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Something in the Air Michaela Olsson Has Found Her Soulmate In James Khan There Are Just A Few Teeny, Tiny Problems One, He S Her Boss, Two, He S Too Old For Her, And Three, Well, He Happens To Be Engaged To Somebody ElseShe Ll Take This Crush And Bury It Deep She Ll Take It To Her Grave James Already Belongs To Another, So She Ll Lock Her Secret Up So Tight It Ll Be Deprived Of Oxygen, Suffocate And DieToo Dark Matters Are Only Made Worse When James Asks Her To Move Into His Newly Purchased House To Supervise The Renovations Working Together Every Day Is Bad Enough, But Living In A House He Owns Is Far Intimate Than She Expected Then, When James Decides To Call Off His Wedding Without Any Explanation Whatsoever, Michaela Wonders If Perhaps Her Feelings For Him Aren T As One Sided As She Thought While He Was Engaged James Shared A Flat With His Fianc E, But Now He S Moving Into The House That Michaela Has Been Living In By Herself She Hadn T Intended For It To Happen, But The Place Has Started To Feel Like Home, And With The Object Of Her Affections Suddenly Sharing Her Living Space, Things Become Infinitely Complicated And HeatedSoon Michaela Learns She Might Ve Had To Do With James Calling Off His Engagement Than She Could Ve Possibly ImaginedSomething In The Air Is BookIn The Running On Air Series But Can Also Be Read As A Standalone

L.H Cosway lives in Dublin, Ireland Her inspiration to write comes from music Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind They tell the best stories.Facebook

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  • 16 September 2017

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    3 5 STARS 3This was a fantastic read, from the moment I start it I was hooked.There was something in this story that I just couldn t put it down until I finish it It was sweet, heartwarming and the romance was so good I fall in love with both characters, James and Michaela make me swoon, melt and feel so warm.My heart was aching for them and I just wanted to see them together Michaela was such a lovely heroine I could easily relate with her.James is swoon worthy and definitely a man that will be your next book boyfriend.I loved the feelings both have for each other, and I liked how their relationship started Michaela had feelings from the beginning and he was feeling something for her too.This one has everything I wanted and even

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    Just 8 days to go Mark your calendars Something in the Air is coming on January 30th This is book 2 in the Running on Air Series but can also be read as a standalone.P.S There won t be a pre order as it ll release directly into Kindle Unlimited

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    book playlistsweet unpretentious characters in a charming love story Michaela James are perfect for each other, it is like watching two souls meant to be to find each other and fall in love Yes, my feelings for James Khan were complicated, even so because he was my boss He was also nine years older than me and engaged to be married Michaela is PA for parkour group of jumpers who are filming a reality show around the world In the meantime, they are based in London She felt something for James from the moment she met him Sadly, there is nothing to be done but try to get over whatever she is feeling James is set to be married Working together is hard, but when she moves in newly purchased James house to supervise the renovations things are about the get even harder I wondered how that felt, to be in such high demand Seemed a bit stressful, if you asked me Everybody lusting after you Most people might envy the position, but I shuddered at the thought Now to all purist out there there is no cheating in this book I loved the leading protagonists very, very much It is been a while since I read two such unassuming, reserved sweet characters I loved the strength of silence, modesty, and loyalty they presented The pace was great, it is definitely a book that you can read in one sitting I loved it My favorite couple in this bunch so far It was a story that I wanted to read two books ago and I am so glad that L.H Cosway delivered on it 4,5 starsThanks to the author for the copy of the book in exchange for an honest opinion

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    5 There s Magic in the Air STARS I devoured this book last night.I lost track of time and before I knew it, two hours had past and I was 60% done.This story was so smoothly written and it flowed so well.I didn t want to finish reading this book last night I wanted to make it last and savor the story, but I HAD to know what would happen next.Ahhh, so worth it LOVED the characters LOVED their story Michaela Jame s story was a wonderful read and an amazing addition to the series.Kudos Ms Cosway for a story well told and great characters Full review to posted closer to release date I voluntarily read an ARC of this book which was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    I was lucky enough to get to read an ARC I love this book I love how LH Cosway writes flawed, loveable, and relatable characters This is a stand along book Even though you don t need to I suggest to read the other books because you get other points of view of all the characters that help give them a three dimensional feel This book is about Michaela and James I have been curious about Michaela since we met her in Leanne s book Michaela is the group s personal assistant along with Neil She has developed a crush on James since they got stuck in the elevator, but the problem is James is engaged to Diana Michaela tried to get over James, but things happen that change their lives WHAT You sayMy answer is read the book You will love it I don t want to give of the story away Because LH Cosway is such a good writer, she pulls you in and you never want to leave.

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    I should warn you that you can get severely hydrated while reading Something in the Air Once you start reading it, it won t let you quit Who cares about bathroom break, just follow Afric s lead and make your own adult diaper All that is important is this book and its wonderfully flawed characters.I can t say I fell in love with Michaela and James immediately because that deed had already happened when they were both introduced to us for the first time but their actions and thoughts in this story made me love them .Ah, I wish I could forget I read it, so I can read it again for the first time I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I have been waiting for this story I loved James is what made this book for me His heart and the challenges he faced The pairing was a perfect fit and the chemistry was off the charts Sizzling sexy times.It is fun to see the rest of the gang and I look forward to reading about them.

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    Something in the Air 5 starsEvery time L.H Cosway announces she is releasing another book, I immediately become excited and begin counting down the days until I receive my ARC This release was no different.We ve already met the cast of Running on Air in the first book in the series I enjoyed re entering this world of parquer and getting to see all the members of the show interact once again.PROS 1 Michaela and James were such likeable characters I didn t know much about them from the first book other than James was the father figure and Michaela was quiet and reserved I liked seeing how they interacted with their friends and their families Each characters always has their own quirks and voice, which makes Cosway s book readable and authentic.2 Some of my favorite characters are back in this book It was fun to see Callum and Leanne, and Reya and Trevor Spoiler They are just as goofy and spontaneous as ever I found myself laughing, blushing, and shaking my head as I read about their crazy antics These guys are truly a wonky family.3 There were little clues left that have me wondering who will be featured in Cosway s next book Part of the fun of reading this was trying to decide whose story I want to read next Afric and Neil or Paul and Autumn Fingers crossed Cosway can give these two couples a happy ending 4 The storyline plot was something different We ve all read those tropes where a boy and girl move in together for convenience, fall in love, and get married Well, what happens when the girl moves into the house the boy plans to have renovated for his wait for it fianc e What transpires is drama and quite a few almost kisses Trust me, it s hard to put this book down.5 I liked how Diana was dumped by James I never liked her, so just the fact that he ended it only weeks before the wedding, made me do a little fist pump in the air.CONS 1 I wanted some parquer scenes I feel like there were in the first book, and while I know this isn t a sports book and rather a romance, I think James life really revolves around his job and it would have been nice to see him do stunts This is just a person preference.2 The spark between James and Michaela was a bit too fast for me I think if we had a few flashbacks to their interactions while they were still employee and boss, it would have been realistic.3 The interaction with Michaela and her adopted brother Bennett seemed a bit weird and was resolved too quickly I wasn t sure why Bennett would go looking for Michaela when it was clear he did not like her I thought he would prefer for her to stay far away I also thought the conflict was resolved too quickly Maybe a few flashbacks to when Michaela was younger would have helped Otherwise, I don t think this needed to be included.Note Take my cons with a grain of salt These are just a few picky things that I noted because, ultimately, the book was fantastic I always include cons in my reviews, because no book is perfect.If you re a fan of Cosway or have never read her books before, this is worth the time and money There s just something about a Cosway novel that leaves you feeling content and ready for the next adventure There wasn t so much drama that I wanted to throw my book against the wall and then proceed to bang my head against said wall however, there was enough to keep you wondering what was going to happen next It was easy to cheer for James and Michaela, and I hope you all decide to pick up this novel and dive into the Running on Air world I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Something in the Air by LH Cosway Review OutJan31st ContemporaryRomance My mum used to teach me to look for the people who sat in the background, that sometimes you ll find a gem who isn t brave enough to step into the light Something in the Air is a testament to the profound way that author LH Cosway connects her characters to her readers There is this shared, almost magical, empathic thread running through her words, fusing the thoughts and feelings, trials and tribulations of her protagonists to her readers And for me, it s clearly because her storytelling is utterly vivid, told in technicolour Heartbreaking, uplifting, sensuous, complicated and emotive technicolour She doesn t have to oversaturate the page with big words or long winded speeches from her characters, everything just flows naturally It s enthralling and romantic, sweet and sexy For me this is all simply LH Cosway s signature style when it comes to layering and showcasing her heroes and heroines They are never just one thing, hemmed under one label, they re complex, distinguishable, a maze of emotions and contradictions, quirky behaviour and lovable antics And nothing engages me than when the author is able to peel back those layers and show us a hero and heroine that are truly capable of holding up that mantle Sometimes life decided to cut you with its sharp edges, and you had no other choice but to sit there and bleed Jame was an absolute beauty of a hero In fact, I think it s safe to say he has snatched the crown of being my favourite LH Cosway hero This man is incredible Sincere, loyal, strong, beautiful in every possible way The issues James has to deal with within this story aren t represented much at all in these types of books but LH has managed to bring focus to a very important topic, in fact to a few very important topics, such as grief, anxiety and abuse She delved into it all with amazing sensitivity and realism and still managed to find a perfect balance with adding in humour, oodles of romance and one of the hottest elevator scenes my eyeballs have ever had the pleasure to read Michaela was a godsend of a heroine Because the majority of the book is told from her point of view we really get to understand her character She s adorable Optimistic, hard working, funny, dependable and not as innocent as a Vicar s daughter is often presumed to be, which evened out the scoreboard when it came to how James and Michaela would navigate the nine year age difference These two are soul mates, plain and simple Their actions, their dialogue and interactions had me so captivated that the age gap never once entered my mind Yet another sterling example of a beautiful storyteller, when everything fits seamlessly together Something in the Air is a truly phenomenal contemporary romance If you re looking for a beautifully crafted and executed love story one that manages to entice, excite and enthrall, then look no further than this stunning parkour induced, falling in love adventure.

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    Something in the Air is another wonderful book by L.H Cosway I absolutely adore James and Michaela s story James, engaged to Diana for several years now tries his hardest to brush off his feelings for his PA Michaela Not only is he her boss, but he s also 9 years older After tragedy strikes his family James decides that maybe Diana isn t what he wants or needs Michaela s been hiding her crush on James since the day they met, preferring to be in the background and pretending to be invisible When she moves into his house to oversee renovations, she didn t expect him moving in too Now he s always there and her feelings are getting harder to hide There are several things I love about this book, first is the angst L.H Cosway perfectly captured the feelings that go with having a crush on someone who s unavailable especially when you have to see them every day While it s a darker aspect of the book, the fact that James was the one in the abusive relationship was a great plot point I think is an important issue to talk about abuse occurring in all different forms, no matter who s doing it, or how it s happening, it s wrong I loved that James was so patient and slow to anger while still effectively getting his point across, but not in a demanding alpha way I would like to have seen a little karmic retribution for Bennett, but ultimately am happy with the way Michaela s parents handled the entire situation, I ll have to imagine something terrible happens to him Overall, this is a fantastic book, definitely recommend A huge THANK YOU to L.H Cosway for providing an ARC.

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