The Magician Murders (The Art of Murder, #3)

The Magician Murders (The Art of Murder, #3) 4 Relationship wise was this my favorite so far, plot wise not And I really do hate cliffhanger Gahhh Nothing Up His Sleeves Nothing But MurderJason West, Hot Shot Special Agent With The FBI S Art Crime Team, Is Recuperating From A Recent Hit And Run Accident At The Wyoming Home Of BAU Chief Sam Kennedy When He S Asked To Aid In The Investigation Of A Suspicious Death In A National ForestWhen The Dead Man Is Found To Be The Kosher Conjuror, A Much Hated Part Time Magician Accused Of Revealing The Highly Guarded Secrets Of Professional Illusionists, It Seems Clear This Must Be A Simple Revenge Killing Until Jason Realizes An Earlier Suspicious Death At The Trendy Magic Club Top Hat White Rabbit Might Be Part Of The Same, Much Larger And Sinister, Pattern Arghhh stupid assumptions I should have known better This series about Sam and Jason, two FBI agents romantically involved, is not a trilogy.I don t know if I m glad about it, as I m getting really fond of these guys, or sorry, because cliffie and winter 2019 before So, what do we have here 2 career oriented FBI agents, with an age gap, each trying in their own way to build a relationship although it s mostly a long distance one, Jason needing to be on equal foot, and Sam afraid to hurt Jason Since their first meeting, they have to deal with a case in each book, this time a quite simple one, and some escalating danger lurking in the background.Less accent on the suspense and focus on Sam and Jason s relationship this time, to my delight Their bond is getting stronger but there is still some work Will they get their HEA and will they stop their stalker damned these cliffies WINTER 2019 LANYON, I COULD VERY WELL BE DEAD BY THEN a review with SPOILERS Wow Okay I really loved this I did Why a 4 and not a 5 Well, I wanted a littttle out of the mystery plot I guess it just didn t grab me the way The Mermaid Murders did I did want magic in the novel, and not metaphorically I wanted there to be actual things relating to magic.Still, Lanyon s writing is on POINT with this book It s seriously some of Lanyon s best written work yet So many tidy sentences and beautiful structures.And my poor boy, Jason I also thought that certain person was the killer I 100% thought so toolol.So like many of my fellow reviewers have said, I wanted Sam and Jason s relationship to be a little further along at this point Or sorry, we re all comparing them to Adrien and Jake just a little, ok in a huge, massive burning building of flames, by this point like in A J book 3 They re just so makes neck strangling hand gestures They don t communicate at all And Jason is dramatic And Sam is such a prick And I love them both dearly, but come on.Also, I thought there was going to be of a story about Sam and Ruby It seemed like there was going to be and in the end it was wrapped up kind of with and then Jason found out that Sam really did love and respect his mother Which I totally understand but I think I wanted a little out of that one.Still.I loved it very very very much And just days prior I re read the other 2 in the series.And now I have to pray to satan or jesus whoever can keep me alive longer and take my vitamins and exercise regularly so that I don t drop dead before the next release in WINTER 2019 so that I can find out exactly how Jason s favorite whack a doodle buddy is planning on skinning him alive.Would I rec Duh Of course I would. This series is clearly one of the best It s like reading a m m romance master class project Everything is absolutely spot on.We have our once again only POV MC Agent Jason West, the sexy and cute art expert for the FBI s Art Crime DivisionAnd his let s just say it, even though you never know for sure boyfriend, BAU Chief Sam Kennedy, who spends all of his time profiling serial killers.How these two ever got together, only the first two books will answer Because yes, they are an unlikely and unequal couple, which is the one big obstacle that the tension in the series largely draws from.The plot is absolutely captivating, although I m the first to say I m not reading this for the mystery plots, but clearly for Sam and Jason Their intimate moments are some of the best I have ever seen, probably because Sam and Jason aren t the juiciest of couples and they do have their differences, so once they get down to some serious romance, it s life changing A few words about the plot Sam and Jason s previous cases are still or less open, but the two guys take a few days off to just be a couple for a change However, Jason trying to get Chinese take out for Sam ends in a catastrophe and puts Jason on sick leave once again.However, this time, Sam talks Jason into going to his home town in Wyoming where his mom runs a ranch among other things Staying in Ruby Kennedy s guest house, Jason tries to relax and heal, but is or less just bored to death, especially when Sam announces to leave for two days to work on a case of his Luckily, Sam is gracious enough to allow Jason to take on an art crime consulting inquiry from the local FBI branch, helping the local agents find clues about a stolen collection of magic memorabilia vintage posters of magician s shows and artifacts from famous magicians like Houdini Of course, a simple consulting job turns into a murder case with Jason right in the middle as usual.And with Jason s injuries and Sam being out of town, things might turn deadly for our poor sexy art consultant slash FBI agent The plot was great I loved the magic artifacts and tarot cards that were mentioned several times I also loved how the whole book like any book by Lanyon, I guess has an overall theme that you find throughout the whole story Even the sex scenes had a magician s touch It s absolutely amazing and captivating I also love how the whole series is written from Jason s POV We never get to see inside Sam I would even go as far as saying that Sam is the main riddle in the whole series Sure, he gets unraveled and the further their relationship takes us and so far, I like what I see but Jason feels absolutely insecure and inferior when dealing with Sam and his wealth of experience, handling the often brilliant, but almost always mad monsters that are his serial killers Jason is an art expert, after all He s not one of those agents that shoot bad guys He usually works with art galleries and websites to see where stolen art might show up, so he can retrieve it for the rightful owner.This inequality in their relationship needs to be resolved in the course of this series, and OMG, watching them work through their issues is some of the best stuff that m m romance has to offer.Enough said This is a 5 star favorite and one of my best reads in this year I admit to holding my breath through a lot of this episode in the story of Jason and Sam view spoiler because another THYS ending was feasible hide spoiler The audiobook is wonderful Loved it, just like most of Lanyon s work I love being in Jason s head He is smart and confident in all thingsexcept his relationship with Sam Jason is human and I relate to him so well The mystery was really well done and I loved the bit of humor in this I am also happy that this is not the end of Sam and Jason s story Wtf happened I think I have to settle with the fact that I may have to tone down my expectation when it comes to the mystery in this series Mainly because Special Agent Jason West s specialty is Art Crime emphasis on Art and not homicides So no, he doesn t really need to investigate murders and serial killers And yes, I have to be satisfied with that.In that sense, I actually enjoyed the mystery here MUCH better than book 2 I liked the magic magician angle, and how passionate Jason was when he defended explained the historical and cultural significance of magic arts and memorabilia While Jason tried NOT to be involved with the murder angle when Jason discovered a couple of magicians have died in a strange way he actually ended up solving THAT as well, and that was a winner for him.On the relationship angle, hey, Jason and Sam were moving forward albeit SLOOOWLY Lanyon is the master of playing around with angst of established couple who have trouble communicating or love with ex es seriously, Lanyon s ex es romances are the BEST I loved the progress in here and there was one moment where I actually felt my eyes got all teary.I am glad that there is still another book in this series because the ending THAT was awesomely thrilling I got chills Murder never rests.Jason West is recuperating in Wyoming after a vicious attack Yep, the ardent FBI agent for California art crimes is languishing, or recovering at his might be boyfriend Sam Kennedy s mother s ranch You read that right In three books, Jason has succeeded in his quasi relationship with Sam leaps and bounds beyond what Adrien managed with Jake So diehard Lanyon fans can be reassured that you are not on the same hamster wheel No guarantees about the angst.Wyoming has its rustic charm and a field office that has no idea what to do about a large art heist Bank robberies, yes, guns ablazing Art theft, much head scratching ensues So Sam, being the local boy gets Jason to do an unofficial consult before he goes cabin crazy Jason seems to be a trouble magnet and things start to slide sideways, fast To be fair, it s not all his fault Get your Magic Castle itch scratched and indulge in some dare doing and creepy it feels like evil clowns vibe Many Faces Challenge

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