorbonne Ethan plays a big role here, by the way We always complain about female characters transferred from the 21st century, but the same can be said about Ethan I would have loved to see a sort of slow understanding and transformation of a man of the 19th century, who has reservations but who comes to love the heroine for her confidence and strength, her knowledge and tenacity It would have made for a wonderfully romantic journey, in my opinion Instead in this respect Garrett was nothing than a poster girl There was a lot of vagueness in the characterisation of both, Garrett and Ethan The same goes for their romance which felt rushed When did lust turn into love Especially for Garrett Where were those moments that made one character special to the other and vice versa As mentioned previously, if not for the whole spy mystery business, the book could have been concluded at the 35% mark Ethan is, by far, the weakest Lisa Kleypas hero I ve read in a long time It s no secret that he s the bastard son of the former Earl of Trenear and his backstory, like Garrett s, could have provided so much insight into his character Instead, we had this whole strange spy conspiracy plot that took so much away from the main characters and from their romance Yes, he has the Lisa Kleypas typical swoon worthy lines The first moment I saw you, I knew you were my share of the world I ve always loved you If I could choose my fate, I d never be parted from you Acushla pulse of my heart, breath of my soul there s nothing on this earth fair and fine than you Your shadow on the ground is sunlight to me Good, right Not enough for me, though Not after having seen how rushed their encounters were That it was love at first sight for him is one thing, but it certainly wasn t for Garrett This vagueness also encompassed the author s writing I ll quote it again To her self disgust, she had broken into tears of utter relief, when she would have liked so much to muster a semblance of dignity Say what There are quite a few sentences like this one which were made obsolete on the next page, mostly by Garrett, and they certainly didn t endear her to me Quite the opposite I m still wondering what their purpose was.Actually, the only character I really enjoyed was West Funny that, eh He s the hero of the next book.Will I read the next one I ve put it on my TBR pile, and I can see myself having already forgotten my current annoyance Besides, it s Evie and Sebastian s daughter But no, this is not the Lisa Kleypas of old Not by a long shot.

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    Title Hello StrangerSeries The Ravenels 4Author Lisa KleypasRelease date February 27, 2018Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    Gibson is gonna be with Severin I ll be livid if she s not But lmaoo from the last I know she s gonna be with Ransom.LOL High functioning Sociopath that explains Severin alright

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    4.5 STARS This woman owned the sum of him, his tenderness and violence, everything good or bad. All.Of.The Swoons dreamy sigh I am not typically a reader that enjoys the instant connection and road to love that was shared between Garrett and Ransom, but boy did it ever work for me here I can t even tell you why I think it was a combination of several things, starting from wonderfully crafted and multilayered characters and ending with an engaging story and swoony romance Whatever the case may be, I simply adored this book ADORED IT.Lisa Kleypas is almost always a guaranteed winner for me, and Hello Stranger definitely delivered on all sides Dr Garrett Gibson is not your typical historical heroine side note I love that she was loosely based on an actual person This is a woman that s not satisfied being the status quo A brilliant doctor, her practice and career has always been her prime concern She doesn t want to be an accessory for a husband to be put away on a shelf when she s no longer needed But the last man she expects to draw her interest is the enigma that is Ethan Ransom Have I made you uncomfortable I beg your pardon Ransom lifted his head to reveal eyes glinting with laughter Not at all It s just that I ve never heard a lady talk as you do As I told you I m not a lady I love how these two characters balance each other out Ethan is fiercely protective of Garrett, but Garrett can also hold her own like no other lady They couldn t be wrong for each other With his current dangerous mission, Ethan s days are numbered He knows he can t offer Garrett the forever that she rightfully deserves But Garrett knows what she wants, and she s not afraid to go after it There had always been a cold streak in him, but he couldn t seem to find it now, when he needed it most He was breaking apart inside He would never be the same after this Christ, you ve ruined me, he whispered. Admittedly it took a little bit to fully get into the swing of things for me, but by 30%, I was completely riveted to the pages The romance was equally swoony and heart achingly emotional It was perfectly written and I couldn t get enough of these two It s so charming to see a man as ruthless as Ransom brought to his knees by Garrett and showing his sweet side And boy did this man have a sweet side GAH A queen, you are, he said softly I could travel the world the rest of my life, and not find another woman with half your ways Hello Stranger was an incredibly satisfying romance that was as swoony as it was gripping It tugged at every single heart string I had, and I absolutely adored the fierce connection shared between these characters Yet another winner from one of my favorite go to authors, and I m already craving I m hoping West s story is next because I was super intrigued by the little of him that we got in this book ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    Reto 34 PopSugar 2018 Un libro publicado en 2018 Una delicia de lectura La serie Ravenel definitivamente quiere destronar a la familia Hathaway Todo justo, maravilloso absolutamente nada me sobr ni me falt bueno, quiz un ep logo, pero s lo de gazuza Personajes principales adorables y secundarios que ya se han ganado el coraz n de sus lectores.Lisa Kleypas no s lo crea romances de ensue o, sino que cada vez se supera m s al insertar de forma muy fluida hechos y avances de la poca en la narraci n Ella misma cuenta, al final de la novela, c mo el personaje de Garret Gibson se inspir en la doctora Elizabeth Garret Anderson que, en 1873, fue la primera mujer con licencia para ejercer la medicina en Gran Breta a Tambi n aclara que algunos aspectos que tienen relevancia en el desarrollo de la novela como las transfusiones de sangre, la contaminaci n del T mesis y las operaciones de espionaje clandestinas, tienen una base real.Ahora, a armarse de paciencia a la espera de la pr xima entrega que, por lo que le do por ah , tiene como protagonista al que ya se ha convertido en mi personaje favorito de la serie West Ravenel, que en esta entrega tuvo un protagonismo no menor Se ora Abbott, voy a la cocina a lavarme Avise a las criadas para que se cubran los ojos y no vean mi viril torso Incluso una vida de libertinaje puede acabar en el tedio Y he descubierto que el campo me sienta bien Los arrendatarios tienen que prestarme atenci n y las vacas son la mar de entretenidas.

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    My original review is at the bottom.Originally posted HERE Hello Stranger, the fourth instalment in Lisa Kleypas Ravenels series, is a highly anticipated read for many Garrett, England s first female doctor, and Ethan, mysterious and with curious ties to the Ravenel family, have been background characters in the past two books.This is a book that builds and builds The two characters have met a few times before the story begins, but there s not a lot of background you ll be missing out on if you start the series here.The first half is concerned with the growing relationship What is so good about this one is that these are lower class characters than the others in the series, and so we get to see Victorian London as the commoners saw it as well as the upper class areas.Just past the halfway point something terrible happens to one of them, and from there the pace changes.I liked how unique these characters were In fact, all the heroes and heroines in this series have been so distinctive.Maybe I m imagining things, but I m pretty sure Lisa Kleypas is doing and research with every book Every page of this book shows SO MUCH research has gone into it From the medical details historically accurate medicine for the time, to the local foods, to recent for the book political and social changes, there aren t many authors who will make you feel as though you re really there in 1870s London.I have enjoyed every instalment in this series When you read as many books in this genre as I do, it s hard to remember most of them after you re done I not only remember the Ravenels, but go back for rereads every so often Hello Stranger is such an unusual, unique read.Edit 22nd February Well The stepback is as bad as the cover and it is on such cheap, flimsy paper different to the others in the series What is this awful, AWFUL cover This book is set in the 1870s, not the 2010s It s the Victorian era, not the Oscars Edit We have a British Australian cover At least she s from the right century

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    Garret is a the first female doctor in London who talks endlessly about how independent and strong she is Then, she meets Ethan and it s over She throws herself at this guy so shamelessly that feminists everywhere gave a giant embarrassed groan She literally begged this guy to kiss her And, I m using the word literally correctly in that sentence That s how bad it was Aw, maybe that s what happened Did you try running it under hot water I really didn t like Garret all that much except when she kept talking about involuntary erections That was pretty funny Although, she didn t actually mean to be funny I can appreciate humor AND erections in involuntary forms Spontaneous priapism can be caused by scrotal chafing, traumatic injury to the perineum, a flare up of gout, and inflamed prostatic ductAs a physician I can assure you that there is nothing humorous about involuntary erections That nearly sent him into hysterics See She takes herself too seriously, but at least it s entertaining.However, there was a pretty long part of the book, when he is healing an injury, that dragged It was almost like we were watching him heal in real time or something The saving part of all of that slowness was a side character who has been around since the first book in this series, West He is hilarious and I can t wait for his book As for this one, though, it was on the meh side.

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    I was afraid to start this book many of my friends didn t liked it and I didn t like very much the previous books, so you can understand my fear But, since the first pages I was happy to have started it Many object to Garrett s being to forceful with her tough and I m able to do everything attitude I don t I liked it I liked that she s a very capable both in her medical profession and her private life I would have loved to know about her life in France The same can be said about Ethan I would have liked to know what happened to him in India How he learned his skills but in fighting and amatory LOLI also liked very much the information given about medical practice of the time It was very interesting Much than reading about tea time and weather like in some other romance books.I also enjoyed the fact that Garrett didn t have any problems telling Ethan that she wanted him I know that it is not historically accurate, but I found that it was coherent with Garrett s character in this book.Ah, and it has one of the most beautiful declaration of love I ve always loved you If I could choose my fate, I d never be parted from you Acushla pulse of my heart, breath of my soul there s nothing on this earth fair and fine than you Your shadow on the ground is sunlight to me Ahhhh All in all, for me this book was the best of the series

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