Hearts Insanity (Angel Fire Rock Romance, #1)

Hearts Insanity (Angel Fire Rock Romance, #1) Skye Summers Endured A Tragic Past She Wants What The Past Stole, And Despite Lingering Scars, She S Surviving And Thriving Now She Cures The Sick, Heals The Wounded, And Takes Care Of Those Clinging To Life The Only Person She Can T Heal Is Herself, Because Skye Is Too Broken For LoveAsh Dean Has It All Fame, Fortune, And The Adoration Of Screaming Fans The Constant Parties, Drugs, Alcohol, And An Endless String Of One Night Stands Are Taking Their Toll He Gives And His Fans Take, Until He S Lost Within The Crowd He Wants Someone To See Him For The Man He Wishes To Be Rather Than The One He S BecomeOne Fate Two Lives Three Days That S The Proposition It Would Be Insane To Accept And Skye S A Fool To Agree, But She S Tired Of Playing It SafeIt S Time To Take A Leap Of Faith, Besides What Could Go Wrong

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  • Hearts Insanity (Angel Fire Rock Romance, #1)
  • Ellie Masters
  • 10 April 2018

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    Their lead singer s voice wraps around you in so many layers of sinful goodness Yeah, it was the guitar on the cover that got me I don t know why, but I have a crazy addiction to rocker romance with guitars on the cover, I can t resist them For that reason, this is my first Ellie Masters read I found her by following the guitar, and I m so glad that I did I was expecting a lighthearted, predictable insta love story with a little backstage action, but this was so much Usually, it s the rockstar with all the baggage I ve read my share of broken bad boy stories, and I love them But, while Ash has had his share of problems when faced with too much of everything available to a rocker at the top of his career, he s not out of control when he runs into Skye He might be a little jaded, disillusioned by the fact that nobody seems to be able to see past his stage name, his guitar, and his money He performs in front of thousands, but none of them really see him.Skye has accepted her current status and she s content Maybe not deliriously happy, but content with her chosen career It feels good to save lives and help people When asked what made her want to be a physician she remembers a time in her past when someone needed her help and she didn t know what to do She would later push herself mercilessly through medical school to make sure she was never faced with that excruciating feeling of helplessness ever again The many hours of study required all of her concentration and helped her to keep her mind focused on her future and away from her painful past She liked the nonstop pace of being a busy ER Physician who worked twelve hour shifts and then fell into bed in exhaustion afterward Neither Ash or Skye were looking for each other when they ended up in the same coffee shop one morning Usually, she avoids confrontation, but he just happened to be the lucky recipient of her rare case of angered frustration and she let her snark loose on him and his whole band She schooled them on their manners and showed a side of herself that very few have ever witnessed The fact that she had no clue who they were was obvious and exactly what made her so intriguing to Ash.As the author revealed Skye s story to me gradually, peeling back a layer at a time, I became so invested that you couldn t pry my Kindle out of my hands with a crowbar, or a candy bar I was hooked I was curious to know what happened to her to make her so devastatingly broken and believing she could not be fixed I wanted to see if Ash would be the one to prove her wrong When he came up with his crazy proposition I was fully onboard, supporting his efforts to convince her that he wasn t just after sex, but the bigger prize She d been hurt so badly, damaged so deeply, that it was hard for her to trust But who could resist a sexy rock star who admits that, I ve never been stood up until you Never been denied until shit, this is crazy, but what if I gave my word to keep my junk in my jeans Not me, that s for sure What else can I say I loved this story It broke my heart and put it back together again It had me ChasingWaterfalls It made me fall in love with than just the main characters and I m really hoping there will be future books that feature the other band members and especially one that will give Skye s brother the HEA he deserves Regardless, I ve found a new author to follow Her writing is so smooth I forgot I was reading and just started feeling I ll definitely be looking out for whatever she has for her readers next The line forms here

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    Oh wow This book was crazy awesome I was hooked from the first page I haven t read too many rock star romances, but this one topped the charts I was feeling all kinds of emotions I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book from the author All thoughts and opinions are my own

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    This continuation of Ashes to New show the changes that have happened to both Skye and Forest They have both grown into their adulthood following their dreams Skye has continued on to be the Doctor she had always wanted to be, working in the ER, where she can help the most While Forest continues as a Financial Wizard, creating a financial buffer for them both.Ash is intrigued from the moment Skye puts him and his Band in place, he falls for this unknown woman who has no clue who he really is.This second book in this series continues the lives of Skye and Forest It shows the adults they have come to be, including the broken emotions that have built them In this book Skye finds love in the the most unusual spot How can she love and be loved when she can t even face her past Skye s life will undergo a tremendous change, will she loose what she has found An incredible story about trust and believing in yourself as well as those that mean the most to you.Not an easy story, but so worth the time spent reading Well written, deeply seated in a dark past, wonderful characters that pull at your heart

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    The Author states in the beginning of this book that it is an insta love story, and that s fine for I go into all rock books as fantasy but what I wasn t prepared for was the brutal back story of Skye her foster brother Forest Bean This may cause some triggers and reader beware, the abuse the 2 suffered was enough to destroy anyone.Newly engaged Dr Skye Summer runs away from a heartbreaking scene stopping off on her way to work to her favorite coffee shop, before she makes it into the building she notices 5 guys jumping out of 2 Escalades nearly knocking over 2 elderly ladies on their way into the shop Her dark mood gets worse observing the frat boys antics when the show no manners what so ever and she goes over and gives them a piece of her mind I will admit this was one on my favorite scenes in the book.Ash Dean aka Blaze is the front man for the band Angel Fire and never has had a woman call him out , call out yeah, while between her legs, but not scold him like he s ten He is pissed, intrigued and fascinated at the 5 2 hellcat.I loved Ash he s a romantic at heart and does everything he can to win Skye over Skye I had a problem with She rose above all that happened to her by becoming a dedicated ER Dr to help those in need But, she refuses to get help herself and doesn t allow Ash to fix her Without giving too much away, the situation resolves itself in the epilogue, but if anything was insta in this book, it was that I would have liked to know on the Foundation that Forest and her set up, how it came to be and what happened to the douche bag Tyler

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    This book will rock your world Wow, Ellie Masters just blew my expectations away with this rockstar romance I thought it was going to go one way but it went in the opposite direction, took a few turns, got on the highway and just took off If you think this is going to be like every other rockstar romance book out there, you d be wrong Ellie Masters did an amazing job writing a unique story with characters that just burrow their way into your heart and stay with you long after you ve put the book down The story is about Skye Summers, an emergency room doctor with issues caused by her tragic upbringing in foster care and Ash Dean, the lead singer of the number one rock band in the world, Angel Fire After they meet, Ash believes that it was fate that brought them together and wants than anything to spend some time getting to know Skye before his band gets back out on the road for their tour Skye on the other hand isn t the type of person who does things on a whim but feels there is a connection there But she also thinks that once he learns about her issue that connection will be gone I can t put into words how amazing this book is What I can tell you is that you will fall in love with Skye and Ashes story and in the process become a huge fan of Ellie Masters.

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    Theirs was a story of insanity, but fate had woven their separate strands together Ellie Masters knows how to write a rocker romance As this is my first opportunity to read this author s work I m completely impressed with her ability in crafting this heart touching story A strong plot that may cause certain reader s hearts to shatter Character development is right on the money You will feel their inner turmoil and pain Notes of humor and swooning romance make Hearts Insanity, An Angel Fire Rock Romance the complete 5 STAR package Ash Dean Blaze , a minister s son who swore like a sailor and had an inked dragon on his neck finds himself in a situation where he s just a guy hoping to impress a girl Skye Summers considers herself, broken and messed up ten ways till Sunday However, Ash doesn t see that The connection they share surfaces so quickly it s Insanity When the two of them collided, the world seemed to fall into place Ash soon finds himself looking for the bigger prize Shame and trust issues have Skye looking to place some distance between them Like oil and water, his famous life and her quiet existence did not mix or could it See if Ash and Skye have a chance at a happily ever after

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    I thought I knew where this was headed but I will hold my hands up and admit that I was mistaken.The author took a well walked path and flipped it on its head She gave her characters a storyline that they could definitely get their teeth stuck into and as a reader I have to say that on than one occasion I didn t see the kicks the author added to the story coming.Skye had a childhood that was so painful, so hurtful and so traumatic that I had to take a deep breath while I was reading it, time to actually absorb what she was going through and to accept that this young woman was going to face a lifetime trying to overcome the trauma, Victim of her foster fathers warped and twisted mind, I felt so sad for her, she deserved so much better.I couldn t get my head around how she would ever be able to move on, but I admired the fact that she tried, that she wasn t willing to be defined by her past and was delighted that she was able to forge her own path, to find a man that she was willing to trust and a relationship she was willing to commit too This strong woman could have anyone she wanted but it seemed as if those she wanted didn t feel like they had to treat her with the respect she deserved What other excuse is there for the fact that her brand new fianc thought that he could not only cheat on her but then have the cheek to imply his infidelity was her fault oh ladies I have a whole dictionary of expletives lined up for his sorry a Turning her back on yet another painful chapter in her life, she heads to the one place she knows she is truly appreciated the hospital And it is while she is en route that she encounters someone who will play a major part in her future and this time it is for all the right reasons.Hanging out in the coffee shop with his friends, Ash was blown away when this beautiful woman not only entered the shop but practically blanked him, he was fascinated that she had no idea that who he was, you see he was a major rock star but that means nothing to the Skye.Finding the whole run in at the coffee shop a little strange, Skye couldn t get out of there fast enough but did she leave alone or was there encounter just beginning Silly as it might seem but Ash is sick of the rock star lifestyle, sick of the hangers on and the gold diggers, so the cold shoulder from Skye had his interest piqued As far as he was concerned, he was willing to do anything he had to too get his girl.Ash had the sort of childhood that Skye could have only ever imagined, his parents were wonderful and emotionally he never wanted for anything that is what he wants, he is looking of the woman that will see him for who he is in his soul, not what he has in the bank or the fame that his career foists upon him, he is a man of fairly simple needs and as far as he can see he needs Skye.The romance that evolved between the two of them was beautiful, he was the perfect man for her, she was the focus of all of his time and attention and he was so generous with both that she was always going to find him impossible to resist woohoo A fantastic twist on the traditional and will worn rock star romance, beautifully written this is a very smart read that I really enjoyed.

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    Heart s Insanity an Angel Fire Rock Romance by Ellie MastersAsh SkyeWOW WHAT A RIDE5 STARSThis one is not your typical rocker romance So much is going on So many emotions, so many feels, I can hardly contain myself Ellie did a great job of putting me right there in the thick of it I felt like I was part of this crazy crew.Skye is fucked up, possibly beyond repair She s endured so much heartache and torment at such a young age Now as an adult, and a successful one at that, she s still messed up, but just rolls with the punches and takes what she can get a.k.a Spencer What goes through a girls mind when she picks a guy who treats her like that Who knows She amazed me at every turn of the pages and I loved her unconditionally.Ash isn t your typical rock star, well, maybe he was, but once Skye sees right through his BS he s instantly captivated by her I have to hand it to him He doesn t give up easily and thank God for that Ash stands up to Skye, her brother, and his bandmates for the one Exhilarating to read The supporting character cast is pretty big here Let s see if I can remember all the names The Angel Fire crew is as follows Bent, Bash, Spike, and Noodles I m not sure about Bent at the moment He was kind of a dick There s a shady manger and the security detail which I ended up liking Then there s Spencer, Skye s ex fianc What a controlling asspipe And my personal favorite, Bean Beanpole Skyes BIG brother And when I say BIG brother I mean like 6 8 of a BIG brother He swooned me immediately So, I read it in less than a day It s that good The characters even the shithead ones were very convincing and mesmerizing The dialogue flowed flawlessly and the storyline was impeccable Plenty of tension leading up to the climax that I struggled to put it down I loved it and can t wait to see what comes next.

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    A rock star romance with so many feels.Oh how I love a rock star and Ash Dean fit the bill nicely Ash was everything I love about a music man He was a bad boy with a lot of his hard living behind him, with his guitar never far away I just wanted to hear the music he felt Hear him When Skye Summers takes him and his bandmates to task I knew this was not going to be one his fans capturing his attention Skye was Wow, what can I say about this strong, incredible character She survived a horrific childhood to become a doctor, a healer for others When life kicks her in the butt once again, and Ash presents her with an even bigger challenge, she is ready to deal This time, however, Ash wants to be by her side A minister s son who swore like a sailor and had an inked dragon on his neck, Ash was a clash of contradictions driving her mad And what a trip it turns out to be To call this a whirlwind romance would be an understatement From an etiquette lesson to an impromptu weekend away, their relationship was going from zero to ten to 100 in the blink of an eye And it all felt so natural It didn t feel like insta love or things were moving too fast I guess when you know, you know and I felt that between them So much is packed into the hours and all of it full of revelations, emotion and healing They are both recovering from the toll their paths have taken and despite their support systems they each find a soulmate in the other Hard fought, soul searching and absolutely guaranteed to hit you in the heart Ash was sex and power, all wrapped up in one glorious package, but with that guitar wrapped in his hands, he became a force of beauty With a hole exes, smarmy managers and over protective bros, this was a ride with no quiet moments Skye and Ash are my new it couple And I may have fell just a bit in love with Forest Sigh I hope there will be of Angel Fire and maybe a story for Forest as well Please

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    Skye hasn t had it easy Her and her brother, Bean, are the horror stories of the foster system But even with their past, they could have gone either way and they chose to do good Skye is a well respected emergency room doctor who has just gotten engaged On her way to her shift, she decides to surprise her newly acquired fianc with a quick stop by his home before heading to the hospital, only she was the one who was surprised as he was not alone in his bed As she rushes out the door and to the coffee shop wondering why nothing romantic can work out for her and her past must always haunt her, she sees the strangest thing four guys in t shirts getting out of a SUV in the middle of winter and entering the coffee shop They must be crazy she thought, but they didn t even hold the door for the two older ladies behind them This gets her temper that s already stewing up another degree The coffee shop is packed and when she gets her drink she turns and sees these idiots laying all about and the two older ladies have no where to sit Fire flies through Skye and she gives them a piece of her mind and embarrassed afterwards she flies out the shop and heads to the metro Wouldn t you know it, she s captivated one of the guy s hearts, Ash, and she s left her backpack He runs after her in the frigid weather in only a t shirt trying to return it Then when she doesn t recognize him, which is a breath of fresh air, he s intrigued and insists on walking her to work Skye s apprehensive though, Spencer never treated her like this, but she kinda likes it Ash tells her at the front doors of the hospital that he will see her around because he wants to figure her out That scares her though, no one can truly figure her out The only one that knows her that well is Bean, she s put too many locks on her heart to just let any smile in And if he slips past the locks, he ll surely run, right

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