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Bless Your Husband WHY I CHOOSE THIS BOOK During the last few years I ve read a lot of parenting books I thought perhaps it was time for me to read some marriage ones, too Disclaimer, folks I m not married, nor have I ever been, so I m not exactly the target audience for this book I just enjoy learning and growing and figured this book could help with that Besides, on a somewhat shallow note, I really like the cover It s crisp, clean, welcoming, cozy, and looks pretty much like an Instagram photo WHAT I THOUGHT OF THIS BOOK This book was a breeze to read through because it s full of challenges that you re supposed to work on as you go along, and then has a lot of lines for the reader to fill out how the challenges went, what they worked on, etc Since I m single I obviously didn t do the challenges so instead of reading the book over a six week period, I read it in one week If you were to ask me to describe the book in one word it would be Pratical The book is full of good ideas, challenges, suggestions, and examples that all kept with the theme of being very practical and things that pretty much any wife would be able to do It s written for a large range of wives those with everything under control, those who have lots of attention grabbing little kids, and those who feel like their marriage is about to fall apart The author continually goes back to the Bible to back up what she has to say, and that was a big winner for me She gives great ideas of things to pray for your husband, verses to memorize that will help you be a better wife, and how to find strength from God during hard times She also shares candidly although not in detail how her marriage hasn t always been a bed of roses, and how she s had to grow as a wife That made her seem very relatable and lent credence to her words The main thing that I thought was a little bit weird was that there were hashtags for each of the challenges Like, you make his favorite meal then if you want to post online you could with a specific hashtag, etc I understand that this is because the author has a whole online community for wives, so I guess it is nice for them to be able to look up the hashtags and get ideas It just seems strange to me CONCLUSION This book was written for wives, so there s obviously wife ish things in it, but nothing too detailed.Overall it was very encouraging, uplifting, and as I said, practical RATING I m giving Bless Your Husband 4 out of 5 stars and am thankful for the publishers for sending me it for free Well, so I could write the review, but you know. Angela Mills writes in a casual, engaging style Anyone who has ever spoken to her will feel her personality come across the page In fact, several times it felt like she was just sitting there encouraging me personally.Full of personal anecdotes, most of which will make you laugh, this book leads you on an easily achievable journey to remind you to put that man you promised to make first in your human relationships well, first.Designed as a challenge, rather than a book to extrapolate lofty ideas from, Bless Your Husband has weekly and then daily goals and ideas to get your mind thinking in terms of remembering the little things and allowing them to build up into something big and beautiful.She doesn t just give you twelve steps to proving your love She gives you an easily applied set of ideas to show steady, consistent appreciation for the man we re supposed to lovethan any other man in our lives.So often strangers getconsideration than him Why is that In Bless Your Husband, Angela Mills becomes that older, Titus 2 woman, teaching us to show love to our husbands through small, non intimidating, actionable steps Once I realized that I dove into the book with gusto And off I went.Angela Mills shows care and concern for our fragile hearts while still calling us to do what is good to our husbands She doesn t pull the punches, but she does often dress them up with flaming red hair, trademarked lipstick, and wacky antics a la Lucy Ricardo I love her for that.If you re looking for an overnight fix to years of neglecting your relationship with your husband, this book isn t it.Further, if you re looking for an in depth study on marriage that will dig deep into your psyche and unearth all the problems that keep it from being heaven on earth, this isn t the book for you.But if you just want to know that you re doing something, if you just need confidence that you re making an effort because you know it s the right thing to do More than that, if you feel like taking on a big project would smother you right now, this book might just be the thing you re looking for.In a sense, this book is how to demonstrate 1 Corinthians 13 love for our husbands in the practical, ordinary everyday.I m thrilled that I requested a review copy, and of course, I m always happy to share my opinions Still, this is a wonderful book not just for your self, but as a gift for a friend Psst husbands Don t give it to your wives Just sayin. BLESS YOUR HUSBAND is a book for married couples, no matter how many years you ve been married, that teaches you how to pray for, encourage, and bless your husband There are plenty of creative ideas in there as well as journaling ideas so you can record your thoughts, answers to the questions, and write the verse of the week out on as you mediate on it I think this would be good for a wife that likes to journal, or maybe a small group on young wives who want to learn how to encourage their spouse, or even a gift for a friend or yourself when you want to be supportive, encouraging, and a blessing to your spouse and don t know how Some of the ideas are rather off the wall to me but they may spark something in you and you might know your husband would like it Husbands need encouragement as much as or maybethan we do, so grab a copy of BLESS YOUR HUSBAND and show your man how much he s loved And maybe learn to love himI was given a copy free All opinions are my own. Bless Your Husband is a four week study with a bonus of two additional weeks I love how Ms Mills has us focus on the good rather than the bad How we should focus on ourselves, rather than enter the mentality of fixing our spouse When we focus on blessing others, we inadvertently bless ourselves It s a great book that can be read on repeat I plan on pulling this one out again and repeating the process all over I received a complimentary book from the publisher A review was not required First seen at Sometimes, Choosing To Love Your Husband Is Hard Whether You Ve Been Married One Year OrYears, Chances Are He S Done Things That Have Frustrated You, Angered You, Hurt You, Or Flabbergasted You But After Arguing Over How To Load The Dishwasher Yet Again, You Might Be Wondering How You Can Show Him That You Really Do Love HimIn As Little AsMinutes A Day, You Can Do Something Meaningful For Your Husband And Grow In Your Faith From Washing His Car To Writing A Positive Post About Him On Social Media To Watching His Favorite Movie With Him, These Pages Are Full Of Creative, Simple, And Interactive Ideas On How To Bless Your Husband You Ll Discover Daily Scripture Verses, Inspirational Readings, And Journaling Prompts To Encourage You As Well Practical advice from the ScripturesMy rating is 4.5 starsBless Your Husband is written as a multi week challenge, requiring just a few minutes reading a day and a lifetime of change My plan was to read through once, and then if the suggestions were useful, to go back from the beginning and actually go through the challenge day by day So my review won t talk about how this book changed my marriage for the simple reason that I haven t implemented a single thing I read.I liked the way the book was arranged Being set up to only take a few minutes a day to figure out what can be done for the day is perfect for women with full schedules Which is pretty much all of us, right While the time required to read through daily is easy, the thoughts behind them are not They are challenging The Biblical principles are solid and the message is important Don t pick this up because you want to learn how to manipulate your husband Or God Or put on an act Unless you approach it with a goal of changing your heart and your heart alone, you will have missed the point Not all of the recommendations will apply to every wife, nor could they Some suggestions are specifically geared toward a stay at home wife, which I m not But there are plenty of other options that would work for me and my circumstances.Am I glad I got this book Yes Will I actually go through the challenges I hope to Do I recommend it for other wives Absolutely May the Lord use this to transform my heart and my marriage and may He do the same for you.This review was originally posted on Among the ReadsI was given a copy of this book for free I was not required to give a favorable review nor was any money received for this review All comments and opinions are my own. My thoughts Bless Your Husband is just as up to date for twenty first century wives as the colors on the book cover Angela Mills gives lots of creative inspiration for ways that we as wives can help our husbands feel loved, supported, and respected in short, blessed There are tons of idea for reflection, prayer, verses to meditate upon, encouragement, and hands on activities that will improve your relationship and how well your life runs together It s not just another marriage book that hammers submission etc It s a way of practically serving, resurrecting your love if it s needs help, and focusing on the good It explains submission in a way that makes sense for the modern couple, but it doesn t discard the Biblical meaning This book comes in paperback and in e book form Definitely invest in the paperback The e book format, with the fill in the blanks, is simply not very user friendly You could get a notebook to write in, but I found myself just skipping over things instead Consequently, I didn t finish the entire book I can tell she s on to something here though.Disclosure I was sent a sample of this product for review purposes only I was not compensated in any way All opinions are my own based on my experience with this product I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Bless Your Husband Creative Ways to Encourage and Love Your Man by Angela Mills 5 5 Thank you to Bethany House Publishing for the free review copy All opinions are my own.I loved this book It was practical, useful, and helped me keep my focus on Christ while also taking time to do something special for my husband I think it s important to go into a book like this with the right heart attitude, which Mills addresses right away I m so glad she did Her honesty right away helped me know that this book would be useful.I liked how this book was set up for five days a week This made it so I could plan it to fit my week in the best way I really enjoyed the memory verse at the beginning of the week This got me focused on Christ first, which is so important in marriage.This book has recommendations that could work for everyone Mills gives multiple ways to achieve blessing your husband each day I really liked this because I was able to use what would work best for me each day.I think this book would be so useful for any woman that is looking to bless her husband and work in her marriage Go look for it now, and see how God can use it to help grow your marriage. Bless your Husband Angela Mills Have you ever wanted to bless your marriage a littlebut didn t know where to start I have just the book for you, Bless your Husband by Angela Mills I love the helpful advice she gives you without sounding too harsh, it s like getting advice from your best friend She gives you prayers to pray and meditate, thought provoking questions to think on and wonderful ideas to make your marriage a little bit better I think this book is a must read for any wife She gives you the encouragement your heart and soul need in times when its hard to find it Sometimes choosing to love your husband can be very difficult and challenging but her ideas make it very simple and easy to apply to your life At the same time following the journal prompts and ideas not only will help your marriage but it will help you grow in your faith as she pulls you in closer to scripture I received this book from the publishers but the thoughts where my own. It s like 1 star for me personally just not my style We don t have a song and I don t post on social media But I ll give it 4 stars here because it doesn t deserve my personal rating to drag it down overall Kind of like when someone doesn t bother to notice a book is from Christian self help then complains it talks about God all the time Does the author deserve one star because you picked up the wrong book Or giving a book in one star onbecause the post office delivered it to the wrong house Ridiculous Sorry this has nothing to do with Bless Your Husband Just needed to get that off my chest.

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