Final Witness

Final Witness One Summer Night, Two Men Break Into An Isolated Manor House And Kill Lady Anne Robinson Her Teenage Son, Thomas, Convinces The Police That Greta Grahame, His Father S Beautiful Personal Assistant, Sent The Killers, But Thomas Is Known For His Overactive Imagination, And He Has Reasons To Lie Thomas S Father, Sir Peter Robinson, The British Minister Of Defense, Refuses To Believe His Son Instead, He Marries Greta And Is Prepared To Testify For The Defense At Her Trial He Will Be The Final WitnessWho Is Telling The Truth The New Wife Or The Bereaved Son What Will Sir Peter Reveal In Court Tolkien Keeps Us Guessing The Washington Post Book World Until The Shocking End About The True Motivations Of These Marvelously Realized Characters Final Witness Is A Masterly Suspense Novel By The Grandson Of Legendary JRR Tolkien

J.R.R Tolkien, professor of philology and the author of The Lord of the Rings Simon was educated by Benedictine monks at Downside School, and then went on to Oxford University, where he studied Modern History at Trinity College Since 1994, he has been a successful barrister in London, specializing in criminal justice, where, according to British custom, he regularly appears on behalf of both the prosecution and the defense His wife, Tracy, is an American who owns a vintage clothing store in Kings Road, Chelsea They have two children and live in London.

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Final Witness
  • Simon Tolkien
  • English
  • 14 December 2019
  • 9780345468246

10 thoughts on “Final Witness

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    not amazing, not terrible reasonably engaging

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    Simon Tolkien, grandson of the better known J.R.R Tolkien of Lord of the Rings renown, wrote this book in 2002 The story is of an ambitious English politician who neglects both his wife and son in the family country estate while he and his smart assistant spend a lot of time together in London and visiting his constituency Mom is lonely, prone to headaches and is trying to take good care of the son Mom is murdered and son is convinced that assistant arranged the murder dad marries assistant and there is a serious rift between dad and son The question of whether the murderer will be found guilty hangs on for many pages, during which I was rooting for the son to save the day Clever plot with lots of twists and turns.

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    Fairly intriguing plot and some interesting, authentic courtroom scenes the author is a barrister The writing, however, is weak There are a lot of pointless flashbacks and redundant exposition It was a bad sign that on the back of the book cover, instead of quotes of praise or a plot summary, there was an explanation by the author, the grandson of JRR Tolkien, of how he was not just riding the coat tails of his grandfather Whether that is true or not, it reeks of insecurity

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    Well this was ok Pretty interesting throughout, but very, and I mean VERY, predictable The problem for me was that I was expecting a great twist in the end as advertised, but what I got was the ending that I had in mind all along So it s a good courtroom drama, but don t expect to be surprised or shocked in the end.

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    Tolkein s grandson A Barrister Good plot pretty good characters writing style improves toward middle of book At first, he tries too hrd with too many adjectives, or desriptions that are off putting.Great illustration of Britain s trial system His experience is really great here.

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    Not worth my time Awkward writing.

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    Awful A waste of pages for what amounts to a poor plot, poor writing,and an obvious attempt to cash in on a famous name.

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    I picked this book at an used book store for little money It s your typical courtroom drama, if you like such stuff you might give it a try, but don t expect something overtly original.

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    Very well written, nothing like his grandfather s books but that made it even enjoyable Very predictable and sometimes stressful but that meant that the writing was very engaging.

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    I dont remember how it ends so that must mean that I wasn t much impressed.

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