The Collected Works of Kahlil Gibran

The Collected Works of Kahlil Gibran Musaicum Books Presents To You This Carefully Created Volume Of The Collected Works Of Kahlil Gibran Books In One Edition With Original Illustrations This Ebook Has Been Designed And Formatted To The Highest Digital Standards And Adjusted For Readability On All DevicesKhalil Gibran Was A Lebanese American Artist, Poet, And Philosopher Regarded As A Literary And Political Rebel, His Romantic Style Was At The Heart Of The Renaissance In Modern Arabic LiteratureTABLE OF CONTENTSPROSE POETRYSpirits RebelliousThe Broken WingsA Tear And A SmileThe Madman His Parables And PoemsThe ForerunnerThe ProphetThe Garden Of The Prophet Sequel The New FrontierSand And FoamJesus The Son Of ManThe Earth Gods The WandererYour Thought And MineHistory And The NationI Believe In YouMy CountrymenAl Nay Or The FluteSatanDead Are My PeopleYou Have Your Lebanon And I Have My LebanonPLAYLazarus And His BelovedSKETCHES AND PAINTINGSINSPIRATIONAL QUOTES

was a Lebanese American artist, poet, and writer Born in the town of Bsharri in modern day Lebanon then part of Ottoman Mount Lebanon , as a young man he emigrated with his family to the United States where he studied art and began his literary career In the Arab world, Gibran is regarded as a literary and political rebel His romantic style was at the heart of a renaissance in modern Arabic literature, especially prose poetry, breaking away from the classical school In Lebanon, he is still celebrated as a literary hero He is chiefly known in the English speaking world for his 1923 book The Prophet, an early example of inspirational fiction including a series of philosophical essays written in poetic English prose The book sold well despite a cool critical reception, gaining popularity in the 1930s and again especially in the 1960s counterculture Gibran is the third best selling poet of all time, behind Shakespeare and Lao Tzu.

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    This is a great collection Inspiring, enlightening, engrossing, touching, the best of Khalil It s a collection of his english works Most of his other works are collected in the Treasury of Khalil Gibran series, which I d recommend, as well I bought this book at special price from here

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    So that s why everyone raves about this guy.

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    THE COLLECTED WORKS GOLDEN OLDIEKahil GibranIn my humble opinion this is one of the greatest prophets and writers of all time He immigrated to the United States as an adolescent, and was part of our culture unlike so many that were years ago.His superb title THE PROPHET is poetry and philosophy for almost any time or place.As is obvious I am in total awe and dependence on his brilliance and immense humanity and understanding of the human condition in a very spiritual, enlightened and passionate man.

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    Mystical, religious, perhaps esoteric, but still an amazing read Khalil Gibran had a real talent for prose, and even so for poetry, and this is coming from somebody not poetically inclined Also contains his art Worth getting just for the harmony of the words as they bounce around in your head.

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