Alec (She-Shifters of Hells Corner, #1)

Alec (She-Shifters of Hells Corner, #1) Sweet fun A quick, highly entertaining and fun book with a little heat.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. An Awesome Read I loved reading Wolf Boss Shifters Of Hell s Corner Book 1 All about Carter Ray a bear shifter who is an amazing baker Alec Patterson a Wolf shifter and owner of Patterson Furniture Alec is in town with his fianc for engagement weekend, when his Wolf start drooling over the vanilla cupcake smell with buttercream frosting at the B B they just checked into Carter shows up to cook her baked treats, when her beat stands up and starts drooling She thinks she s coming down with something, until she lays eyes on Alec in the dinging room Alec s Wolf is ready to burst out to claim his mate, until he see s his fianc having a cow across the table It s quite the dilemma having a fianc when your mate shows up for the first time The author wrote a story about a women who has sworn off men, because her ex was a mean abusive man who terrorized her her daughter until he was dead Carter has just moved to Hell s Corner, when her mate shows up Read about Carter Alec and the many obstacles they both have to overcome before they can become mates for life This is the first book in this series, and I could not put it down It s funny, passionate and down right emotional I can not wait to read book 2 This is the next series that follows Bears of Burden Which is also a great series Light hearted and funny I had so much fun reading this one Single mom, beautiful child, hot sexy male shifter There was fun around every corner There were great characters and a fun atmosphere I will be following this series because I want of Jellybean, Alec and Carter. Great storyline that engaged me from the very first page and the well defined characters kept me totally hooked until the very end I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Welcome To Helen S Corner This Is The First Book In The She Shifters Of Hell S Corner Series This Series Is A Spin Off Of The Bears Of Burden Series, Although Each Book Can Be Read As A Standalone Carter Ray Has Vowed Off Men She And Her Daughter, Jellybean, Have Found Refuge In The Mostly Female Populated Town Of Helen S Corner She Wants Nothing To Do With The Visiting Wolf Shifter, Despite His Wickedly Delicious Scent That Drives Her Bear Into A Frenzy The Last Thing Alec Patterson Expected To Find In The Small Southwestern Town Was His Mate Now, What S He Supposed To Do With His Fianc E NOTE In The Late S, On A Homestead In New Mexico, A Female Shifter Named Helen Cartwright Was Widowed Under Mysterious Circumstances Helen Knew There Was Power In The Feminine Bonds Of Sisterhood, And She Provided An Oasis For Those Like Herself, Female Shifters Who Had Been Dealt The Short End Of The Stick Like Magic, Women Have Flocked To The Tiny Town Of Helen S Corner Ever Since Although, Nowadays, Some Call The Town By Another Name,Hell S Crazy CornerWARNING THIS BOOK IS NOT INTENDED FOR READERS UNDER AGE I freakin LOVED this book Wow talk about your insta love these two were half in love just from the lingering scent of the other before they even laid eyes on them The mate identification trope is fairly common with shifter stories one of the things I love best about this genre but here, it s instant, explosive, all consuming, and about as inconvenient as possible Carter has good reason to not trust men, especially Alec, who s visiting her town with his fiancee Alec had all but given up on finding a mate and agreed to marry to facilitate a lucrative business deal, but once he saw Carter he knew everything in his life was going to have to change Theirs is a steamy, sexy, and heartwarming romance as they first recognize their inevitable connection and then work on all the getting to know you stuff, complicated by both of their current situations How they work through all this is a story that you just can t put down It s filled with humor, angst, good friends, and great family members I really loved how this romance completely changed both of their lives, giving them everything they never even realized they needed Candace Ayers is fast becoming one of my favorite shifter authors I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Carter and Alec plus JellybeanIt was a good story with a HEA ending Alec came to Helen s Corner with his fiancee to take pictures to match others the girls in her sorority took when they were engaged He only agreed to marry Chelsea for a business deal As soon as he walked into the BB he smelled something good and his wolf was going crazy Carter s daughter Jellybean was visiting her uncle in Burden, Texas so she was alone When Carter and Alec first saw each other they knew they were mates.The only problem I had with this story was the cheating part He had sex with Carter before breaking things off with Chelsea He wanted to end things diplomaticly so he could save the merger..Big mistake Chelsea was a royal b tch and there was no love between them, only business but I still don t like cheaters Carter didn t seem to appreciate the fact that his business was important than her Alec seemed to realize his mistake and tried to make up for it.Jellybean was cute in this story and I loved the appearances of Cannon and Matt from the Burden series Wonder who will be next Carter has found her mate, unfortunately for her, he s on an engagement trip with his fianc e when their paths cross.Even though I wasn t overly thrilled with the composition of Wolf Purebred, I decided to go back to the beginning of the series to see if it filled in any of the blanks for me Unfortunately, it really didn t In fact being familiar with Muddy and her story had me doubting her reaction and advice to Carter Knowing her story it really didn t feel organic, which makes me wonder how well defined the characters were in the writers mind when this series was started Again, I liked the story but found it lacking in terms of depth and sentence structure One of my biggest gripes about Wolf Boss is the consistency of the characters How can Alec possibly be insanely jealous of the thought of his mate with another man and not even care that she s had a child with someone else He didn t even have a moment of frustration or jealousy when confronted with her child It just didn t feel right. I loved this story I haven t read the Bears of Burden, but will have to now I loved that from the first moment Alec smelled Carter things started going wonky Apparently his fiance doesn t know he s a shifter because she has no clue when he crushes her suitcase handle, breaks the table and a cup I wondered if Muddy knew what was happening or was just laughing at the situations Carter, I thought, should have had faith in Alec and just chalked Chelsea up to sour grapes I also laughed my tail off when Jellybean ran up and asked Alec why he smelled like her momma and promptly ignored Chelsea when she invited Alec for dinner See the baby girl even knows what s what This was such a great story about women supporting women, a man s love and willingness to give up so much for his mate and family I adored Alec and his dad reconnecting in such a wonderful way I do wonder if Carter ever made her Mate Cake It sounded pretty tasty I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. A BEAR WHO HAD BEEN MENTALLY ABUSED BY HER EX, BUT SHE MADE HIS WOLF FIGHT TO BE FREE Candace Ayers once again gets 5 STARS for her Wolf Boss, just a complete satisfaction of your hungry mind looking for that feeling of entertainment substance and satisfies that Shifter appetite Oh, yes She SHIFTERS of Bell s Corner Book 1, sets the imagination up to realize this series Candace will be bringing out all the whistle bells of Shifters lives and it will be up to us readers to savor each book I laughed out loud when Carter hit the So called fiance at the lingerie store, then maybe I added a few hoots, hehehe and definitely had wanted to do it a few days earlier myself, when Jellybean had gone to get her special donut met Alex he was so sweet to her that I wanted to hug him, but again ex fiance spouted off comments that set Carter off and caused Jellybean some aniexty Read this you will like the character you find in this wolf shifter that has come to town.

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