A Wizard in Mind

A Wizard in MindThere are some interesting concepts in the book, but overall this is book about revolution and politics Yes everything happens in distant planet and there are some hard scifi elements, but it needs. Magnus D Armand Was A SCENT Agent Like His Dad Rod On Gramarye, And Asked His Ship AI Herkimer For Oppressed Peasants Someplace Where My Life Might Do Some Good He Has Inherited Gifts Of Telepathy, Telekinesis, And Finding Trouble On The Lost Colony World Of Petrach, Warring Princes Bring Bloodshed, Betrayal, And A Past Rival Plots Revenge . This is the first in a spin off series The original series is the Warlock series by this author In that series, Rod Gallowglass becomes Lord High Warlock on the planet Gramarye, a planet founded by refugees from the SCA Magnus D Armand is his oldest son.This series is this first in the series of adventures by Magnus as he travels to other planets with oppressive governments seeking to free the people from them.Overall, this book is a little weaker than the first series which was fantastic Having said that, this is still a good, fun book that is well worth reading However, it doesn t quite measure up to the Warlock series To get the most out of this book, you should read the Warlock series first Or at least the first book in that series The Warlock In Spite Of Himself This book, like the earlier series, mixes magic with science fiction The basic source of the magic in this book and in the earlier series is psychic powers So the magic has a natural explanation rather than supernatural If you re looking for a good fantasy mixed with science fiction, you ll like this book It s a good book, but it just misses being great So that s why I only gave it four stars, instead of five. I wish I could give it 3 1 2 stars At first I was a little disappointed as I was expecting something different, something with lots magic sorcery involved As I got further into the story, though, I found the action gripping and the story well told.The premise is interesting Some worlds have fallen back into the dark ages and there are people who want to help them move toward democracy There are also other groups of people who have a very different desire.We begin the story with Magnus D Armand, a rogue wizard He learns that Petrarch is a world divided and decides he will give its inhabitants a nudge toward democracy He soon learns that because of an outside group that opposes democracy he will need to do much than nudge the world forward. Bad guys named SCENT, PEST, AEGIS and DDT, a computer named Herkimer, a planet named Petrarch, and a 7 foot hero named Magnus Groan Too much like James Bond I almost gave up on this book during the prologue But I persevered By chapter four, I was pretty well hooked Except for Gianni wanting to hump any reasonably pretty female, it was a good story Magnus had his work cut out for him, everything from fighting the above acronymed bad or misinformed rivals, to competition with things in poor Gianni s sleep, to a bonk on the head which caused him temporary amnesia I m looking forward to reading about Magnus adventures Good read As a story, pretty flat with a lot of deus ex machina. Magnus D Armand s adventures continue I would rate it better if it was from Magnus s POV Also, some of the action and dialogue seemed cheesy

Christopher Stasheff was an American science fiction author and fantasy author Stasheff was noted for his blending of science fiction and fantasy, as seen in his Warlock series.

❰Epub❯ ❧ A Wizard in Mind Author Christopher Stasheff – Online-strattera-atomoxetine.info
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • A Wizard in Mind
  • Christopher Stasheff
  • English
  • 20 February 2019
  • 9780812536485

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