Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers - the Marine Corps' Battle for Freedom inAfghanistan

Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers - the Marine Corps' Battle for Freedom inAfghanistan Amazing EPub, Victory Point Operations Red Wings And Whalers The Marine Corps Battle For Freedom InAfghanistan By Ed Darack This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Victory Point Operations Red Wings And Whalers The Marine Corps Battle For Freedom InAfghanistan, Essay By Ed Darack Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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[KINDLE] ✽ Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers - the Marine Corps' Battle for Freedom inAfghanistan By Ed Darack –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers - the Marine Corps' Battle for Freedom inAfghanistan
  • Ed Darack
  • English
  • 08 April 2019
  • 9780425226193

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    A very well written and researched book that tells the why behind the SEAL team that was compromised and killed during the opening phases of Operation Red Wings as well as what the Marine Corps 2d Battalion of the 3d Marine Regiment did to clean up the mess and carry out the operation afterward I highly recommend this book for military officers who will find themselves working in an increasingly joint environment Arrogant commanders and inter service posturing led to bad command decisions and a command structure for the mission that doomed the SEALs when they finally managed to call for help We fetishize special operations forces these days as bearded heroes who are invincible and supermen at every aspect of military operations but the truth is significantly different.As a military officer with experience working with all branches of the US DoD, many special operations forces, and many foreign forces, I can tell you that they make mistakes just like everyone else Operator romance novels like Lone Survivor written by a British fiction writer hand picked by US Navy Special Warfare gloss over the mistakes and tweak the facts to tell a compelling story but they are toxic to those trying to understand the truth and not make the same mistakes.Yes, Ed Darack is embarrassingly complimentary of the Marine Corps, almost to the point of sounding like a recruiting commercial at times, but the Marines of 2 3 did some amazing things up there in the Korengal Valley and they deserve to have their story told amid the hero worship undeservingly lumped on Marcus Luttrell and his team mates.

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    A mais completa descri o da opera o Red Wings, que ocorreu em 2005 no Afeganist o O autor Ed Darack um escritor e fot grafo que ficou junto ao 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment O livro excelente e repleto de informa es n o apenas sobre as opera es militares conduzidas pelos Marines poca, mas tamb m sobre a hist ria do Afeganist o.No in cio do livro, o autor fornece um background hist rico, cultural e pol tico muito bom, que permite ao leitor entender o desenrolar dos acontecimentos num pa s t o complexo como o Afeganist o Em seguida, descreve a Op Red Wings sob o ponto de vista dos Marines Trata se de uma descri o cuidadosa do planejamento da opera o e da sua execu o Em resumo, tudo o que o livro Lone Survivor tem de ruim, Victory Point tem de bom Por fim, o autor descreve a Op Whalers, conduzida pelos Marines, na qual a c lula terrorista de Ahmad Shah foi neutralizada.Como pontos negativos, o autor muitas vezes exagera nos elogios aos Marines como se estivessem acima das outras organiza es , e tenta criar uma narrativa empolgante para algumas batalhas, mas n o consegue Entretanto, como aparentemente a parcialidade do autor n o chega a distorcer os fatos, e a a o n o o foco do livro, s o detalhes pequenos em uma obra muito interessante.

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    Excellent in depth account of an intense fire fight in Afghanistan known as Operation Red Wings Told by those who were there.

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    A very good history of the June and July 2005 battles of the SEALS in northeastern Afghanistan.In this series of conflicts, the young local Taliban leader Ahmad Shah led a few dozen fighters and caused dreadful effort and about 25 US deaths in the brutal Hindu Kush mountain range.I wanted to see whether this 2009 coverage was detailed and accurate than the popular Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, a book which I found to be a self publicizing biographical rant, and a very bad book as the authoritative military history of the Red Wings fight of a week with another week or ten days required to extract Luttrell to safety and medical treatment.So Darack did a fine job with slight overlap with the Red Wings treatment of Luttrell Darack does not state any evaluation of Luttrell s book of 2007 and does not include Lone Survivor in his three pages of published reference and I take that to be an implied severe criticism of the Luttrell book.Darack does not speak of Luttrell s stating that Shah had several dozen soldiers fighting him, however Darack on page 121 states the Shah force was before the battle judged as 6 12 fighters, then right after the battle the SEALS officials thought it may have been 10 strong , and US military intelligence later thoroughly analyzed and authenticated the Shah force as being 8 fighters Another discrepancy is that Luttrell describes in a full page his facing Shah in the home of Gulab, describing Shah, and pointing his rifle at him Darack states on page 160 After threatening the lives of Gulab and his family Shah departed, having come just feet from Luttrell only an earthen wall separated the two The Darack version would have been true, based on after battle interviews with witnesses Luttrell boasts and exaggerates, certainly at times writing fiction rather than nonfiction.

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    I found Victory Point to be an excellent commentary on the value of the US Marines and their methods Though Ed Darack tends to be a bit over complimentary, maybe even gushing with praise, in the early stages, once he describes the details of the marines efforts during Operations Red Wings and Whalers, the reader can appreciate his admiration This is also an important read for the general public to understand how the policies and methods of the United States Marine Corps serve our involvement in conflicts in regions with such different cultures from our own Always our expeditionary force, the marines recognize the importance of understanding and working closely with the local populace to earn their respect and build the intelligence necessary to survive and succeed The marines of 2 3 showed a tremendous amount of empathy for the people they were there to protect, while also displaying ruthless efficiency in dealing with those who wished to terrorize and subjugate the region I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how our military really worked in Afghanistan, and how the Marine Corps doctrine has developed effectively over the last two centuries.

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    Victory Point is going to remind you that there s an American man still alive and still strong, preserving the democracy we have enjoyed for the past 223 years His name is the U.S Marine just in case you forgot Semper, J.J Konnie KonstantWow another great book that dives into Operations Red Wings, as well as Operations Whalers This book, especially the second half, is edge of your seat battle taking you through in depth of what these brave men went through to take down the enemy, the militia leader Ahmad Shah, and his team of fighters up high in the unbearable heat and brutal terrain up high in the Afghanistan Hindu Kush mountains Operations Whalers was the follow up to Operations Red Wings, when Marines went in and continued the fight to take out leader Ahmad Shah s cell A great book for any American.

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    One of the great books of American military in Afghanistan It takes the reader through the events leading up to the Navy special forces Seals ambush in the Korangal valley In which Marcus Luttrell s four man team were killed and himself seriously injured Also the shooting down of a helicopter with many special forces and aviators sent to rescue the Seals To the operation to deny those very same anti coalition forces the interruption of elections that were to be held People may have heard about operation Red Wings with the Seals but many don t know about operation Whalers which was the follow up mission with the United States Marine Corps Probably the least known of all major operations.

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    An excellent well written book After reading Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell I felt that there was something off about what happened in the Hindu Kush, after some research I decided to pick up victory point and I am glad I did.

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    I met Ed Darack at a local kayak store, when he was presenting his first book Wind, Water Sun Upon graduation from college, he had taken the credit cards offered in the mail and maxed them out to buy a kayak and gear He then launched at the Colorado delta now mud flats at the top of the Gulf of Mexico and proceeded to kayak to the tip of Baja He had no prior experience at kayaking Excellent book and he created detailed and beautiful maps of the coast of Baja, which helped tell the story.Much of my time in Southern California was spent in Imperial Beach, close to the SEAL training area in Coronado I have know many SEAL s and always admired their total commitment to the outer limits of physical mental endurance The story Lone Survivor helped reinforce that belief Of course, I like Mark Wahlberg and the movie, although sad in the 19 SOF personnel lost in Red Wings, helped to project the bigger than life view of the special ops forces.Darack was doing some research at the Marine winter training camp in Bridgeport, just north of Mammoth I have met many of these Marines at Mammoth, where they practice downhill skills on telemark type skis He asked to be embedded as a writer photographer in the Third Platoon of the Second Battalion of the Third Marine Regiment He went to the same area in Afganistan as the setting for Lone Survivor , in September of 2005 This was only one month after the ill fated Red Wings operation.Darak s exhaustive detail of the difficulty of mountain warfare is excellent Also, he gives a complex narrative of how the various Joint operations have their own set of problems due to conflicting command structures Red Wings was actually a Marine operation, but to get joint assets, the intel was to be done by SOF command structure The insurgent leader Ahmed Shah had a very small group of followers, probably less than 12 I ve already gone into too much detail, but the book should be read as a testament to a coherent strategy and complex battlefield assets of the USMC Operation Whalers was the next unheralded success story When Shah came back from Pakistan with a larger force, he was beaten on his own turf by 2 3 troops with the use of close air support and taking the fight to Shah s turf The list of people who were interviewed for this book was impressive I give Darak four stars only because I feel he was a bit too hoo rah before he told the story that would have left you saying hoo rah on your own.

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    The author, Ed Darack, was an embedded journalist with my unit during operation red wings This book reads very much like a Tom Clancy novel Just like with any war story, there s a lot of background story required for the audience to understand the context Ed did a great job at covering every element of the battle A key piece of info for those who are total Special Forces buffs at the time this book was written, only so much of the information available had been declassified Therefore, the story is somewhat locked in time My point being, this can be used as a prelude to the famous, Lone Survivor book movie When Marcus Luttrell wrote his story a couple of years after Darack s, Victory Point, much information was, not only declassified, but the Lone Survivor story was straight from the horses mouth So, if you re interested in what all went down in the Korengal Chowkay Waterpor valley s during Red Wings, and the follow up mission, Whalers, I would pair the two books.Victory point covers my former platoon commander most of the time if you could pick a central character in the story Military leaders highly recommend ROTC cadets, and any junior ranking infantry officer to read It includes a lot of information on the locality, and the logistics and cultural barriers the Platoon Commanders and NCOs came up against when engaging with the tribal elders I let a ROTC buddy borrow my hardcover copy, I ll probably never see it again, but at least it went with the future of America s warfighters.Ed Darack did a great job at telling an incredibly complex scenario Many of my Marine buddies from 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines do our best to keep in touch with Ed thank God there was someone there to be able to write it all down rah.

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