Because of Him

Because of Him This review will be as spoiler free as I can possibly make it As soon as I started this I found it hard to put down, it was inhaled in record time Such a unique, different, suspenseful twisty turny, unputdownable read that had me racing through the pages trying to reach the end I ve only read one other by this author which I really enjoyed so I knew I d fall in love with this story also and she didn t disappoint I highly recommend this BECAUSE OF HIM Is a standalone contemporary romance novel from USA Bestselling Author, Terri E Laine In this we meet Tade Reagan Being a cover hoe the eye candy kind of made me request this, and I m so glad what was within held it s own As the author mentioned this flits from past to present effortlesslyPast and present intertwine with light and dark to tell a story Because of HimIn the beginning we re pulled into the darkness of the story but to fully understand it we re then pulled back into full light when we re thrown into the present Tade was an enigma there was so much to him than met the eye, even his close friends didn t know the real Tade or his story Like an onion he has so many layers to him that we uncover as the story progressed You are going to LOVE Tade He had a five year plan and in that plan there was no girlfriend Until Her One look at her and he was a goner One look at her and he had to claim herBecause of you, I learned to love and not fear.Because of you, I can be loved and not be tormented Because of you I feel like a woman and not a victim.Because of HIM, my life wasn t emptyReagan was also a mystery, a past that was shrouded in darkness, mistrust, fear, home schooled and watched over protectively by an overbearing mother that didn t allow her to breath or blossom into her own, but for very good reason Until Tade Because of him, he brought light into her darkness and allowed her to breathe These two though from different walks of life, were just perfect for each other She also didn t have plans for a boyfriend, one look upon his beautiful face, with the dare devil smirk and she didn t want anything to do with himGuys that looked like him were dangerous to the heart He was a temptation I didn t needTeasers used are off the Authors Facebook page HOLY BATMAN This book was the bomb I can t believe that I haven t read this sooner This is what happens when your TBR list is so long UGH I loved this one It s filled with so much angst and mystery Don t even get me started on their chemistry I mean OH.MY.GOD Loved it A must read I went into this just knowing that it was good and kept your attention Obviously I was in love with the model on the cover I ve loved past books by this author and one of my all time reads she cowrote with another author So yeah, I m gonna read it And I am so glad I did I m going to be vague in my review to ensure I don t give much away on the story line But here s the thing,Tade Astor is one of those men that seem to have all woman gravitate towards him He s beautiful, gorgeous, cocky, yeah basically dripping male beauty He doesn t do relationships, he wants a clear record, so he keeps to himself with a frequent quicky here and there When he notices Reagan Winters, he raises his red flag He s ready to surrender and give in to anything she wants The thing is, Raegan doesn t want anything to do with a male Nope She s beautiful, she s quiet, she s very to herself She is determined to get her education, her degree, and live her life She doesn t believe in love and she doesn t believe in a happily ever after I had my guesses as to what was going on throughout this story, so the ending wasn t a huge shock to me, but the way this story is told is so good This author sucks you in, little by little laying out new details, and then boom Beautifully done is all I ll say Loved it Would love to get Megan and or Gavin s story 4.5 captivating stars What a brilliant story, they storyline was unique and interesting.I was hooked from the beginning and I couldn t put it down.I was mesmerized by Reagan and Tade s story.Both Tade and Reagan s characters were well developed.Trade is charming,sweet,protective and sexy.Reagan isn t easy with him, she tries to stay away but she can t.I loved her strength and she is also sweet.This is a light read but also in some parts dark.If you are looking for something different then try this one, believe me you will not be disappointed. A New Standalone Contemporary Romance Novel From USA Bestselling Author, Terri E LainePast And Present Intertwine With Light And Dark To Tell A Story Because Of Him Something Inside Me Fiercely Craves NormalSheltered All My Life And Taught To Be Afraid, I Want To Be Bold, Fearless Up Until Now I Ve Kept Myself And My Heart SafeTade Astor, A Guy So Hot He Steals My Breath Away, Jeopardizes It AllHe Isn T The Kind Of Guy To Give Up On What He Wants MeHe S Determined To Prove My Safe World Is Missing Something HimEven Though He May Not Be The Cocky Guy I Assumed Him To BeHe S Definitely Not The Guy I Should Give My Heart ToBut Each Time I See Him, He Becomes Harder To ResistI Want To Be Brave And Give Him A Chance Though It Might Come Back To Haunt Me At The Heart Of Because Of Him Is A Love Story But Due To Certain Sensitive Topics, It Might Not Be Suitable For All Readers Stopped 33%I wish I were warned about what exact certain sensitive topics made the huge part of this story.Not in the mood for it now.Maybe I ll finish it someday. Five Brilliant Stars Wow This story was tantalizing from start to finish This is no ordinary love between two people The Author goes way beyond what you d expect I was jaw opening, heart melting and jumping for joy The story takes you into some dark moments and makes you angry And then has you sighing with relief The ending was mind blowing If your a fan of Pepper Winters writing you will definitely enjoy this dark tale Beware if you have triggers of kidnapping and human trafficking this story takes you there But you do get a HEA. So I met this author at Shameless BookCon in Orlando today and explained that I hadn t read this book yet but told her it was absolutely one of my favorite book covers I don t usually comment too much on them but something about this cover just captivated me Anywho I m not sure why I waited so long to read this one It was really well written with great characters There were twists and turns with suspense thrown in and just the right amount of angst IMO I adored Tade He was a bit of a cocky ass in the beginning Then he met Reagan and slowly begins to grow into the man she needs This has a couple of good secondary characters that I m assuming the next book will be about This one is wrapped up with an amazing epilogue This will definitely not be my last read by this author. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 5 I can t handle my emotions right now Stars MY FREAKING MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS WHAT HOW I MEAN I CAN T I just can t deal with my emotions In all the things that are holy, this book blew it out of the water I was so consumed in this story and in these characters I couldn t put my kindle down There was so many twists and turns that I had no idea what was going to happen next I was at the edge of my seat, clutching anything and everything in my grasp The adrenaline I felt was all consuming My heart went through so many emotions I m surprised it s still intact You ll probably look at the cover and think oh, a hot guy, I know how this will pan out But I m telling you, there is so much than meets the eye There is so much to be said, but it d be spoilers OVERLOAD if I said anything Please, please, please avoid spoilers This book should be experienced in its entirety Just take my word for it, you want to go into this book as blind as possible Reagan and Tade, the two main characters pulled at my heartstrings These two were electric Tade was so much than what people thought he was He has so many layers to him He was absolutely everything, a complete and utter dream I couldn t get enough of him or his amazing heart Because of Him utterly captivated me The story flowed seamlessly The characters were so well developed My breath was stolen and my emotions were knocked senseless It was such a riveting story, and I couldn t get enough Terri, you did an exceptional job I can t wait to read your future books I hope Megan and Gavin get their own book Oh please, I NEED to know about them Perfectly executed From beginning to end, the character development, flow of story, and secretive twists are so captivating, you won t want to put the book down.

[Epub] ➟ Because of Him  ➠ Terri E. Laine –
  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • Because of Him
  • Terri E. Laine
  • English
  • 14 December 2018
  • 9781974517350

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