The Liars Girl

The Liars Girl 3.5 starsThis was an intriguing and entertaining psychological thriller with a suspenseful storyline and interesting characters I enjoyed the layout of the novel which was told in Past and Present timelines The pacing of the story was on the slow side and some parts started to drag, but overall, it kept me intrigued all the way through A big thank you to NetGalley, Blackstone Publishing and Catherine Ryan Howard for an ARC in exchange for an honest review EXCELLENT Truly loved it Liar s Girl is an absolutely fantastic read that I found compelling, intriguing and suspenseful There s nothing to not like about in this book, I found everything perfect from start to finish written by an incredibly talented author whose future books I will most certainly be reading So many books are flooding the market at the moment with over the top marketing hype but this one deserves any it receives, I feel it s by far one of the best psychological thrillers to hit the shelves lately.Freshman Alison Smith soon falls for fellow student Will Hurley after enrolling at St Johns College, Dublin Her world was blooming until her best friend Liz falls victim to the Canal Killer , who turns out to be none other than her boyfriend Will Fleeing to the Netherlands, Alison doesn t look back and spends the next ten years trying to forget Will and the murders However, when a young woman s body is fished out of the canal with similarities to the original canal murders, detectives believe Will can help solve the latest killing Will though will only talk to one person Alison, can she return from the Netherlands to speak to him after all these years and what information could he reveal I particularly enjoyed the way the book was set out in alternating Alison then and Alison now chapters interspersed with chapters from the killer s perspective and finally coming together at the end in a twist I really didn t anticipate There were also a couple of gasp out loud moments and I loved the idea of following the killer now as he she went on their killing spree.I thought Alison was a well developed character and could perfectly understand how she must have felt at such a young age discovering her boyfriend was responsible for the deaths of several women and just wanting to escape the media and the emotions she was feeling So to be back in Dublin and right bang smack in the middle of the murders again, must have been very emotional for her I can t express how much I enjoyed reading this book, Catherine Ryan Howard must surely be onto a winner with Liar s Girl its top notch writing and perfectly paced plot line is everything needed for a successful and entertaining thriller.Thank you to Readers First for my copy of the book.5 plus stars Will Hurley Was An Attractive, Charming, And Impressive Student At Dublin S Elite St John S College And Ireland S Most Prolific Serial Killer Having Stalked His Four Young Victims, He Drowned Them In The Muddy Waters Of The Grand Canal Sentenced To Life Imprisonment When He Was Just Nineteen, Will Is Locked Away In The City S Central Psychiatric HospitalFreshman Alison Smith Moved To The Big Smoke To Enrol In St John S And Soon Fell Hard For Will Hurley Her World Bloomed And Then Imploded When Liz, Her Best Friend, Became The Latest Victim Of The Canal Killer And The Canal Killer Turned Out To Be The Boy Who D Been Sleeping In Her Bed Alison Fled To The Netherlands And, In Ten Years, Has Never Once Looked BackWhen A Young Woman S Body Is Found In The Grand Canal, Garda Detectives Visit Will To See If He Can Assist Them In Solving What Looks Like A Copycat Killing Instead, Will Tells Them He Has Something New To Confess But There S Only One Person He S Prepared To Confess It To The Last Thing Alison Wants Is To Be Pulled Back Into The Past She S Worked So Hard To Leave Behind Reluctantly, She Returns To The City She Hasn T Set Foot In For Than A Decade To Face The Man Who Murdered The Woman She Was Supposed To BecomeOnly To Discover That, Until Now, Will Has Left Out The Worst Part Of All This book exists And that is fucking it Okay Here s the blurb of this book When a young woman s body is found in the Grand Canal, Garda detectives visit convicted serial killer Will Hurley to see if he can assist them in solving what looks like a copycat killing Instead, Will tells them he has something new to confess but there s only one person he s prepared to confess it to Reluctantly, ex girlfriend Alison returns to the city she hasn t set foot in for than a decade to face the man who murdered the woman she was supposed to become. Sounds psychological, right Sounds vaguely like Silence of the Lambs, hm Sounds like an interesting character exploration right Well no This is completely plot driven with barely any character interest And unfortunately, the plot is just not twisty enough to hold up lacking character developments.I really wow, that, sums up half my thoughts on this mediocre ass book Okay Our lead protagonist is by no means a bad character I think in a book with some fucking awesome twists, I would ve considered her a fairly solid narrator she s realistically traumatized but not overusing alcohol constantly in that tropey unreliable narrator way I also think that the handling of our lead s trauma, especially surrounding romance, is pretty half assed There s a very thrown in romance A half assed mention of the lead protagonist s parent trouble is quickly forgotten and ignored so the lead can forgive her mom in the last chapter.Okay, listen, here s the big problem this book has zero twists There is technically a red herring I guess And technically one of those last chapter fakeout twists we all know is coming, although this one isn t at all impactful to the actual story But even when we discover who the real killer is, the character is so far removed from the narrative not even being a side character in the book that the main reveal just doesn t feel shocking The only thing I actually enjoyed about this whole book was one singular scene towards the end that I found incredibly thrilling It lasts three pages Aside from that, I found this book bland and disappointing after such a great concept.Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube 4 clever, intriguing stars to The Liar s Girl The Liar s Girl has an original premise Will Hurley is a serial killer who has been placed in a psychiatric hospital instead of a prison One of his victims was his college girlfriend s best friend A copycat murder occurs ten years later, while he s in the hospital, and Will will only tell what he knows to that ex I found The Liar s Girl addictive, engaging, and slowly building No huge twists were thrown at me, but it managed to hold my interest throughout The book is centered around its characters than a quickly moving plot, and I liked that Allison is a character to love, and Will is as creepy as they come Cutting myself off here because I don t want to spill any beans If you like your suspense with well developed characters and a slower burn, The Liar s Girl is just that Thank you to Catherine Ryan Howard, Blackstone Publishing, and Edelweiss for the complimentary copy. Allison hadn t been back to Dublin ever since her best friend was killed and her boyfriend convicted of her murder and others The press called him the canal killer, and all the girls had been students at St Johns, where Allison and Will were young students in love Now though, girls from the school are one again being murdered and the Garda contacts Allison, bringing her back to Dublin, asking her to talk to Will, and see if he has any information to share.A slow moving storyline, but that was not what kept me from rating this higher I just never really felt the connection between Will and Allison, neither in the back story nor the present The emotion in both timelines for me was lacking, which kept me from becoming invested in the story Something just seemed off, don t know how else to explain my reaction So for me, this was just okay ARC from Edelweiss. This book begins slowly, but stick around Slow building but gripping with a little bit of a creep factor, it leaves you guessing the entire read I was expecting to be surprised by the ending, but had some theories I was wrong I love being wrong The story shifts from the past to the present the present Alison is a woman who has tried her best to leave her past behind She moved to the Netherlands from Ireland ten years ago, desperate to escape public scrutiny and judgement She never really did anything wrong, but when you re the ex of a serial killer people talk Ten years ago, she was just a young woman in love with a charming, handsome guy She had no idea she was in love with a murderer Ten years later, it s beginning again Young ladies are being stalked and drowned in the Grand Canal Yet the Canal Killer, Will Hurley, has been locked up for the last decade The similarities to the crimes cannot be ignored, and it isn t long before the authorities go to speak to Will Clearly he hasn t been escaping during the night and committing these terrible crimes himself, but does he know who is A former accomplice, an admirer He refuses to speak to them, demanding to see his old love Ali is the only one he ll talk to, and he insists he has a lot to say Ali reluctantly agrees to go back, but is understandably not thrilled at the prospect of dredging up the past and seeing her first and only love again Does Will have information that can save some of the girls, or is he just toying with her and using the only card he has left I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley and Blackstone Publishing, thank you My review is honest and unbiased. I give this book 4 out of 5 Thrilling Stars I really liked this book and thought it had major potential to be a 5 star in my opinion The issue I had with this book it felt like it was really slow in the beginning and felt like it took forever to get to the thrilling stuff and meat of the story.Once we get through atleast the first 60 pages or so it was quite suspenseful and thrilling The plot was great and the characterisation was good as well I also liked how unique the twists and turns of this story was.There was a lot of page turning moments and know that this story will capture a large amount of readers attention Man did some of it make me cringe I just think with the beginning it set me off a tad but definitely a book that I would recommend to people who love thrillers because it ended up being really good and surprising Overall, I liked this story and am glad I read it because it had me keeping the lights on and had me cringing at some points with the intensity The Liar s Girl was my introduction to Catherine Ryan Howard The description of this novel really had me intrigued.Alison Smith was a student at St John s when she met Will Hurley They had been dating for nine months and she was very happy with him.until the day he was arrested for killing four women One of them was Alison s best friend, Liz.Alison left Ireland right after Will was arrested, and hasn t been back since She put that time in her life out of her mind So she s completely surprised when she opens her door to see two detectives from Dublin standing on her doorstep Alison recognizes one of the detectives right away She quickly realizes that there is only one reason Irish detectives would be at her door.WillShe asks them why they are there They ask her if she s seen the news and she tells them she hasn t We found a body, Shaw said in the Grand Canal Nineteen year old girl A student at St John s Apparently, Will says he has information that could help them but he won t tell them what the information is Alison is baffled Why would he say he has information but not tell the police What I meant was, Malone said He wouldn t tell us It takes her a moment to figure out what they are asking Will has told them that he will only talk to Alison At first, Alison refuses We ll get you in and out before anyone even knows you re in Dublin Alison wakes the next morningback in Dublin She can t believe that she agreed to this But she tells herself it s the right thing to do She just needs to sit down and listen to what Will says Before she knows it she s standing outside the door to the room Will is inside All of a sudden she wants to hit the brakes But the door opens, there he is.Will The man sitting in front of me was Will, but he wasn t the boy I d loved No That boy had died the day Will confessed, if he d ever existed The problem was that the man sitting in front of me looked and acted and sounded just like that boy s ghost Alison doesn t really understand what Will wants from her, what he wants to tell her But what he says next is something that Alison was definitely NOT expecting..I really enjoyed this novel I liked the short chapters and I thought everything unfolded at a good pace The majority of the story is told from Alison s perspective We learn about her complicated friendship with Liz and her relationship with Will Although the story deals with violent crimes, I appreciated that the author kept things from being overly descriptive It flowed well, and I had no problems following along The last few chapters were especially intense I was shocked but I loved how everything played out.Overall, I found this to be an engaging and interesting read that held my attention from start to finish Though this was my first read from Catherine Ryan Howard, it definitely won t be my last.Many thanks to Blackstone Publishing for providing an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. I was so pleased to be given the opportunity to read this advanced arc by Catherine Ryan Howard I heard raving reviews about Catherine s debut novel so I was excited to be able to experience this author The Liar s girl is a slow building psychological thriller that grabs you by your feet and keeps you running The premise of this novel is what any mystery suspense fan LIVES for Allison is a freshman at Dublin University where she meets her handsome and charming boyfriend Will Hurley Will confesses to killing 5 women and is known as the Canal Killer One of the 5 women that is killed is Allison and Will s friend Liz How could Allison s charming and sweet lover kill her best friend Allison s world is turned literally upside down she escapes her past as her boyfriend Will is imprisoned for life in the city s Central Psychiatric Hospital.Of course our past always comes back to haunt us 10 years later a woman s body is found in the Canal River but Will is in a psychiatric hospital The Garda ask for Will s help but Will has a secret to confess Will is longing to only see Allison and will only tell his secret to her Will Allison be willing to come face to face with her awful past again and dig up those awful memories Maybe there truly IS a darker secret of what happened to Liz and Will all those years ago Overall, I would give this a 3 star This was a little slow for my taste for a psychological thriller I loved how Catherine had such a unique and different storyline then we are used to seeing in typical psychological thrillers I loved the multiple perspective approach in this novel from Allison s past to present The only issues I have with this novel are that it just didn t have the twists turns that I long for as a reader I was a little bummed out when the premise of the secret killer was revealed I was a little confused as to how it actually fit into the storyline I was expecting everything to come connecting together and to me it just didn t fit like a puzzle Also, the ending I felt just came to an abrupt stop Yes, there was some tiny twists towards the end but not enough for me to be extremely impressed.With that being said, I definitely will be checking out from Catherine Howard Thank you to Netgalley and Blackstone Publishing for giving me the opportunity to explore this wonderful author and advanced arc.Expected publication date is 2 27 18.

Catherine Ryan Howard was born in Cork, Ireland, in 1982 Prior to writing full time, Catherine worked as a campsite courier in France and a front desk agent in Walt Disney World, Florida, and most recently was a social media marketer for a major publisher She is currently studying for a BA in English at Trinity College Dublin.

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