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Cris Beam is a journalist who has written for several national magazines as well as for public radio She has an MFA in nonfiction from Columbia University and teaches creative writing at Columbia and the New School She lives in New York.

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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • I Feel You
  • Cris Beam
  • English
  • 15 September 2019
  • 9780544558168

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    Beam is good at connecting dots between how various communities think about empathy We see psychological, neurological, and sociological explorations of empathy There are a lot of helpful anecdotes mixed in with the occasional unhelpful anecdote It s a helpful introduction to empathy Religion wasn t touched on at all which I didn t love, and I feel like there could have been of an exploration of how American society could develop empathy across political, racial, and class lines Good but not great.

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    If I m being completely honest, if I picked up and read this book under a different title, I d have rated it much higher I spent a huge portion of the book looking between the page and the cover, feeling exasperated That seems unfair after all, this book has some incredibly important and nuanced things to say about empathy The author dives into detailed exploration of reconciliation programs and empathy centered programs, showing their strengths and perhaps even their limitations.Much of what I deeply want to believe about the power of empathy and compassion was undermined by what I read in this book I left it feeling depressed and even hopeless about humanity and the world Maybe it was a great reality check on my idealism, but the promise of the title was definitely not kept This book did NOT show me the surprising power of extreme empathy but rather the complicated, messy, and often discouraging truth of it.

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    This book is an interesting read for anyone who wants to understand different viewpoints of empathy, the latest research and current projects exploring empathy in a variety of settings The concepts presented encouraged me to take a step back and consider the different roles empathy can and should play, and how it can also be so easily misunderstood Although the book is about empathy, it made me think harder about the roles of connection and compassion and how challenging it can sometimes be to look at someone and truly see them while honoring their story, their choices, and their identity without judgment I was heartened to read about the various projects that promote empathy and necessary community resources, and I appreciated the author s premise that empathy is a moral art, rather than a skill we cultivate through practice.I received an e copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    I read this whole book, and I m still not sure just what I read Empathy is an interesting subject The ability to see things from other people s perspective allows you to see them as the complex human beings that they are, and helps make it easier to work together This really should have been an interesting book, but instead it was the kind that I had to force myself to keep plowing through, kind of like workouts If I do my leg strength routine read a chapter in the empathy book, then I will allow myself a half hour of judgment free Internet browsing There are a couple chapters on the science of empathy and mirror neurons, which washed right over me because science is boring Then there were chapters on empathy being taught in schools, people without empathy, empathy as performance art, and empathy in rebuilding a damaged national history Sprinkled throughout the book are tedious and repetitive mentions of the author s experiences as a sexual minority and of her involvement with the trans community.In my opinion, the best place to learn empathy is from reading great novels Novels taught me about human nature and putting myself in the place of others than books like this ever could have.

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    I thought I knew what empathy is but this book made me realize that my definition was somewhat glib and made me think deeper.Cris Beam examines different understandings of what it means to be empathic is it a skill, something to be coveted and calculated, or an ethic practiced out of instinct and for some moral good in the three sections of the book Part 1, Understanding , breaks down the ways we understand empathy as a concept and use it to understand each other Part 2, Justice , examines the getting along good citizen aspect Part 3, Forgiveness , was for me the most interesting and probably the hardest to understand on a practical level, covering as it did the recent parole in South Africa of a man who had originally been sentenced to 2 life sentences plus 212 years for crimes against humanity.

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    I found this book to be very worthwhile and struck me at once as just what the world needs of today Empathy for me is when I can go beyond myself without judgement as I try to see a person from their own perspective It is active listening to another s thoughts, understanding their viewpoints It is compassion for another, and a compelling challenge at times The author has done extensive research and her approach defines many meanings, many theories One striking deficit of empathy is how it has been weaponized following the last election We have seen hate crimes rise Her basic definition is that empathy is not a skill but a moral art, which can be refined and improved There is so much to this book, to be absorbed I appreciated the personal elements that the author has included about her own life I enjoyed reading this book.

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    Really interesting, especially for those of us that have a rather overdeveloped sense of empathy This book is written in such an interesting way both technical and anecdotal and reader friendly It s nice to know that there is scientific work being done on empathy so often people are dismissive and in this horrible time in the world, I feel like empathy might be our only chance to save humanity With the messages of division and bigotry and otherness that are being hyped every single day, it is comforting to know that I am not the only one that gets that if we continue to live in a me, me, me society, we are going to blow up sooner, rather than later Highly recommend.

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    Everyone needs a self help book once in a great while and I received this book as an advanced readers copy for our New Year New YOU display we are creating This book colorfully describes the power of empathy and its effects on not only other people s lives but our own Everyone deserves to be happy and to live the best life possible but sometimes true happiness comes when you go out and help others and this book clearly clarifies what it means to be empathetic to help other people and importantly feel great about yourself A wonderful read that deserves 5 stars

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    I nearly put down this book midway through It did not match what I expected a typical self help volume about how to develop empathy and how that development will help the world Instead, Cris Beam has created an open, raw exploration of both the scientific and the personal ramifications of developing empathy Read to the end Prepare to be pushed, for that is how we develop the capacity for empathy by truly listening to the experiences of others who are different than us.

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    This was an excellent study on empathy I found it best to read as a school textbook, taking notes as I went along Chris Beam, the author, delves into the origin, definition and practice of empathy in the past and the present She does an excellent job of showing the wonderful results of empathy, whether practiced one on one, or in public scenarios such as courts of law When hearts and minds are engaged empathy has a surprising power.

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