If I'm Being Honest

If I'm Being Honest4.5 stars.Cameron Bright, a high school senior, is beautiful, blonde, and popular She also has a bit of a reputation around school I ve been called that name often enough, under enough breaths, for it not to hurt Not from a girl like her It s hardly an uncommon thought here Cameron Bright s a bitch The thing is, while Cameron can be cruel in the way she says things to people, she s really just brutally honest It s a quality she inherited from her father, whom she never sees, since her parents never lived together, even before she was born Her father is a tremendous business success, but he s a jerk, and he doesn t mince words especially not in his interactions with Cameron Yet she still craves his approval and has planned her future to be closer to him.One night she s ready to let her good friend Andrew know she has feelings for him And just as they start getting closer, Cameron has a run in with Paige, a quirky, moody fellow student, and she lets fly with some cruel insults Andrew realizes that he isn t interested in being with, well, a bitch, and he suspects that she only wanted to be with him because she finally deemed him socially acceptable.Devastated by Andrew s rejection, and inspired by her English class s reading of The Taming of the Shrew , Cameron resolves to tame herself and prove to Andrew that she s worthy of his attention and has the ability to be a better person She s determined to make it up to Paige, and then the she thinks of it, she decides to go back and make amends to all the people she has wronged.It all seems to start with Brendan, Paige s younger brother, on whom she bestowed a horrible nickname Barfy Brendan years ago, which singlehandedly ruined his social life, leaving him to spend his days in the high school computer lab As Cameron tries to redeem herself in Brendan s eyes, he wants nothing to do with her at first, until the two start to bond over video games The time she spends with Brendan, she realizes that he accepts her, faults and all, and even appreciates her honesty So why is she trying so hard to change herself for Andrew If I m Being Honest is an utterly charming book about recognizing the fine line between self improvement and changing yourself completely, and realizing that you shouldn t go changing to try and please someone else Thanks, Billy Joel It s a story about finding the things that make you happy as opposed to things you believe will make others happy, and believing you are worthy of love and respect.Sure, you ve seen this story before, and you probably can predict how the plot will unfold, but in the hands of Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund Broka, you get hooked on the story from the start I really liked Cameron s character because she was fairly uncompromising, and while she was a little cruel, it s nice to see a character who speaks her mind, not always with the purpose of hurting others She has her faults, but there are still so many good qualities in her.I definitely like the message that this book tries to convey If I m Being Honest definitely had me rooting for certain characters and it put me in a good mood, and I was sad when I finished the book Plus, any book that has its characters go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show gets points from me This one was a winner See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.Check out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at This was SO GOOD and I am so pissed at myself for putting it off for so long I m obsessed YA contemporary perfection chef s kiss High School Senior Cameron Bright S Reputation Can Be Summed Up In One Word Bitch It S No Surprise She S Queen Bee At Her Private LA High School She S Beautiful, Talented, And Notorious For Her Cutting And Brutal Honesty So When She Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth In Front Of Her Crush, Andrew, She Fears She May Have Lost Him For Good In An Attempt To Win Him Over, Cameron Resolves To Tame Herself, Much Like Katherine In Shakespeare S The Taming Of The Shrew First, She Ll Have To Make Amends With Those She S Wronged, Which Leads Her To Brendan, The Guy She Labelled With An Unfortunate Nickname Back In The Sixth Grade At First, Brendan Isn T All That Receptive To Cameron S Ploy But Slowly, He Warms Up To Her When They Connect Over The Computer Game He S Developing Now If Only Andrew Would Notice But The Closer Cameron Gets To Brendan, The She Sees He Appreciates Her Personality Honesty And All And Wonders If She S Compromising Who She Is For The Guy She Doesn T Even Want This Is A Previously Published Edition Of ISBN An Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found Here this book is inspired by Ten Things I Hate About You me, adding it to my tbr wow it sure is good to have a reason to live again My thoughts in a nutshell I never planned to read this book It was an instant buy and read because of the cover I thought it would be an ordinary fluffy YA book I m so glad I picked it up It was so much than I felt.The story is about Skip over this point if you don t like the sneak peek Cameron Bright is an honest girl Everyone hates her because she says what s on her mind One day, Cameron s big, old crush Andrew labeled her as one word bitch It is a problem Oooops What impressed me I loved the character development in this novel Cameron is a super badass girl I like her, and I understand her whole motive, why she acts like this Cameron has a lot of personal problems in her life, but she never talks about them She struggles with a careless father, a mother who lost her dream and nothing motivates her any and some high expectations.Her personality beautifully improves She learns about herself and she slowly finds out who she truly is What makes her happy Who makes her laugh Who makes her smile What she really wants in her lifeIf we were meant to be together, you wouldn t have wanted me to change firstThis novel is a journey about a teenager life I adored the powerful message Don t change yourself because you re afraid of what people think Change yourself because you want to be better Don t change yourself to win someone s heart Stay true and you will find someone who likes you being you.It is a crucial lesson for both adults and children.The writing style was great I liked the evolving friendships The romance was slow and exciting I m glad it wasn t so clich.What I don t like Some part of the book Cameron behaves like a little child I didn t enjoy those sections She was rude without reason It was a bit much.I don t like the kissing part of the party It was super weird Make a conclusion Overall, if I m Being Honest is a perfect summer book Fluffy, charming, and adorable with a valuable lesson Excellent beach read, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read a light, YA book. okay, so emily wibberley and austin siegemund broka are ultimate couple goals not only do they write books together, but they write freakin adorable stories with the most wholesome romances i seriously cant get over it like, where do i find myself a significant other who can ALSO be my coauthor thats the dream right there i seriously enjoyed this story so much i feel like on a surface level, anyone would enjoy this sweet contemporary story but with the deeper meanings, flawed but relatable characters, and heartfelt lessons, im pretty sure anyone would downright love this i am just amazed at the complexity of this story, but also how lighthearted it is its definitely a balance that works in the storys favour but most of all, i am such a fan of how both of emily and austins books explore how important it is to be true to yourself and to not change for anyone that is a theme that they effectively write about, and one that is always good to hear i think its safe to say that i will read pretty much anything that these two write 4 stars This is a contemporary retelling of Shakespeare s The Taming of the Shrew that is both a comedy and a tragedy It s also everything I wanted it to be and so much than this duo s previous release Always Never Yours I was recently told that I am brutally honest, a statement I agree with and probably the main reason why I connected so well and so instantly with the heroine of this novel, Cameron Bright, a girl who says what she thinks 24 7.But brutal honesty in general can offend and hurt those who prefer not to have the truth about their own weaknesses and mistakes thrown at their faces So when Cameron confesses her honest feelings about Andrew to him, he rejects her on the grounds that she is mean In order to capture Andrew s heart, she decides to sweeten herself up and right wrongs Become someone else, basically It is almost as memorable as the movie She s the Man starring Amanda Bynes, a childhood favourite of mine It s entertaining, surprising, relatable as well as a little frustrating and saddening at times Cameron Bright and I are basically the same person, except I am both confident and shy, outspoken and quiet, depending on the situation But I was like her once I didn t care about offending other people with my words Now I am conscious about the things I say and to whom I say them Some people need tough love and brutal advice and can take it while others are sensitive and by being honest with them you only end up alienating them I agree with the message of this story That it s important to be yourself even if other people want you to be like everybody else Even if few people understand you Sometimes I make friends, only to drive them away with my unabashed honesty And it s sad But some people appreciate my personality and those I do not drive away You can t connect with everyone so why bother trying to be who they want you to Be yourself and form bonds with those who make you feel comfortable being yourself Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin proof the timeline I m in doesn t totally suck one of my favorite author duos is writing another book, but this time it s inspired by Ten Things I Hate About You, aka my favorite 90s teen movie so yeah I m happy releasesApril 23rd, 2019 3.75 3.5 5

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