Heart Unheard (Hearts Entwined, #2)

Heart Unheard (Hearts Entwined, #2) The Attraction Between Brent Berkheimer And Scott Spearman Peels The Wallpaper, But Brent Is Scott S Boss, And They Re Both Too Professional To Go Beyond Flirting Their Priorities Realign After Scott Is Badly Injured In An Accident That Costs Him His Hearing, And Brent Realizes What Is Truly Important He Wants ScottScott Pushes Brent Away At First, Fearing A New Romance Will Just Add To His Problems, But Perhaps He Will Find Unexpected Strength And Solace In Brent S Support As He Struggles To Communicate With The World In A New WayJust As They Decide The Chance Of A Happy Future Together Is Worth The Risk, Scott And Brent Discover Darker Challenges In Their Way Including Evidence That The Accident Scott Suffered May Not Have Been So Accidental

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  • Heart Unheard (Hearts Entwined, #2)
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  • 06 October 2019

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    Audiobook review3,5 starsI have a huge weakness for survivor stories There s just something about reading about people who overcomes travesties, and come out stronger on the other end I m always in awe, and am amazed of their strengths Heart Unheard is that slow burn romance that Grey is known for Brent and Scott have been in love with each other for years But the age difference and the fact that they worked with each other, along with mutual fear kept them from acknowledging those feelings Then Scott was the victim of a hit and run, causing him to lose his hearing The accident brings the two men closer, but trying to navigate a new reality isn t always easy.I loved how realistic this book was This was a story I could believe in No miracle cures or instant fixes Nor were there any OTT or unnecessary drama Sure maybe Scott accepted his new reality a bit quickly, but then again who am I to judge how long or how people deal with adversity I also loved how all Scott s friends and family truly were friends and family, the support they offered were limitless and just wonderful Greg Tremblay once again shows why he s one of my absolute favourite narrators The way he portrayed these characters were spot on, the feelings of the characters, or the mechanical, toneless reading of the tablet It was all just perfect But then I never expected anything else Anything Tremblay narrates is pure gold in my book Heart Unheard was a sweet addition to the Hearts Entwined series, and Greg Tremblay did a fantastic job bringing Andrew Grey s words come alive It was a low angst and feel good novel and I m hoping there will be books in this series in my future A copy of this book was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Once again Andrew Grey provides a gentle romance Heart Unheard is a light May December romance between garage manager Brent and Scott, a mechanic at the garage, who ends up in an accident which results in him losing his hearing Brent has been interested in Scott for years but has not done anything about it due to the whole boss employee relationship and also being worried about their age difference.But once the accident happens Brent steps forward, stops being a wussy about the whole thing, and realizes life is too short not to go for what you really want.Told in a dual third person POV, it was nice to get both Scott and Brent s thoughts on their relationship and to see how frustrating life was for Scott after the accident and how patient and loving Brent was throughout it all.This was a nice afternoon read with some heat and a very sweet HEA.

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    4.5 stars rounded down because still no 1 2 stars here on GR and I liked this book a bit than the first one which was 4 stars for me so 4.5 stars reflective of that As much as I liked the first book this one was just as goodmaybe, a tiny bit better Brent Berkheimer and Scott Spearman have been flirting with each other for a while now and it s not gone unnoticed by than a few people but Brent s determined not to act on his feelings because it just wouldn t be fairhe s Scott s boss, he s a lot olderso as far as Brent s concerned when it comes to Scottthe man is strictly hands off.Scott s triedhe s flirted and done is best to let Brent know that he s definitely interested in than an employer employee relationship but so far it s gotten him nowhere.When a hit and run accident leaves Scott seriously injured Brent s forced to re evaluate what s truly important to him making him realize that what s truly important to him is lying in a hospital bed and Brent decides that he s done denying what matters the most and while it may be too late for him and Scott, he s still going to be there for himeven if it s only as a friend, if that s what Scott wants and needs then that s what Brent s going to be for him.There s to Scott s accident than it seems at first and Brent s got his own demons to battle if he wants to be the man that he thinks Scott deserves It s not all smooth sailing as Scott has to learn how to live without his hearing and in spite of how strong and dependable Brent s been Scott s got his doubts about how long Brent will stay around if he doesn t get his hearing back and Brent s battling his own self doubts about whether or not he can be what Scott needs leaving both men felling insecure about whether or not they can last no matter how much they want each other It s going to take some tough love from their family and friends to make then each see that the heart wants what the heart wants and it s just going to take a leap of faith for them to be together.I loved Brent and Scott and seeing them finally give in to their feelings for each other as they worked through finding ways to communicate with each other now that Scott can t hear Getting to know each other and understand each other isn t an easy task when being able to talk and hear what the other is saying gets removed from the equation I loved that Brent didn t try to just step in and do things for Scott, instead he encouraged Scott to speak up for himself and keep his independence and if he needed to he stood up for Scott s right to retain his independence even going to far as to bring in friends who understood what Scott was going throughthat s right he brought in the big guns and we got to see Trevor and Jamesno, neither of these men are deaf but James knows what it s like to suddenly loose one of his senses James lost his sight when he was about 12 years old and he remembers what it s like to be able to see and then lose his sighthe knows what it s like to have something and then lose it, to grieve for the loss and James also knows that sometimes as a friend you have to end the pity party and hand out some tough love if you really want to help the people you care about.Scott s parents added an interesting dynamic to this story for me As a parent while I could understand his mother s desire to shelter and protect him, I was equally as frustrated by the fact that she viewed his decision to learn sign language and get on with his life as a deaf person as giving up because the doctors didn t know for sure that the deafness was permanent, whereas I viewed it as Scott dealing with what was and what he was given to deal with I would have been far bothered by things if Scott had decided he was going to do nothing and wait to see if his hearing came backseriously How long should he wait and what was he giving up on For me he was choosing not to waste his time waiting for something that might never happen when at worst if he got his hearing back while he was learning sign language, he d still have another skill that he could always use Thankfully Scott had a support system in his friends who saw this as being a positive choice on Scott s part.I m not sure what s coming next in this series but I m really looking forward to finding out So far the stories have really worked for me, giving me characters and stories that wrap themselves around my heart and make me smile at the strength of the characters I m introduced to An audio book of Heart Unheard was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Once again Andrew Grey provides a gentle romance I ve said it before, and I ll say it again Andrew Grey excels at writing sweet, relatively low angst love stories Heart Unheard is a light May December romance between garage manager Brent and Scott, a mechanic at the garage, who ends up in an accident which results in him losing his hearing Brent has been interested in Scott for years but hasn t done anything about it due to the whole boss employee relationship and also being worried about their age difference.But once the accident happens Brent steps forward, ready to stop being a wussy about the whole thing, after realizing life s too short not to go for what you really want.Told in a dual third person POV, it was nice to get both Scott and Brent s thoughts on their relationship and to see how frustrating life was for Scott after the accident and how patient and loving Brent was throughout it all I love Greg Tremblay s character voices and the way he really brings the characters to life, imbuing them with so much emotion As always, Tremblay is spot on with timing and pacing But the real plus for me was how engrossing the story was My only teeny tiny complaint is the way some of the text note portions were read They were a bit stilted to me I prefer texts to be read in a narration as though the character was actually speaking However, that s a personal preference and I know not everyone feels that way, and it in no way impacted the overall pleasure this was to listen to This was a lovely weekend listen spiced up with some heat and a very sweet HEA.3.5 Stars story, 5 Stars narration 4.25 Stars Audio copy of Heart Unheard Hearts Entwined 2 provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews.

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    Workplace romances are usually not a good idea, but when the attraction is strong enough that it lasts for two years well, sometimes an exception has to be made But Scott and Brent have barely started even acknowledging their attraction, when a horrific accident causes Scott to lose his hearing Scott withdraws, but Brent only grows determined to see where their attraction can lead What follows is a turbulent mess, what with the conflicted men trying to get their bearings, a very touching romance between them, and the slowly emerging fact around the real reasons for the accident that was anything but chance misfortune I am not sure what I liked most about this novel It s probably the combination of everything especially the deeply emotional love story that unfolds once Scott and Brent admit their true feelings.Please find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Though the conflict is a good addition to the plot it isn t as strong as I d have liked it to be Still, Heart Unheard is a good read and I enjoyed the sensitivity Brent shows in helping Scott get through his accident and dealing with being deaf as he struggles to put his life back together Brent is patient, always has a pad handy and is attuned to Scott s feelings Those moments are sweet.

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    FOUR STAR REVIEW Judging a Book by it s Cover Another bland colored cover that I would probably pass up due to it not catching my eye Luckily, this title was part of a promo newsletter from the publisher and the synopsis would readily available to catch my attention Looking Deeper POV Third PersonBrent had been attracted to Scott since the first day he took on the office manager s position at one of Trent s shops See HEART UNSEEN for details Even though Trent gave his best friend his blessing to pursue a relationship with the younger mechanic so long they remained professional during business hours, Brent worried about the age gap and boss employee aspects too much to make a move Then a horrific accident occurred and the men came to realize that life s too short to limit themselves to the flirtations they ve shared for the past two years Brent had a few issues from his past to work out Scott had some people in his past best left avoided Together they had a sweet chemistry that had just enough heat The secondary cast was wide ranged There were enjoyable characters and those that were purposefully dislikable Some were amazingly supportive, others were stifling and suffocating It was a cast full of variety and they all interacted well The dialogue was smooth and natural The plot was engrossing There were some conflicts some were fully resolved, others will remain a work in progress Predictability was low The conclusion is solid and satisfying enough for the couple s HEA, but I wish we d have gotten better closure on Scott s case and outcome of the driver I d be interested in discovering if Brent took James suggestion regarding a Penny like addition for Scott trying to stay spoiler free here This story continues timeline where Heart Unheard leaves off and the reader would benefit greatly if the books are read in order since Trevor and James are quite significant secondary cast members in this book and their story continues in the background of Brent and Scott s storyRating R Score 4.275 Stars 4 Disclosure of Material I received a copy of this book from the Author Publisher with the hope that I would voluntarily leave unbiased and unsolicited feedback I was not asked, encouraged, or required to leave a review nor was I compensated in any way I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    Scott has had a crush on his boss for years, but the older man doesn t seem to return his flirting so he bites his tongue and enjoys their time together at work Brent, in the meantime, feels the same way about Scott, but he s the boss so he d never act on his crush because it wouldn t be appropriate Plus, the age gap bothers him, so he keeps his attraction to himself Until Scott is severely injured in an accident and Brent can no longer keep quiet Realizing he almost lost the young man before they had a chance to explore possibilities, he makes sure Scott is aware of his interest But it may be too late because Scott has lost his hearing due to the head injury he suffered in the crash, and he doesn t see himself the same way as he used to He doesn t want to be a burden to anyone, least of all Brent In this audiobook edition, Greg Tremblay brought the characters to life Both men had distinctive voices and I liked the way Greg managed Scott s voice just the right volume and intonation to indicate someone who can t hear himself speaking He also gave a variety of voices to the secondary characters, including Scott s sometimes overbearing mother Thankfully, he didn t give her a wicked witch voice as many other narrators may have done Most of the story revolves around trying to determine who hit Scott, since the car hasn t shown up at any of the auto repair shops Of course, since Scott and Brent both work at a mechanic s shop they can easily question their peers about the car, but it isn t until an accidental sighting by someone picking up a part at another garage that the situation comes to a head There s also back story on Scott s ex friends from his church group, all of whom have turned their back on him when one of them lied about Scott making a pass at him And there s quite a bit of interaction between Scott and James, the blind character from Heart Unseen, who helps Scott adjust to life with his new disability And, of course, this is Andrew Grey, who is such a sweetheart that it always shows through in his work, so readers know going into this that it will have life lessons, foolish choices by some characters, and finally, a HEA for two very deserving young men I definitely recommend this one in audio format It s a great way to spend a day, a commute, or a relaxing weekend Note Audio code provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Heart Unheard is book two in Andrew Grey s Heart s Entwined series I adored book one so very much It was brilliant and I was so excited to see that the series had another book Andrew is tackling the senses.In book one we had Trevor, a beautiful man who pretty much got everything and everyone he wanted based on his looks falling for James A blind guy It was so well done In Heart Unheard we have a different situation Brent manages one of Trevor s garages Scott works for him as a mechanic Brent has lusted after Scott for a long time and Scott has done the same But the boss, employee thing was something neither thought about crossing.Until a horrific accident takes Scott s hearing away What was amazing was how the author showed just how difficult it would be for those around Scott to communicate with him No one knowing ASL, all took advantage that they could shout from another room to grab his attention Now, they resort to writing on pads and they all have to learn the language On top of that, Scott s apprentice is blind so he has to tackle how to make that work too It was a lot and I felt everyone s frustration.Then as if that wasn t enough, someone is trying to harm Scott and Brent is suffocated from ghosts of Guilt s past Both of these guys fight so hard to get to their happily ever after and it isn t easy I m glad it wasn t because it wouldn t be believable if it was I love this series so much A must read.

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    I received a copy to read and review for Wicked ReadsThis was a sweet story and a sweet romance Scott and Brent have been dancing around each other for years Brent is older than Scott and doesn t think he would be interested Brent s boss and friend tells Brent to basically pee or get off the pot Well, the day that Brent decides he is going to Scott is in a horrible car accident Scott is deaf from the accident, which is horrible and traumatic but Brent is right there by his side the whole way Communication is hard but it doesn t bother Brent, he wants a relationship with Scott no matter what These two deal with some difficult things and they are so perfect for each other I love how Scott finally stands up for himself not only with his parents but with the bullies from his church This book gave me the feels.there is still true love out there When Brent does something extra special to tell Scott he loves him I balled my eyes out, so flipping sweet Highly recommend.

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