EvermoreThe First Book In Alyson No L S Extraordinary New Immortals Series Enter An Enchanting New World, Where True Love Never DiesAfter A Horrible Accident Claims The Lives Of Her Family, Sixteen Year Old Ever Bloom Can See People S Auras, Hear Their Thoughts, And Know Someone S Entire Life Story By Touching Them Going Out Of Her Way To Avoid Human Contact To Suppress Her Abilities, She Has Been Branded A Freak At Her New High School But Everything Changes When She Meets Damen AugusteDamen Is Gorgeous, Exotic And Wealthy He S The Only One Who Can Silence The Noise And Random Energy In Her Head Wielding A Magic So Intense, It S As Though He Can Peer Straight Into Her Soul As Ever Is Drawn Deeper Into His Enticing World Of Secrets And Mystery, She S Left With Questions Than Answers And She Has No Idea Just Who He Really Is Or What He Is The Only Thing She Knows To Be True Is That She S Falling Deeply And Helplessly In Love With Him I absolutely loved this book It is a bit of an easy read, but well worth it I felt as though the author had taken some of my favorite young adult books and blended them into one solid story This is basically a young adult romance novel with a supernatural twist It had some humor peppered throughout it, but it was mostly just sweet Damen was an interesting character, but he did irritate me with the Drina situation I won t say because I do not want to spoil it I completely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good YA supernatural romance. How To Write Popular YA Supernatural Literature AND Defile Your Spirit Based on the popular YA novel, Ever, and aided by countless like it, I have compiled an easy to read and follow list of rules for writing a popular series and being able to sell out your soul at the same time Does that sound too convenient Well, it s unbelievably easy to do if you follow my quick and easy program 1 Create an Outcast Heroine.It s important that your primarily female teenage audience can relate to your main character So whilst you can t have your main character associate herself with being cool, it still has to be obvious to your audience that she totally is Now, Meyer s approach of the goose turned Swan but was really still a goose, Bella, associated herself as different and a loner only to arrive at her new school and be immediately popular and accepted by almost everyone Noel s method is different yet in a similar spirit Her protagonist, Ever, was incredibly popular at her old school and has decided to be an outcast because she feels that she can t be accepted due to her psychic gift She also has the ability to perceive someone s personality through the colours that define them So instead of aligning herself with the shallow, mean and popular crowd, she aligns herself with the shallow and mean loners It s very important for your protagonists to be different because today s youth despise the sheep mentality and so they all strive to be unique Since they re all different in almost the exact same way, it is relatively easy to emulate this, with as little effort put into characterization as possible, in your female protagonist.As long as she shows no regard for her clothing, appearance or any kind of interest in giving a shit about anyone but herself she will easily pass with young audiences It will be her ewniqueness that eventually draws the Perfect Hero to her as opposed to any of the usual elements such as looks, hygiene, personality or determinable interest in the world outside their own arse.Please also remember that she probably should be a reader, preferably of Wuthering Heights or Romeo and Juliet and that she should consider everyone around her to have inferior intelligence despite the fact that her reading repertoire extends to only a couple of books.A noticeably absent family is necessary and a completely dead family makes for a better story because then she actually has a perceived reason to be a moody, antisocial, self absorbed little bitch Do this even though, in all likelihood, she would be all of the above with a perfectly normal family.2 Create a perfect hero.It is VERY important that your hero be perfect in almost every regard Unlike the female protagonist who can disregard her appearance, he must not only be attractive than a GQ model without any of the effort put into his appearance, but he must also be thoughtful, intelligent and mysterious.In no way is he to reflect almost every teenage boy to have ever existed and he must have no desire to find a partner for himself who is in anyway comparable in looks, kindness, intelligence or perfection.If he is a vampire or some such immortal then he must be ridiculously wealthy If he is a werewolf then he is allowed to be poor but must make up for it with incredible bedroom skills.He needn t have a personality that extends beyond mysterious, sexy and in love with the female protagonist Naturally, in this respect, Meyers, Mead, Marr and Stiefvater are something like overachievers but if Noel, Saintcrow, Clare, Kate and Fitzpatrick are any indication, then we need know little about the hero other than the fact that he s gorgeous, has a secret and is in love History, friends, likes, dislikes, family, passions, interests, hobbies and personality flaws are all negligible information that is taking up precious space in your novel Especially when you could be injecting drooling from the female protagonist in place of any kind of characterization for your hero.Your book will sell better if the hero stalks, follows, obsesses over and actively pursues the heroine beyond any realm of believability You could triple your audience just by having him watch her sleep.3 Create useless friends.It s important to reiterate to the young adult generation that nobody other than the hero is important Since domestic abuse begins with one partner manoeuvring the other to have limited contact with anyone else, we must strive to normalize this in literature Thus the female protagonist shouldn t have anyone close enough to her that she can t break contact or eventually forget about them It s very important that her full focus, socialization and all of her needs are eventually devoted or met by the male protagonist To aid this, her friends must be selfish, vain, crazy, slutty, uncaring or in other ways undeserving of the heroine s attentions and affections It s very important that she never call them on their poor, damaging and graceless friendship but must lovingly worry about them for the minimal amount of time acceptable to the reader before once again completely focusing on the mysterious hero.4 Mix in a twisted, convoluted plot designed entirely to provide dramatic and sexy subplot.It s important that the plot, no matter how unlikely, must revolve around the hero saving the heroine The villains do not necessarily need to have realistic or conceivable motivations for their actions As long as the hero gets to save the day at least three or four times then your book will be profitable Please remember that the actual plot of your story needn t truly begin until at least 350 pages into your story The longer you can stall any interesting event occuring, the less thinking you will actually need to do.Plus FOR FREE extras to help improve your novel, the bottom line of your sales, and the expedient destruction of your soulHow to create a senseless mythology.Mythology is of a concept rather than something that needs to be respected or honoured Vampires don t need to refrain from daylight and angels no longer need to fall for good they can now be redeemed like us The good news is that creating your own mythology, disregarding anything written before, allows you to twist and bastardize the plot beyond any recognizably interesting conceptExplanations as to why research could actually DAMAGE your profit Research takes time, energy and intelligence Why do it You ve got ten fingers presumably and an attention span that extends past anything that could be compared to a gnat even if it is only barely Simply make it up as you go For example Ever is psychic Research may tell us that this has something to do with receiving visions of the future or possibly commnicating with ghosts Yet research is boring Instead, she is imbued with the following powers that we guess can kind of be put under a psychic umbrella if we force enough information and logic out of our brains first Mind reading, visions of near present and future, personal life knowledge of any person she physically touches, seeing ghosts, seeing auras, literary osmosis from touching any written object, drawing the answers from any written question placed before her and any other supernatural abilities that seem convenient at the timeDetailed observations on why the Deus Ex Machina rocks.Tying together a plot, even if you work to keep it as non complicated or infantile as possible, is hard It s much easier to ignore tying together a number of plot points in any believable fashion and instead rely on some Deus Ex Machina to come in and take care of thoughtful planning for youHow to expand one, nonsensical idea into a series and why this is profitable than originality Last, but not least Ensure that your story is somewhat open ended so that you can create a series out of it Research shows that people, even if they are intelligent enough to see that you re writing is becoming progressively shittier and nonsensical, will often still purchase books in the series in order to find out what happens So rather than creating a new story with new characters, simply beat the same old horse it needn t really be a horse simply a pile of shit that s been forced into a horse like shape for at least three or books in order to squeeze every last cent out of the franchise that you can This review can also be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. THE EVERMORE DRINKING GAME It looks like you ve picked up the Ever Drinking Game, for whichever reason but if it s because you have an interest in reading Ever I strongly advise against it, for your sanity s sake However, if you re still not convinced to stay the hell away from this book , the Ever Drinking Game is here to make your reading experience as enjoyable as possible because trust me, you won t find anything enjoyable in this book without it The rules for the Ever Drinking Game are simple when you read any of the instances mentioned below when reading Ever, you take a swig of anything It could be alcohol for the best results it could be water sadly, with this option, you ll still actually have some grasp of the story , coffee but you ll be as hyper as you ve ever been before you reach the end of the game , or really any other beverage in your disposal Let s begin the game, shall we Once again, when you read any of the following instances, take a swig And go Whenever you roll your eyes, take a swig Whenever you feel like taking a hammer to Ever, take a swig and maybe that hammer Easy so far Don t worry you won t be saying that after long Whenever Ever heh is a complete and total idiot, take a swig yikes Whenever someone uses a positive adjective when describing Damen, take a swig preferably sexy, gorgeous, hot, smoking, or even combustible Whenever someone says omigod , take a swig omigod you re in trouble Whenever Ever presses her lips, take a swig good luck with that one, my friend Whenever another talent Damen has is revealed, take a swig but Damen will probably swig better than you Whenever you find out something before Ever does, take a swig Whenever Ever throws herself a pity party, take a swig ya know, her family used to like parties Whenever Ever dreams of Damen, take a swig Whenever Damen and Ever declare their undying love for each other, take a swig Whenever Riley is annoying, take a swig Whenever you find a Twilight rip off reference, take a swig man, I m harsh Whenever you feel the urge to run out the nearest window because you re reading Ever, take Cymbalta a swig When or if you finish Ever, take a swig, because you, my friend, conquered this monstrosityCongratulations You ve made it this far and finished the Ever Drinking Game And if you haven t that s either because you re too drunk to function and in intensive care, in the bathroom doing only god knows what, or dead Well, wasn t this game enjoyable If one thing s for certain, it was enjoyable than Ever. Edit 04 01 2018 Commentary from Present Day MeOh man, sixteen year old me was so angry lmao Bless his soul This review was fun to look back on, since I actually did read the entire series All six books, all terrible I guess this was also during my Brony phase I noticed the Rarity GIF immediately This series was one of those ones that offended me with how bad it was, if I recall correctly.My old review somewhere around 2012 Hokay So Instead of reviewing the book, I ve decided I m just going to review the whole series right here.It is, and I say this without even an ounce of doubt, the worst series I have ever read Of all the worst things, this is absolutelyThere will be spoilers in this review, but you know, who the fuck cares I wasted my time reading this whole series, because it was basically for nothing I recently realized that all of Ever s struggles in this series are only for the sole purpose so that she can break the curse that s been preventing them to have sex Thus eventually having sex Which they do, in the last book s ending, predictably.Ever is the stupidest heroine in the history of YA Every book ends with her making stupid choice after stupid choice In Blue Moon, she listened to the bad guy, thus unleashing the curse that I was talking about earlier In the third book, she chose to save her best friend Haven who was actually a poser bitch that was barely even nice to her over curing the curse, and by saving her she made her an immortal as well, which I could not get over cause she was insufferable enough mortal And whadaya know, she turns into the villain in book four Shocker.And then of course, there s Damen Auguste Arrogant, muscular, perfect, rich He can paint better than Picasso He s absolutely perfect and flawless in every way possible He s also a controlling and selfish douchebag that irritates me to no end Honestly, that s why he and Ever are perfect for each other Because they re both so equally annoying.And this curse thing God, it dragged on and on for like four books with no resolution Basically, at the end of book two, Ever listens to the villain yet another example of her utter stupidity and ends up getting tricked by him Sure, she cures Damen of this disease that the villain put on him, but there s a catch they won t be able to touch or transfer DNA Meaning, they won t be able to fuck Of course, Ever is all freaking out about it cause she thinks that if they don t fuck sooner or later Damen will leave her, since all hot guys are like that, aren t they Throughout the rest of the books, all Ever wants is to get the antidote, but due to her making stupid choices in every book, it never works out And I think during book three or four or something, Damen starts to be a little minimalistic dressing less fancy, getting rid of his expensive car, etc and you know what Ever does She whines about it.Damen is actually making an effort to get rid of his cocky, arrogant self to be a better person if you will and you whine about it My god, do you guys SEE how absolutely ridiculous her stupidity is I wanted to just reach into the page and knock some sense into her.But back to the whole antidote thing, when I saw the cover for book five, Night Star, I thought Wow, is she finally going to get that stupid antidote already And you know how she gets this antidote She doesn t It turns out that there s this magical tree with a magical fruit that when you eat it, it makes you truly immortal In other words, able to fuck And no, unfortunately I did not make that up, it s actually how it goes.So in the end, they do fuck And that s it Done Ever claims that they re now truly together and everyone lives happily ever after.So what was the message Alyson Noel gave You have to have sex with someone to be truly together with them What a powerful, inspiring message for young readers everywhere Bravo, Ms Noel.To put it shortly, this series is about two selfish people who want so badly to bump uglies Further, I think that this series is nothing but a waste A waste of time, space, paper, pretty much everything you can think of I still ask myself every single day why I ever chose to go through with reading all of the books I ll never get back those brain cells I lost.You may say, Whoa, isn t that a bit harsh It can t be that bad, can it The reason why I may come off as very angry in this review is because it s not just the horrible kind of bad, it s the offensive kind of bad The oh my god why do you even exist on this planet kind of bad The entire plotline of the series in general is pretty much the piss frosting on top of the shit cake, because all this time I d been reading a series that s solely about two selfish asshole teenage immortals who want to fuck that they re willing to do anything for it, the female one being desperate than a thirsty reality TV star That s all there is to it This is not the type of shit that tween girls should be reading and fantasizing over They should not take the message that this book puts forth about having sex with someone being the only way to prove your love or make a relationship last It s just disgusting and wrong on so many levels, and I can t believe the gall of the author to implant this abysmal moral on young minds That may have not been her goal she may not have realized it, but I thought that it was crystal clear.So I advise you, dear reader if you value your well being, stay far far far FAR away from this atrocity Don t make the same mistake I did You still have the chance to save yourselves.Take it.


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