Alpha Sheriff (Half Moon Shifters #1)

Alpha Sheriff (Half Moon Shifters #1) Alpha Sheriff is a light, fun read with a sexy alpha and the human woman that he can t get enough of I loved this pair from their first encounter Kari s sass keeps our hot sheriff on his toes and their banter was certainly chuckle worthy While there were a couple of unanswered questions, we get plenty of the shifter mate romance between this pair It s easy to see the attraction between them from the start and I like that Noah doesn t realize he s found his mate from the instant he lays eyes on Kari It is pretty quick, but not exactly instant The story moves at a fast pace with some steamy fun, tension between rival clans, and some often quite humorous dialogue This one is great for a lazy couple of hours in your favorite reading spot and leaves you with a smile and some good feels. When Kari Stockton, Hoping To Put Her Old Life Behind Her And Start Fresh, Finds A Tiny, Remote Town In The Backwoods Of Montana, It S Up To Noah Chambers, The Town Sheriff And Pack Alpha, To Deal With The New Human In Town Deal With Her Sheriff Chambers Never Dreamed He D Not Only Risk Everything To Keep The Sassy, Sharp Tongued Human Female Safe From Bears And Wolves, He D Also Fight Tooth And Claw To Claim Her As His Mate Alpha Sheriff, Noah, was a quick read with quick paced developments, good characters and Kari keeps the sassy banter rolling throughout The mating dance ensues Drama with a rival clan Sexy, hot, panty melting pleasures Noah and Kari keeps the read moving and the engagement high. Nice quick read.This was the first book by this author that I have read I have purchased a couple of her series and the sit in the TBR pile After reading this they will move up in the list.This is a well written quick read that is a perfect afternoon escape The characters are interesting and fully developed The storyline is fast paced, yet engaging.I would recommend this book to anyone who just wants a quick read that tells a full story with scorching heat This book was a perfect way to fully enjoy a story without having to deal with keeping details, characters ect , straight The author did all the heavy thinking for you You just get to sit back and enjoy the story unfold. I usually have an issue with the shifter books because there is always something weird they have to do in order to mate with a human etc Usually it is something stupid and I can t wrap my head around the purpose of it but this one was pleasantly normal Nothing crazy, no strange rituals lol Your Alpha Wolf was wonderful and protective but also sweet and sensitivealmost While I was expecting Kari to be a little messed up she adjusted quickly which I appreciate because lets be honest I hate beating the dead horse The twist was something I wasn t expecting but I did expect from the ending I wanted there to be.overall a good shifter book ShiftersFirst time reading this author, I thought the story was okay I still raking my brain as to how author allowed bear wolf to come together What would their litter look like if they had children I did enjoy the imagination of Noah Damn if I had to close my eyes and imagine what he looks like I would take him to my bed as well Overall very interesting book and still left somethings not said. A humorous, fun and action packed read.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book. Title Alpha Sheriff Author Candace AyersPublisher Lovestruck RomancePublished 10 10 2017Genre Science Fiction FantasySub Genre ,Paranormal, Shifters, Bears, Wolves, Suspense, Romance, Mature Content, Strong LanguageASIN B0176CC4F9NReviewed For Candace AyersReviewer DelAnneRating 4 StarsNot for readers under the age of 18 If explicit Sexual scene and strong language offend you look for another read If not Candace Ayers provides a hot steamy romance to warm up those cold nights coming soon.When Stockton, Load up and headed out looking to get away from over bearing and vengeful ex boyfriend she had no destination in mind other than escape to somewhere he wouldn t find her She found a rental on line and the older woman gave her directions and told her a key would be in the mailbox After all there was little or no crime in Half Moon, Montana Within minutes of arriving, Sheriff Noah Chambers shows up with lights flashing Had Matt found her already Getting off on the wrong foot was not what Noah planned, but the little spitfire sure got his attention in ways than one When a bear chases her through the woods and claws at her door he shows up and breaks the door down to get to her, the bear long gone, but he knows where it came from and the message is loud and clear The next night finds someone has trashed the cabin and Noah takes her to his house to keep her safe Soon their attraction overwhelms them Could this be his true mate Will she accept who and what he is What most of the Mountain are With danger closing in can he keep her safe A story that keeps a steady to fast pace, but the ending seems a bit to quick and neat Like a firework display that doesn t go off as planned The build up is rich in sexual tension and suspense Over all a fun read I just wish time had been spent on the ending a few extra pages to explain it and the aftermath a bit Trouble remains though, so maybe a second book is planned I hope so I would like to know about Ariel and Telea Who trashed the Cabin Is their someone from Noah s clan conspiring with the other one Plenty of questions to work a second story from.My rating of Alpha Sheriff is 4 out of 5 stars Link Link Not available at this timeBooks A Million Link Not available at this timeGoogle Play Link Not available at this timeIndigo Link Not available at this timeKobo Link Not available at this timeGoodReads Link Reading Room Link Link This is the first book I have read by this author, and I found it quite an enjoyable and intriguing shifter story Kari moves to Half Moon to escape her ex boyfriend someone who had lied to her and kept secrets from her Now she is looking to start a new life and to take up her love of painting Kari doesn t realise that the town is full of shifters, or that as a human she is not really welcome The Bears have made it known they do not want any humans staying in Half Moon and as far as they are concerned, Kari is a problem Told not to go out at night because of the animals in the woods, this only serves to intrigue Kari and she doesn t listen Deciding to go for a walk in the woods, Kari encounters a bear, who toys with her and then tries to get into her house Noah introduces himself to Kari and promises to protect her As the Alpha of the Wolves, Noah makes it clear everyone is welcome in Half Moon, although there are those fractions that do not agree with him There is an instant attraction between the two and Noah promises to protect Kari he believes she may be his mate, but he is not sure Kari overhears a conversation and wonders if Noah is keeping something from her When Kari gives Noah an ultimatum he is conflicted he has to tell her or she will leave, but can he really divulge what is sacred Noah compromises but in doing so enrages the Bears with quite unexpected consequences It is only when Kari is in danger that Noah realises she is his mate A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book This is the first book I ve read of Ms Ayers and I know that I ll be reading of her work The book is a quick and easy read that I really enjoyed The sass and verbal banter that the author infused her story with flies fast and loose between the two main characters This book is about a woman running blindly away from an abusive relationship and a small town sheriff with a pack and town to protect Kari Stockton is a beautiful and independent woman with a sassy mouth that adds some tension to her first interaction between her and the small town s Sheriff Noah Chambers Noah is the sheriff and alpha of the wolf pack based in this remote town Kari chose to ran to after running away Kari and Noah s interaction is intense with Kari being defensive and irritated by the sheriff s presence and his questions Noah has a lot on his plate with a possible war flaring up with the bear shifters in the area, the wolf counsel making demands and wanting answers about Kari, and Noah trying to wade through his immediate attraction he feels for this human woman Will Noah and Kari be able to figure out what is going on between them Is a war really going to happen the bear clan What challenges will the pair face on their road to a HEA The book is funny, fast paced, with a little suspense thrown into the mix.

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