Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King

Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen KingFrom Dust Jacket Flap A Fascinating Look At The Life Of The Author Who Created Such Modern Classics As Carrie, IT, And The Shining One Of The Most Prolific And Popular Authors In The World, Stephen King Has Become Part Of Pop Culture History But Who Is The Man Behind Those Tales Of Horror, Grief, And The Supernatural Where Do These Ideas Come From And What Drives Him To Keep Writing At A Breakneck Pace After A Thirty Year Career In This Unauthorized Biography, Lisa Rogak Reveals The Troubled Background And Lifelong Fears That Inspire One Of The Twentieth Century S Most Influential Authors Nice book, with some additional information, but his own book On Writing is better. I agree with reviewer Mike Martin the prose strictly pedestrian here but she certainly used lots of sources and notes so ultimately a very informative bio Steve chugging Nyquil and doing coke is not a pretty image of his early years, despite him writing prolifically and well Steve definitely comes off as down to earth the only drama in the book occurred in the recounting of his serious 1999 accident I know about Steve now so thanks The time line at the end is helpful as the author does jump around a bit at times. With Google, and a bit of cut and paste plus a few months free to research I could have written this A chronological re hash of King s life and writing, there was hardly an original thought or notion on display I bought this because of a good review in The Sunday Times Did they even read it This should have been straight to paperback and then bought in Just Books for 99p no doubt that s where I ll see it next. I love this book that talks about Stephen King s life and his work as an adult I usually don t read autobiographies but I love his books so I thought I d try it out Glad I did. 4,5 There have probably been as many biographies about Stephen King on the market as there are Stephen King books on the market, which is to say about twenty too many Most of these exercises come off as attempts to cash in on the author s name with an overly engrossed fan base, and for those of you who ve tried your hand at one of these, this one won t bowl you over either.Serial biographer Lisa Rogak has done the legwork that any dedicated fan has done, and conversely turns in an effort that any fan could have written No one should be overly offended by this it s a great first book for, say, a new fan And, not to put too fine a point on it, Rogak is a professional biographer She isn t dedicated to her subjects and there have been many she merely stomps through whatever can be had about them handily, then turns in her homework You can see this shark attack approach in this book with lazy, repeated refrains from chapter to chapter and in the occasional gaff in her timelines When she relates her investigative process in the introduction p 6 this becomes glaringly obvious She is a hack, but she is a moderately good hack.Longtime fans of King will find nothing new here, as much of the meat has been culled from previously released interviews, books and assorted sources There are some new tidbits from recent interviews of his peers and friends, but it all still comes off a little facile to people who have been following him for than a few books.King s oeuvre expands with such frequency that a person could release a new biography of the man every couple of years to keep up At the same time, one could find the best biography out there and just tack new endings on in subsequent years to keep it new and improved and we d have as much as we do here Until the man writes his own life story and I think the first half of On Writing is about as close as he s apt to get we will simply never get any new information, which makes this book just another edition in the King biographical serialization exercise.If you know nothing about King and you like whatever you may have read or seen from him, this book will be compelling to you, and it reads quick enough the last fifty pages out of 310 are notes, index and bibliographyagain, the author is a strong, well rehearsed investigator If you ve been following him for some time you probably already know this stuff. I enjoyed reading about a sucessful author and what it took for him to apply himself in his writing He may be a strange man, but underneath his phobias he has very basic, true values, such as monogamy, supporting his family as a teacher even though he really wanted to be paid for writing, thrift, hard work and perseverence, dedication to his craft, always bettering himself through continual learning, humility, ect Of course he had some really bad habits, too, like drug and alcohol abuse. While I didn t find this book particularly original or informative, I did enjoy reading things I already knew about King and a few tidbits that were new to me An unexceptional biography but entertaining nonetheless, and this would be great for someone who may not know much about King s background or attitude. This was a basic Steven King biography Nothing in depth or overly shocking It has some interesting information about his charitable activities but slides to the paparazzi side of life I found it odd that a book published in 2008, with numerous notes about King s love of the Red Sox failed to mention his book about the 2004 season Anyhow, this book is not one of those you can t miss, but it also isn t one you ll knock yourself for reading.

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King
  • Lisa Rogak
  • English
  • 13 June 2019
  • 9780312377328

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