Shattered (The Protectors, #11)

Shattered (The Protectors, #11) I Failed Caleb Once Because I Was A Coward And He Ended Up Paying The Price Never AgainTen Years Of War And The Loss Of Nearly His Entire Family Have Left Thirty Four Year Old Former Sniper, Jace Christenson, With Nothing To Come Home To And He Prefers It That Way Life Consists Of His Work In An Underground Vigilante Group, The Near Constant Search For The Last Remaining Link To Who He Used To Be, And A String Of Meaningless Sexual Encounters That Serve Only One Purpose To Make It Easier To Not Feel Anything AnyBut When Jace Gets The Call That The Young Man He Saved Two Years Earlier Has Gone Missing, He S Forced To Deal With The Truth He S Been Trying To Deny From The Moment He Laid Eyes On Caleb CortanoThat The Young Man Is So Very Much Than Just The Exception To All His RulesYou Know How If Something Shatters When It Breaks, There S No Way To Find All The Pieces To Put It Back Like It Once Was Maybe Sometimes It S Better Not To Even TryNineteen Year Old Caleb Cortano Has Been Barely Hanging Onto His Sanity In The Two Years Since The Truth About His Father S Depravities Came To Light A Victim Of The Man S Crimes Himself, Caleb Has Only Managed To Find Any Semblance Of Peace When He S In The Presence Of The Man Who Saved Him Once BeforeBut When He Finally Comes To Accept That Jace Christenson Wants Nothing To Do With Someone Who S Shattered Beyond Repair, Caleb Finds Another Way To Seek Solace From The Pain InsideAs The Fear Of Being Reunited With The Father He Both Fears And Misses Becomes And Likely, Desperation Has Caleb Doing Something Foolish That Brings Him Face To Face With The Only Man He S Ever Wanted But Who Doesn T Want Him BackCaleb Stays With Me Until We Get Some Answers Just MeWhen Caleb S Life Is Threatened, Jace Refuses To Walk Away A Second Time Even If Protecting Caleb Means He S Risking His Own Heart, Jace Isn T Going Anywhere At Least Not Until He Can Put Some Of The Missing Pieces Of Caleb S Life Back TogetherBut Will Caleb Be Able To Do The Same For The Equally Broken Jace Will Two Shattered Men Be Able To Find All The Missing Pieces To Be Who They Were Truly Meant To, Or Is Caleb Right Some Things Just Aren T Worth Trying To FixNOTE While This Book Has All The Elements Of My Romances Including Plenty Of Steamy Times, Some Lighter Moments And The Ever Important HEA, IT IS A VERY INTENSE READ, So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION While I Ve Done My Best To Find A Balance Between Sensitivity And Realism In Relation To Dealing With The Issue Of Sexual Assault Against A Minor, This Book Does Not Gloss Over The Subject And Some Readers May Find It Difficult To ReadTrigger Warning Sexual Assault Against A Minor, Other Triggers May Be Considered Spoilerish So They Can Be Found By Using The Look Inside Feature Or By Downloading The Sample And Going To The Section Entitled Trigger Warning Can Be Read As A Standalone NovelThe Protectors Series Crosses Over With Some Of My Other Series, So For The Most Enjoyment, They Should Be Read In Order, But It Is Not Required You Can Find The Correct Reading Order At The Beginning Of Each Book I Ve Also Bundled All My Series In The Correct Reading Order Under The Title Of A Family Chosen The Protectors And Barrettis

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  • Shattered (The Protectors, #11)
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  • 09 April 2019

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    Finally Caleb and Jace I know I am not the only one who has been anxiously waiting for their story and I am very glad to say, that the wait was definitely worth it I have been a fan of these two, since they were introduced in Forsaken , which was Eli and Mav s story Caleb was Eli s, then 17 years old, stepbrother It was pretty obvious Caleb and Jace had something magical between them, but I also agreed with Sloane, that Caleb had some growing up to do first Normally I would say, that all Sloane s books can be read as stand alones I wouldn t advice doing so, with this one though I think, that to fully understand what is going on between Jace and Caleb, you shoud read Eli s story first and all the ones after that Two years have passed, since Jace rescued Caleb, from a mental facility Caleb is now 19 years old, but things haven t gotten much better for him When he finds out what happened at his step brother Eli s hearing, he freaks and runs away.Jace has always felt guilty for leaving Caleb behind two years ago He knows Caleb had a crush on him, but he was just so damn young Jace also didn t think he was good for anybody and he didn t deserve Caleb s hero worship Seeing how bad Caleb is actually doing, has him regretting his decision even But maybe he can make things right again..Maybe he will be able to protect Caleb this time around, even if he has to hurt his own heart in the process.And maybe, after two years, they will finally be able, to fix each other s broken pieces Even though Caleb is not sure he can be fixed You know how if something shatters when it breaks, there s no way to find all the pieces to put it back like it once was Maybe sometimes it s better to not even try Thankfully Jace is not one to give up that easily No matter how many times you fall and shatter into a million pieces, I ll spend every day of the rest of our lives helping you find any pieces that remain Jace and Caleb are two of my favorite characters out of all Sloane s books I genuenly liked both of them They were so sweet together From the moment Jace met Calebm all he wanted to do was take care of him And Caleb, who has been through so muchmy heart broke for him He was so strong, even though he definitely didn t see himself that way.I think the previous 2 books have been a bit, dare I say, mild in comparison to all the other books in this series This one is a bit heavier on the angst and emotions again Which is also why Sloane has added a trigger warning in the beginning of the book.Now this book didn t make me cry as much as my favorites Finding Hope and Redeeming Rafe or even some of the others that gutted me, but it was still very emotional at times This book deals with sexual child abuse rape and selfharm, so please take note if this is a trigger for you.I myself am a big fan of the angsty books It s one of the reasons I got hooked on this series That s not to say that I won t read any of the othersI will read anything Sloane writes down, but the angsty suspence emotional ones definitely have my preference.Higly recommended and yes.I am now anxiously waiting for Aleks book.I love him

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    Re read January 2019I so love this book Lovely new addition to the Protectors series It has all the ingredient Sloane Kennedy is known for, so it s no surprise I ate this up.19 year old Caleb thinks he is broken He feels shattered beyond repair because of the things he has experienced He has been abused by his father for many years and that only stopped because his stepbrother who was abused too finally tells the truth See Eli s book, even though smart to read that book first, it s not completely necessary for the story Jace rescued Caleb when he was 17 by getting him out of a mental institution his father put him in Jace feels an immediate connection to the broken 17 year old, but since Caleb is so young Jace knows he has to keep his distance That works until Caleb is 19 and Jace gets a call that he is missing.When Jace finds Caleb he knows Caleb is far from alright It turns out Caleb s father has been acquitted of the charges Eli filed against him Of course there is still the trail for Caleb s charges, but for now, his father is innocent until proven guilty And Caleb is not taking that news well.When it is clear that someone is out to kill Caleb, Jace has to do everything in his power to protect him I was a bit afraid Jace would be too stubborn and there would be a lot of push and pull in this story, but I was happy to see it was minimal This focused mostly on Caleb s trauma and his recovery and a bit about Jace and his past.These guys were pretty sweet together and I also loved the tender sex scenes tender, but hot I really liked that Caleb and Jace spent so much time alone together without interruption That way they could really get to know each other.This had plenty of hurt comfort to make me a very happy girl.

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    4,5 stars I loved this book It deals with sexual abuse so it was really hard and painful to read some parts but I absolutely loved both main characters As I got used by now, this author is brilliant I ve enjoyed all the descriptions, especially the boat I am a huge fan of boats and sailing And after a lot of action, suspense and bullets, blood and pain, we get such a sweet ending Oh and the hot scenes were amazingly written I ve recently read an MMM book by this author, Finding Hope, and loved it to pieces So great job Sloane Kennedy

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    YES another winner from Sloane Kennedy This is the 11th book from the Protector series, which I tag as a real saga.For all the fans, no worry all the ingredients are there endearing characters, scorching chemistry, scalding sex, angst and this time, even though it s not an easy issue to write about, it was carefully handled and without going too overboard and a reliable support group from the Protectors and the Barrettis.Caleb, Eli s stepbrother, and Jace were introduced in Forsaken Caleb was the one to reveal the abuse Eli was victim of while in the care of his stepfather But Eli was not the only victim Caleb shared that ordeal and has a hard time dealing with all that happened to him and his family Only Jace, the older man who got him out of his father s clutches, seems to soothe him a bit, but their sporadic relationship is rocky to say the least Caleb s father s trial is like ripping a bandage on an infected wound revelations upon revelations that are going to shred Caleb and Jace into pieces before they can raise together.A lot of emotions, a great amount of angst, two amazing characters and an unexpected salvation coming from Jace s sister Once again, Sloane Kennedy wrote a story that got me totally engaged and I couldn t put it down.11 books and still a fan I m looking forward to Alek s story now Soon, very soon

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    4.5 starsWell, that was worth the wait I ve been itching to get to Caleb and Jace s book for a while and SK didn t disappoint This was the hardest book to read in the series with Eli s book coming in a very close second , what Caleb endured at the hands of his revolting father made for hard reading at times.There was the usual push and pull that SK likes to put in her books, but the way she paces it works for me I ve loved getting up to date with this series, now the wait for Aleks book.

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    Shatter is terribly angsty, but I expected no less Please read the trigger warnings and the author s note, as this book deals heavily and vividly with sexual abuse As an adolescent, Caleb was repeatedly raped by his father This is the same monster who abused his stepson, Eli I remember Eli and Mav s story from the fourth The Protectors book, Forsaken, so I was happy to see them get their HEA here Caleb and Jace get a HEA too, but not before barely escaping with their lives than once What I really appreciated is that being with Jace does not cure Caleb He has to work hard to regain control of his life Watching Caleb struggle broke my heart I am not a violent person I ve never actually hit anyone besides once throwing a pillow at an ex who really deserved it , yet I could pull the trigger on any child molester because I don t consider them worthy of life.But Caleb is not the only one suffering Jace has his own ghosts and is looking for his missing sister whom he believes is a victim of sexual trafficking I m not sure this book would work well as a standalone I suggest reading Forsaken first, as that s where Jace and Caleb first meet two years prior The story is relationship focused but also very fast paced indeed, some of the action scenes are quite heavy handed I wanted the guys to just catch a break already But simple is not this author s forte I think she tends to overwrite at times to the point that some of the internal monologues feel redundant and the angst manufactured rather than believable Even so, I found myself engaged in the story and rooting for Jace and Caleb My favorite moments were the ones the men spent on the boat, alone and sheltered I am really looking forward to Aleks story warning the sneak peak chapter for the next book ends with a cliffie

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    4.5 stars for this great episode of The Protectors I love this series the flow, camaraderie, and the awesome characters This being Caleb Jase s story which was beautiful While there were terrible traumas and abuse associated to this story it was handled with compassion and empathy Jase was stunning as he slowly became undone and his vulnerability began to show all the while Caleb helped put him back together and allowed himself to heal, one small piece at a time Even though Jase was the protector, both men supported each other as they bravely moved forward in their lives I love the inclusion of previous characters this is an awesome family who love and fiercely protect their own Yup, another great read

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    3.75 Stars Full review to come, but I just wanted to jot down some initial thoughts POSITIVES I really loved Caleb and Jace s chemistry They were so patient and supportive of each other The tenderness and intimacy of their relationship was a huge standout while reading Readers should definitely heed the trigger warnings The author does not gloss over Caleb s history or his coping methods I continue to love the chosen family theme that runs deep in Sloane Kennedy s books As per usual, Sloane has me salivating for the story of a future couple Yep, I m staring you down hard Dalton and Silver NEGATIVES I had issue with how serious and how quickly Jace and Caleb s relationship progressed Caleb has major issues to deal with and address and I don t think he should be focusing on marriage and fatherhood when he hasn t fully dealt with his abuse and trauma I ESPECIALLY have a problem with what I mentioned above when you add in the fact that Caleb is only 19 Yes, someone can be mature beyond their yearsbut when you look at the big picture, Caleb has SERIOUS issues to work through that need professional assistance and can t be solved with love and good dick Even though in the epilogue which takes place about 6 months later we find out that he s seeing a therapist, he s still taking a huge step in his life after already having a huge responsibility thrown in his lap and very little time to deal with that and his traumatic past It s okay to take your foot off the gas pedal, Sloane Kennedy.

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    A sadistic, despicable man, Caleb s Dad, has caused so much pain This story tells of the abuse, so brace yourself for these re tellings Jace, ex Marine, sniper extraordinaire, fierce warrior,has always wanted Caleb, but he was too young Caleb now 19, has been found, rescued by Jace, 34, and Caleb is in need of protection, and they ll be thrown together We see Jace s impressive sniper skills in the rescue These characters are flawed but deeply caring, and sturdy The action is intense, with lots of suspense and excitement We do see some of the folks from Lucy Lennox s Made Marion series, which was terrific Our story of love and trust is a slow burn, because Caleb is still reeling from his ordeal, and is cutting to take away the mental pain You know how if something shatters when it breaks, there s no way to find all the pieces to put it back like it once was Maybe sometimes it s better not to even try Jace is understanding and by his side, no matter what We also have Jace s past and abusive childhood, plus his missing sister, Maggie, 24, that we are concerned with Deeply thought filled men, truly sexual scenes and firsts Trust and love are found It s well written by the amazing Sloane Kennedy, with breathtaking horrors, balanced with exquisite love and extremely giving, caring group of men.The terrifying trip to Germany is not what was expected when they went to get Maggie Then, Caleb s next ordeal and rescue, and other events are a rollercoaster ride Lucky for us there is a HEA New characters were introduced, so we will see what the next installment will be These books are able to stand alone, but of course, profound when you know the pasts of all of the men I highly recommend this one ENJOY

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    4.5 I had to work up the courage to begin Shattered as I knew it was going to be an emotional tough read considering everything Caleb has been through as a child and he is still suffering two years later for what his father did to him and his brothers.There was an instant connection between Caleb and Jace after Jace rescued Caleb from the hospital two years ago and when Caleb goes missing Jace is called in by Memphis to help find him.After Jace finds Caleb and Caleb s life is in danger, Jace takes Caleb away into hiding with radio silence from everyone Caleb knows Jace only trusting his one true friend Dalton.The relationship between these two was not an easy one Caleb is struggling with everything and Jace can be cold and distance at times, with time they begin to talk and their relationship turns physical but they take it slow at Caleb s pace.There is a twist in this story that is heartbreaking but also heart warming at the same time and this makes Jace and Caleb a family and they both FINALLY except the rest of the guys as their extended family.My heart broke for Eli again but I loved catching up with him and Mav.Shattered was s tough read at times, very emotional, funny and some nail biting moments that had me scared.To understand this one it is recommended you read the fourth book in The Protectors series Forsaken first which is Eli s book were we first meet Caleb and Jace.I am looking forward to reading Dalton and Silver s book in the future.

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