Girls at the Edge of the World (Untitled, #1)

Girls at the Edge of the World (Untitled, #1) Stanford Senior Laura Brooke Robson S Debut Stand Alone Apocalyptic Fantasy Told In Alternating POVs About The Leader Of A Band Of Female Elite Royal Aerialists Whose Plan For Survival Depends On Marrying The Prince Until She Meets The Alluring New Recruit Who Secretly Plans To Kill Him, To Kathy Dawson At Kathy Dawson Books, In A Good Deal, At Auction, In A Two Book Deal For Publication Spring This book is coming soon according to author s blog The stoke is LIMITLESS Author has confirmed on Twitter that this is f f to the author s Instagram, this is no longer scheduled for 2020 and does not have a definite release date yet. someone told me this was f f so now I want it, obviously So excited for this book to come out, especially since it s an own voices tale about finding out your sexuality with incredible world building whoa this sounds awesome I am waiting with baited breath for the release of this young authors first novel If her writing is anything like her, it will be FABULOUS Whoever is slowing this process down, they need to hurry up I am so excited to read this I know what to put in stockings now that sugar is bad and everyone has 50 pr of 1 Cant wait for 2 and 3 BIG fan HMU for Climate induced peril Aerial silks Court intrigue Teen girl friendship Teen girl ROMANCE A healthy mix of bad puns and classic lit references that no one cares about My undying belief that you can find the truest magic in natureApparently some people think it s silly for authors to rate and review their own books on Goodreads But, like.You re trying to tell meyou would spend years writing and editing a bookand give it THREE STARS Like, A strong attempt, but I totally guessed the plot twist at the end Nah. Complex and unflinching, Girls at the Edge of the World is an absolutely phenomenal debut The prose is gorgeous, and Robson manages to pack so much meaning into so few words I m in awe that she manages to extract so much from the relationships and the world in such a tightly plotted and written book I adored both narrators and was absolutely enchanted by the sweet, swoony romance between them Robson is a master of creating this backdrop of literal world ending stakes the rise of religious zealotry, isolationist every man for himself politics, etc while also emphasizing that this story is, at its heart, the things we will die and importantly survive for.

I write about snarky girls and climate peril.

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  • Girls at the Edge of the World (Untitled, #1)
  • Laura Brooke Robson
  • English
  • 09 October 2019

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