Kill For You (Catastrophe #2)

Kill For You (Catastrophe #2) A Virus Swept The Globe Killing Almost All Of Humanity And Crushing Civilization To The Ground, Leaving Trevor Mason In The Enviable Position Of Being Able To Strut Out Of His Wide Open Death Row Cell, A Free Man Now He S Trying To Find Redemption By Helping To Rebuild A Ruined And Empty World Rebel Case Was A Box Office Phenomenon, But After The Apocalypse She S Just A Survivor Like Anyone Else When Passion Explodes Between Her And A Tattooed, Sexy As Hell Bad Boy Who Says He Wants Forever, Will Rebel Risk Her Future, Her Safety, On A Man With An Inexcusable Past But Can An Ex Con Really Leave His Past Behind, When It Refuses To Stay Gone And How Far Will Trevor Go To Keep His Woman Safe Warning This Book Contains Spanking And Voyeurism Love, In A Hopeless Place And Laughter Despite The Pain And As Usual, Bad Language And Violence Than Are Strictly Necessary

Michele Mills lives in California and leads a life of quiet, G rated desperation with her husband and two sons In an attempt at a fulfilling, R rated inner life that does not include Disney movies and Nickelodeon Michele reads and writes filthy romance and, wellfilthy romance And she wouldn t have it any other way What s next The Virgin Warrior Bundle Alien Bounty Hunter Books 1 3 with a

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  • Kill For You (Catastrophe #2)
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  • 07 August 2019

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    I got an ARC in return for an honest review.I requested this book because I had high hopes There were so many places this book could have gone because the world was over, there were no rules I thankfully didn t look at the cover The lead male was described as pretty much a sexy white supremacist, but the cover has him as a hipster Conflicting views to me One of his main physical features are his white supremacy tattoos, but they are no where on the model on the cover which feels like an oversight If I would have known the main love interest was literally in the Aryan Brotherhood, I wouldn t have grabbed the book I don t see how that was missed in the description, that is a huge plot point like the entire book could not exist without it.The main female lead was clearly out of her element which I found brilliant She was doing what she had to do to survive That was ruined in the first twenty pages It became clear that the only reason that Rebel existed was to be used by men She had no real plot except to be claimed by Trevor but they couldn t have sex yet because she had been raped three months before, but it was perfectly ok to give him complete access to her body anyway , claimed by kidnappers, and again claimed without consent by Trevor It is a huge issue with me that condoms were not used without consent In the first scene really well written, I started to get into the book , Trevor actually uses a condom Then in the next, he goes to town without one He admits later he was purposely trying to get her pregnant so she would be his Gag I am done If the story didn t have amazing sex scenes, this would be a one star It was still almost a one star because of the kidnapping plot To see reviews, check out

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    Trevor is a badass Rebel is his match made in heaven I really adored the two of them together I also liked how Trevor completely turned his life around to be someone better than he was before I think there are a lot of people who wish they could have an opportunity like Trevor had to start over and try and make things right for himself He s not perfect, but he s trying, and that says a lot in my book I enjoyed this much than book one, although Rachel is still around screwing up the works for others Overall, a solid 3.5 star read

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    DNF at 47%

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    Not my cup of tea.I love apocalyptic fiction, so I figured this book would be right up my alley I struggled to finish the book because I didn t think Trevor was a good match for Rebel He s self serving in his secretiveness, objectively understands that Rebel would leave him if she knew the truth, and outright lies to her about his past when asked It irks me when male heroes remove the heroine s agency when they think they re doing what s best for them This was so much worse because Trevor knew he was doing what was best for him, and not Rebel He also spends a goodly portion of the book trying to manipulate Rebel into doing what he wants, again for his own interests.I also couldn t bear Rachel Maybe I d like her if I had read the first book, but she was such a damsel and every time she horned in on the story she just made things worse.The writing was superb, no complaints in that category I just had such a negative reaction to Trevor and what I considered an unhealthy relationship that I couldn t enjoy it.

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    I really wanted to like this book and was gutted to have to give it such a low score I have read the first book and that was pretty good for a romance story plopped in the middle of an apocalypse because I liked the characters and the story line was OK Book 2 however was not good, it starts with Rebel letting Trevor who she has literally just met cop a feel and when she has no idea if he is going to kill her or worse and she doesn t even know his name I couldn t finish this book as Rebel and Trevor annoyed me so much, I will have a go at reading it another time and update my review if that happens.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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    I liked the first book but this one is no Desperate people.

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    It s The End Of The World As We Know ItARC received for an honest review.Trevor , the ultimate bad boy , walks out of his cell on death row when the known world ends from the Ebola virus Billions die, few are left, it seems only healthy young adults and a few children still live Trevor vows its day one for him, he is starting over, he will be the good man he wants to be The past is past Done Over.Trevor finds a farm in California where the small group of people there welcome him He s quite a sight He s tall, blindingly handsome and blonde, with an upper body filled with tattoos and huge, hard muscles He wants a woman of his own and the few women on the self sufficient farm are already in relationships.The farm broadcasts over the radio each night, hoping to reach other survivors Hoping survivors will come to live at the farm, hoping they will form a new community.Rebel Case hears the broadcast She s a former movie star Everyone is a former something, nothing is the same any They are survivalists now.Somehow Rebel contacts the farm, and they send Trevor to help her arrive safely There are gangs, there are wild animals now There are men that live like animals Rebel knows, she was raped by two of them and is pregnant Always the dead, decaying bodies everywhere, the vehicles blocking the roads She just wants safety When she sees Trevor, she realizes there is still some hope, because she wants him, she wants his lust, she lusts for him Deep down inside, he is everything she has ever wanted She wants his hard, tatted , sexy, body FOREVER.Ride em Bareback , Cowgirl Overall, the book is very good and interesting, combining erotic romance with dystopian sci fi I had some problems with Rebel s character, because she was worried her child wouldn t be accepted by Trevor and the others I found this attitude didn t fit with the all for one, one for all, nature of the book The author additionally attempted to create problems and tension between the characters about a threesome that Trevor had participated in before he met Rebel SO WHAT These things seemed so trivial and weren t needed in the story.

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    I m voluntarily reviewing an ARC of this book, and the opinion expressed is strictly mine I read Michelle Mills novel, Die for You, several months back, and was blown away I just read Kill For You, Mills second novel in her post apocalyptic Catastrophe series, and was blown away again Trevor, the ex con and former third in the triad from book one, shares the spotlight with Rebel Case, mega movie star and fellow Ebola plague survivor, but this is so much than a romance The meat of the story is the existential dilemma both Rebel and Trevor must learn to resolve When the world ends, and everything you had or did is gone forever, who are you For one, the dead past is a relief and survival is a heaven sent fresh start For the other, past glory is gone and survival is pure loss and grief For both, it is time to move forward and build from the ruins whatever kind of life that they can Rivetingly good writing and flawlessly authentic characters drive the story The romance is sweet, the sex is hot, and the trials of true love are hard on them both There are moments of pristine joy, little glimpses at the unexpected blessings of this new life, while the lurking danger and derring do make for a suspenseful and stupendous finale New characters join the mix at the survivor s farm, and there s plenty of potential to speculate on for the next book Author Mills makes a gutsy call and resists the obvious happy ever after on the commune ending in favor of a HFN that feels true to the post Catastrophe brave new world I like her vision, I like her style, and I m eagerly anticipating book three.

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    I m still loving the abandoned cities and post apocalyptic vibe we have here Our small group of survivors is slowly growing into something that can defend the place they ve claimed and that s a good thing considering all the crazy stuff they have to deal with.Well, wait Let me back up The group MIGHT be growing If, you know, the new people showing up decide to stick around Which is something Rebel isn t committed to, when we first meet her She s wary and tense and her attraction to Trevor throws her off balance even While she s all for meeting Trevor s group and learning from them, she has no intention of sticking around long term For reasons REASONS.That said, she does throw herself into a physical relationship with Trevor pretty whole heartedly She just has it in her head that there s an end date on it.Meanwhile, Trevor is ready to follow Rebel to the ends of the earth He doesn t go about winning her trust in the best way lies, man they never help anyone , but he s 100% ready to be her dude in this post apocalyptic craziness.There s some nice set up for the next book OR BOOKS YES I WOULD READ MULTIPLE BOOKS and enough danger floating around to keep all our survivors on their toes I liked Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book First time reading a book from this author and although I enjoyed reading the book, there could be a lot things added to make me live the book Post apocalyptic book with only a few survivors and the main thing some of them worry about is not having enough women to be with Trevor and Rebel were explosive but meeting each other for the first time and letting a guy give you an orgasm just because you desperately need it seems a bit odd The story could have been a lot stronger and with lots of content so that readers will be at the edge of their seat reading it.

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