Understanding Imperial China

Understanding Imperial China Understanding Imperial China Dynasties, Life, And Culture Takes You To The Heart Of Life During China S Imperial Dynasties, Revealing The Empire S Historical Unfolding Through The Lives Of Individual People Of All Walks Of Life, Spanning The Centuries From The Empire S Founding In BCE To Its Dissolution In The Inspired And Detailed Presentation Of Professor Andrew R Wilson Of The US Naval War College Is Vivid Cultural History At Its Most Compelling And Insightful This book or rather course is not quite what you would expect from an introduction to Chinese history Instead of focusing on political history, wars and dynasties, the author explores in each 30 minute lecture a single limited subject, such as imperial exams or opium trade This approach allows him to introduce the listener to a variety of subjects, immersing deeper into the Chinese culture and society.While this kind of presentation gives us a glimpse into many topics that are not always covered by the traditional history textbooks, it also leaves some big gaps in the general history Literally nothing is said about China before Qin Shi Huang Some dynasty transitions and wars are mentioned only in passing Though the author often compares Ming and Qing dynasties, he tell almost nothing of the formation of the Manchu state.All of this makes me wish that I listened to this course not as a means to have an overview of Chinese history, but rather as a supplement to a main rigorous narrative Unfortunately, I haven t found any such history book on Audible. History is often than not, story of the dead But in this course we get to look at things from the perspective of the people living at those times Right from the sculptors of the first emperor s terracotta warriors to the little girl whose feet was bound as a submission to society s obscure perception of beauty From the Ming dynasty soldiers who rebuilt and patrolled the Great Wall, to the fatherless boy, Tem jin, who went on to be the founder of the largest land empire in all of history From the celebrated courtesans who entertained the educated elites, to the wannabe elites preparing for the prestigious Imperial civil service exams.Imperial China was one of the most populous, influential and powerful state in the world for almost two millenia And to be able to look at the history of this great empire unravel right from the eyes of its protagonists was an wonderful experience. There is much to be learned in the modern world from a knowledge of Imperial China, its various dynasties, and most importantly from its amazing characters and figures that appear from all classes of society to change the course of their nation s future China s early history, the importance of its mighty rivers and geography, its key terminus on the famed Silk Road, its position on mercantilism and globalized trade, its changing faces of power and effects on the world, its civil service exams and the effects upon society, and many of facets all play an important role in the complex story of this country To know China today, it is imperative to know this history This lecture series, led by Andrew R Wilson, Ph.D., a professor at the U.S Naval War College, goes a long way to gaining an understand of all of these drivers of Chinese culture and history While his presentation style is at times dry and stiff, the content of the lectures is outstanding Recommended for all who wish to gain insight into this nation. I listened to the audio version of this course and it was a bit hard to follow at times because the narrator s pronunciation of certain Chinese names is way off I don t blame him and I had to guess who he is referring to, based on my prior understanding of Chinese history Every subsequent occurrence of that name then becomes an annoyance because you have to mentally correct it Perhaps I should have read the print edition.That aside, the course touched on a variety of subjects mostly on Chinese culture and society in each lecture instead of focusing on the typical politics and warfare in history books However, this left some gaps in the flow of history, especially periods where conflict was the predominant theme e.g the Three Kingdoms. This great courses lecture series is an interesting take on China It limits itself to dynastic China, ie, to before the modern times of Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Tse Tung The book follows an historical path from the prehistoric times and first emperor to the above modern limit In contrast to many other histories of China, Professor Wilson as the title suggests tends to spend most of his time talking about the Life and Culture rather than about the politics, statecraft, and warfare Of course, in history and in other artifacts, such topics cannot be eliminated from discussing life and culture as they are often the predominant aspects of record The course is fascinating in its attempt to discuss the cultural attributes and what it was like in each period to be part of each of the economic, religious, and societal classes. Informative and humanizing for many aspectsof Chinese history Useful Well done. While this was interesting, it wasn t as well done as Understanding Japan A Cultural History and it was unfortunate I listened to this one after listening to Understanding Japan Part of the problem was that it wasn t as good at creating clear themes However, I do recommend this course as I learned a lot and many of the lectures are incredibly well done I do recommend that readers keep an open mind during the first lecture where Wilson discusses opiod use That lecture was a bit off putting and wasn t a great way to start the series But it gets much better from there If you are interested in understanding Chinese culture, I recommend this series If you are looking for a history of China, this might not be the best course for you since it does not discuss the history in a chronological or complete way. A broad sweep over the history of imperial China I had problems following the various historical jumps in the early going, but really enjoyed when the professor took his time and dove deep into a topic, such as with foot binding or the national exams Still, I feel I would have benefitted from a visual element in this course, especially when it comes to descriptions of geographical features and their locations on a map.

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