Sal and Gabi Break the Universe

Sal and Gabi Break the UniverseTHIS BOOOOOOK.I just can not even with this book It s one of my very favorite books I ve read all year Pretty much everyone I know will be getting this as a gift as soon as it comes out, kids and adults.It was so incredibly delightful I kept trying to savor it, to enjoy it and have it simmering in the back of my mind all day, but last night I hit the 3 4 mark and just stayed up late finishing it I woke up my partner, laughing so hard that the bed shook I also cried I can NOT BELIEVE how many emotions this book made me feel.Favorite quotes You learn as you grow up that everybody needs help The sooner you ask the people you love to lend you a hand, the easier life becomes That s the secret Trust in the people who love you We can all figure it out together Abracadabra, chicken plucker Sometimes, when it s too hard, when it hurts too much, only silliness can save us When that day comes, it comes Till then, rejoice in life, time and again Featured in this book How to deal with bulliesSo much amazing Cuban food that I want in my mouthOne Thousand DadsA diabetic protagonistExcellent Feminist shirts and very very cool barrettes So many dad punsHow To Meditate in a very useful waya knock your socks off Everyman playGrownups who are trying their best and are human, and show emotionsWHERE was this school when I was growing up, I want it, I ll teach or janitor or whatever now, lemme in.The Sweetest BabyA Snarky AISo much snark, all the snark.This is the trouble with getting ARCs I m SO EXCITED for book two, but book one isn t even out yet I m giving this to my 7yo as soon as he gets home from school, and I can t wait to talk to him about it.Carlos Hernandez has captured so much of what I love Yes, yes, yes More please. Reco for 10 Hilarious, but with a lot of real issues.Heavens ETA, the kids are dealing with both paranormal and real life type issues Characters are so lovable. How Did A Raw Chicken Get Inside Yasmany S Locker When Sal Vidon Meets Gabi Real For The First Time, It Isn T Under The Best Of Circumstances Sal Is In The Principal S Office For The Third Time In Three Days, And It S Still The First Week Of School Gabi, Student Council President And Editor Of The School Paper, Is There To Support Her Friend Yasmany, Who Just Picked A Fight With Sal She Is Determined To Prove That Somehow, Sal Planted A Raw Chicken In Yasmany S Locker, Even Though Nobody Saw Him Do It And The Bloody Poultry Has Since Mysteriously Disappeared Sal Prides Himself On Being An Excellent Magician, But For This Sleight Of Hand, He Relied On A Talent No One Would Guess Except Maybe Gabi, Whose Sharp Eyes Never Miss A Trick When Gabi Learns That He S Capable Of Conjuring Things Much Bigger Than A Chicken Including His Dead Mother And She Takes It All In Stride, Sal Knows That She Is Someone He Can Work With There S Only One Slight Problem Their Manipulation Of Time And Space Could Put The Entire Universe At Risk A Sassy Entropy Sweeper, A Documentary About Wedgies, A Principal Who Wears A Venetian Bauta Mask, And Heaping Platefuls Of Cuban Food Are Just Some Of The Delights That Await In His Mind Blowing Novel Gift Wrapped In Love And Laughter I ve read a few of the other Rick Riordan Presents books but I never finished them They felt like diet Rick Riordan and like they didn t stand on their own all that well This book I think dodged that problem effortlessly It has science instead of magic and for the most part it felt like it was doing its own thing Sal and Gabi are such a delight to read I think that they are the most respectful and well mannered thirteen year olds I have ever read.While I was reading it I kept wishing that I waslike them when I was that age But alas that can never be But at least this book can be a guide for younger readers I honestly think that Sal and Gabi are great role models that anyone should strive to be like.This book also cracked me up I was reading it on a long car ride with my family and I think about drove them half mad Every few of minutes I would giggle or just burst out laughing I m one of those people who when the days get shorter and colder I go into a slump I get sad and kind of moody This book was the first thing to make me laugh in a while and I cant wait for it to come out so I can share it withpeople A cute middle grade read full of quirky characters and moments At times it dragged on, but the audiobook narrator told this story wonderfully and really brought it to life. not quite as expectedRTC This book is a perfect example of why I will be screaming about the Rick Riordan Presents imprint until the end of time I love it when adults remember to behave themselves They forget all the time, you know Hard to blame them, though They haven t been kids in so long. Hernandez has created a book that is fun, accessible, and exciting like so many other middle grade stories, but the addition of it being ownvoices for the Cuban American representation, as well as showing from what I can tell from diabetic reviewers a realistic depiction of someone with type 1 diabetes, makes it fresh and necessary for its modern audience There is so much here about family, grief and loss, and of course, the idea of multiverses, that is sure to work for middle readers Not to mention that every character in this book is complex but most especially our main two protagonists On the one hand you have Sal, a quick witted, magician in training who can literally open the doors to other universes and swap things out He, his father, and step mother, recently moved to Miami And while he is still dealing with the what life looks like without his mother who died a few years before the relationship between him and American Stepmom was all sorts of heart warming And on the other there s Gabi, a smart young feminist who s already thinking about law school She s surrounded by a whole host of paternal figures and her huge family is dealing with their own difficulties with her younger brother in NICU.Throughout this story these two meet, strike up a friendship, and, well break the universe It turns out that Sal s opening these doors isn t as clean as he originally thought There are these little things called calamitrons and a big portion of them are left behind after Sal accidentally and not for the first time brings back his mother, or as he refers to her, Mami MuertaI liked the idea that some of Mami s particles were still floating around in our house She wasn t all the way gone I never wanted Mami to be all the way gone There s a good amount of serious issues handled here, but I think it s really tempered by both the tone of the story, and also just the amount of wholesome goodness There is so much support here both in Sal and Gabi s families and the love is overflowing It s a good reminder that even though things might not always be great, you always have people you can count on I love Sal and Gabi and their dynamic I love what they teach each other I love the way they have grown so much already And I am absolutely craving book two. ELEVEN HUNDRED STARS I truly, truly loved this book I want to read it again right now There was honestly not a single thing I did not adore It was funny and smart and had SO MUCH HEART I super enjoyed THE ASSIMILATED CUBAN S GUIDE TO QUANTUM SANTERIA a few years ago and rec d it on a Geek Girl Con RA panel but I d never have guessed that Carlos Hernandez could make the leap to middle grade so beautifully I just I don t even know where to start with a review because I m all just flailing limbs of delight What was my favorite thing, even Gabi s multiple dads, who are basically Flourite from Steven Universe Gabi, the ultimate Hermione Granger fix it Almost every single adult The school Sal s character growth and essential goodness despite sometimes being a thoughtless jerk I can t possibly choose I can t wait for the second one. Sal Vidon is a magician He s also a kid who has just lost his Mami, moved to a new school and is having a hard time fitting in Starting off in a new school can be tough and unfortunately, Sal quickly finds himself on the wrong side of the school bully, Yasmany To escape a run in with him, Sal performs his trickiest of tricks yet He makes a raw chicken appear in the Yasmany s locker Such antics end up having the opposite effect he was looking for though and now the other kids are accusing him of being a brujo Now they re all afraid of him Of him Sal Vidon, the kindest, most gentlest human being in the world.While pleading his case in the Principal s office again , Sal meets Gabi Real for the first time Gabi swoops in like a hurricane Smart, determined and funny, Sal thinks, this is somebody I could work with.Over the course of the rest of the story, we get to watch Sal and Gabi s relationship grow as they revealandabout themselves to each other and come to rely on one another for support Sal is still struggling with the grief of losing his Mami and Gabi has an infant brother fighting for his life at a local NICU.I was so impressed with this book The writing style is fantastic, very fluid and easy to read I LOVED the characters Sal is one of the sweetest characters in any book EVER and Gabi is a true force to be reckoned with As a middle grade novel, I feel that this is an excellent introduction to the science fiction genre This explores the idea of multiple dimensions and travel between them I loved that aspect of the story and thought it was really well done There was just enough of that scifi feel without being overwhelming for readers who may be new to the genre.My favorite aspect of this story the humor I was laughing out loud from the very beginning and never let up The characters are so witty and fun Very well done by Hernandez.Another piece of this I really appreciated was the presence of such strong adult characters I feel like often in YA or Middle Grade stories, the adults are either absent or not very nice people All of the adults in this were really great, supportive influences in the kid s lives and that was nice to see for a change I think it sets a good example, not just for young readers, but for adults reading this as well.This being said, even though this is a Middle Grade book and I am far from that, this has been one of my most enjoyable reads of the year Keep in mind people, there is no age limit on funEveryone needs to read this Go ahead, nowThank you so much to the publisher, Disney Book Group and Rick Riordan Presents, for providing me with a copy to read and review I appreciate the opportunity and was truly impressed with this one I LOVED this book So funny, clever, and moving with a hugely lovable cast of diverse characters.

SFF writer, English prof and game designer enthusiast SAL AND GABI BREAK THE UNIVERSE comes out March 2019

[Epub] ❤ Sal and Gabi Break the Universe By Carlos  Hernandez –
  • ebook
  • 382 pages
  • Sal and Gabi Break the Universe
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • English
  • 10 March 2019

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