The Wheel of Darkness

The Wheel of DarknessThis book is calamari.Before I explain WHY this book is calamari, it s important to note two things 1 in a pretty spot on demonstration of my poor taste, going back to Relic, I ve elected to use food metaphors to describe each book in a series that usually features serial killers and 2 I hate seafood, with one exception.Wheel of Darkness sees the Pendergast series careening wildly through thriller tropes and treading dangerously close to parody territory If Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Lee, and Macgyver cranked up the Kenny G, passed around a bottle of Jergens, and created a homogenous mixture of their, ah, genetic material, which was then used to fertilize an egg from Barbara Gordon, you d get Pendergast Toss him onto the surging high seas along with his mysterious ward Constance Green, a bunch of rich assholes, and a mystical and potentially world ending object and you ve got the makings of one very weird locked room mystery Hence, calamari Like I said, I hate seafood my rule of thumb is that for me to eat something that used to be sentient, it needs to have been cute and cuddly at one point, not look like whatever alien species ultimately conquers earth and turns us into either food or sex toys But, for reasons inexplicable, I don t mind calamari okay, it s actually probably pretty explicable deep fry anything and it s generally edible But, it s gotta be done right if it s breaded and fright and crunchy and not too squiddy, it s a delight If it s seared and lemony and not breaded at some fancy pants eating venue, it s like, Hey, awesome thanks for giving me the opportunity to pay 20 for the privilege of chewing on some lemon flavored rubber for a little while before I swallow and it feels like cold baby bird feet sliding down my throat And, whether it s breaded and fried or not, if it s in tiny octosquid form rather than shaped into little rings Forget about it and fire your head chef.Wheel of Darkness represents the entire continuum of calamari At times, it s crunchy and delicious and you just want to scoop it up and go to town At other times, you re looking side eyed at it like it s going to regain locomotive abilities, crawl across the table, and force its way down your throat whether you want it or not It could also really use some editing, because there are multiple instances where basic information is repeated with the same or similar phrasing in rapid succession for no particular reason But, I ve said it before, and it bears repeating here Preston and Child are absolute masters of their craft, and even when they re writing something set in an environment where at any given moment the characters might literally be jumping a shark, it s compulsively readable and has in no way diminished my desire to continue on with Pendergast and company in subsequent adventures Not the best example of what Messrs Preston and Child are capable of, but sufficiently entertaining, and if you re in on Pendergast, probably worth a read But, you may need to drown it in cocktail sauce here and there to choke it down. At A Remote Monastery In Tibet, A Rare And Dangerous Artifact Mysteriously Disappears Aloysius Pendergast Agrees To Take Up The Search That Leads Him And Constance To The Maiden Voyage Of The Britannia And To An Atlantic Crossing Fraught With Terror Well, if you thought Pendergast went odd adventures before you haven t seen anything yet This is a book that as I try to review I fear that anything I say will be a spoiler When that is the case, I find a bullet point review lets me share my thoughts without giving too much away The book has a slightly different feel than any of the previous ones You can read this one as a stand alone However there are a few points that tie it back into the rest of the books that will be spoilers if you want to read them to.Pros Lots of suspense Mystery and surprises at every turn Characters you root for and characters you root against Interesting settingCons Key plot points kind of confusing After finishing, I am still not sure I understand some of it Some plot development was a little too convenient I am not always a fan of the Deus Ex Machina and it happened quite often here.Even with those couple of cons, still another strong Pendergast entry and I will continue to read this series Following the horrors of their last adventure, Special Agent Pendergast knows his ward, Constance Greene, needs a breather, a trip to renew her physically and psychologically What better place to renew and become mentally stronger than a Tibetan monastery Although the monks don t normally admit women, Constance is special She learns much from them during her time there Then the monks discover that a dangerous artifact that has been in their keeping for centuries has been stolen They ask Pendergast and Charlotte to get it back for them because in the wrong hands the artifact could destroy humanity The duo find themselves on board a cruise liner, The Brittania, searching for the artifact Unfortunately, the passenger who possesses the cursed item is already attempting to use its power Will Pendergast be able to retrieve the artifact before its evil is released on all of humanity Wheel of Darkness is the 8th novel in the Agent Pendergast series I found this book to be a bit weaker than the others I ve read so far Still enjoyable..but the story felt like a mop up of the prior Diogenes centered storylines But, I do have to mention that I listened to an abridged audiobook version of this story I am not sure how much was gleaned out to shorten this book to just over six hours, but my guess is about half of the story was removed So it could very probably be that I felt this was a weaker story because I didn t get to hear the entires story the way Preston Child wrote it I don t like abridged audiobooks, but in this case, it was the only option I had at my local library I enjoyed Rene Auberjonois as narrator He reads at a nice even pace, and I like the accent he uses for Pendergast But I don t like the fact that so much of the story was removed In a few places it was quite obvious that portions of the storyline were absent Plotwise, I found the story interesting, and it was a bit of a departure from Pendergast s usual behavior Although some of the differences were due to the effects of the artifact The action being on a ship at sea made for some exciting suspense I for one would not want to be in the middle of the ocean on a ship with a powerful and evil artifact causing mayhem onboard That s a basic fear for a lot of people, I think Being faced with danger and a possible excruciating, torturous death while stuck somewhere that prevents escape You can t exactly jump off a cruise ship and swim for it The setting really made this story a lot creepy For the most part, I enjoyed the book..I just wish I had been able to get an unabridged version I would rate this book 4 stars based solely on the story itself, but lowering to 3 stars for this particular audiobook version Just too much was removed from the book.leaving some obvious holes in the action Bleck There are 15 books in the Pendergast series, with a new one scheduled for 2018 I already have the next audiobook on hold at the library unabridged yay I m hoping to be caught up by the time the new book comes out For information on the authors and their books, check out their website 3.5 stars.Not as good as the last few books but still makes for a compulsive, addictive read The bulk of the story took place on a massive luxury ocean liner a setting which can give one the creeps when faced with mysterious disappearances, a gruesome suicide and murders while stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean The plotline was a bit ludicrous, treading into the supernatural with Eastern mysticism as its basis As much as I enjoyed the supernatural, it felt inconsistent with the series so far where any bizarre occurrences can be explained Fortunately, Pendergast, as usual, was a joy to read P S I would so love to watch that card counting scene. This book is a little different from the other Pendergast books in this series, but not to its detriment for me It was an interesting mystery, and the resolution was certainly exciting to the end The Preston Child writing style certainly holds to form here as well as this was a very easy feeling book to read I recommend as a continuation of the overall Pendergast series 4.0 5.0 stars for me. There are two types of people who rate this book highly Those that have never read the rest of the Pendergast series and those whose understanding of the rest of the Pendergast series is skin deep.This book is an insult to the rest of the series I wonder if Preston and Child just got to the point where they said I bet we can write any piece of garbage and put our names on it and put the name Pendergast in it and people will still love it Anyway, you could easily have written this book and replaced all of the character names with other new characters and the book would be better off It would still be pretty bad, but at least it wouldn t soil the rest of the series Pendergast and Constance bear little resemblance to the characters in previous books anyway. After a leaving their last book soaked with uncertainty, Preston and Child return with a very disappointing conclusion Many a thread are left untied with the conclusion of this book In their past books they have treated the unknown with science and explanation, but here they delve way too deeply into the supernatural The ending is remenicent of the deus ex machina endings of ancient Greek theatre The authors build up the suspense, but then take the easy way out by having very improbable things happen The hanging elements of the previous book are left out of the entire story until the last page of the epilogue, wherein they are treated very lightly Hopefully the authors are not planning to try and squeeze another title out of this storyline because they really aren t going anywhere. Another great Pendergast adventure This is the latest book in the Pendergast series from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child It s their superhero FBI agent at it once again, saving lost pieces of art, relics and outwitting everyone all while making you, the reader, feel like you need to go out and start buying Hugo Boss suits and driving around in vintage luxury cars Actually, this book is a departure from the usual behavior of Agent Pendergast He actually becomes a victim of sorts in this book and it s interesting to see Preston and Child trying to develop his character beyond the super cop hero archetype Or, maybe that ispart of the archetypeguess I didn t pay enough attention in anthropology class.All in all it is an entertaining read I finished it in a few days give me a break I was on my way to Afghanistan when I read itotherwise it would be a one or two day read and of course it left me wanting Preston and Child to hurry up and finish their next Pendergast novel Not the most sophisticated or demanding read, but definitely entertaining and Pendergast is such a great character that you can t help but want to spend time at your local museum of natural historyor something

Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley Following a distinguished career at a private nursery school he was almost immediately expelled he attended public schools and the Cambridge School of Weston Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle the loss of his two

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