F*ck Your Diet: And Other Things My Thighs Tell Me

F*ck Your Diet: And Other Things My Thighs Tell MeChloe Hilliard is a female comedienne who has had it with diets In fact, F ck Your Diet.This is a humorous book describing the author s journey from fried Southern food to veganism mostly Beginning as a young child, Chloe was thick Chocolate was her first word She had a torrid love affair with cereal Many of her stories, like being forced to eat everything on her plate because of starving African children, will seem eerily familiar at least to women of a certain age and girth.However, it is also much As the author states, I never imagined this would venture into systematic oppression, political agendas, conspiracy theories, sex tips, and traumatizing relationships If you love food documentaries like Super Size Me and Food, Inc., you should read F ck Your Diet especially if you are a thick woman of any color I enjoyed it plus it made me forgive myself for the French fries I ate for breakfast this morning 4 stars Thanks to Gallery Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review. I received an advanced copy of this book from Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review perfection is overrated and impossible to achieve Understanding that frees you up to focus on being healthy, unique, and confident That is my prayer for you I really enjoyed reading F ck Your Diet And Other Things My Thighs Tell Me It was super relatable and educational I experienced all the emotions while reading this book I laughed out loud often, became teary eyed at some parts and angry at other times due to the treatment toward Chlo , but overall I was inspired Although we differ in age and race, I felt like we had shared experiences to varying degrees with our relationship with food, being bullied because of weight, struggling with self worth, and trying out different diets lifestyle choices being vegetarian, vegan, etc.I feel like Chlo was extremely courageous to share her experiences as it takes a lot of vulnerability to do so I am thankful that she did, because it was comforting to know I wasn t alone in my own experiences with food, weight gain and self worth I really loved how funny this book was and how Chlo used humor to cut some of the seriousness I usually listen to audio books of comedic writers like Mindy Kaling, Tiffany Haddish and Phoebe Robinson, but I still had laugh out loud moments despite not reading them in the pace delivery exactly from the author I also really loved the research and history included in each chapter to get her point across It was very compelling and I learned a ton I never knew about Reagan, Kellogg s, racial bias in healthcare and plastic surgery, just to name a few I hope other readers get as much as I did out of her memoir It s certainly a journey and hard work towards loving the skin you re in and to focus on being healthy vs a weight goal I felt like this book helped to give me some motivation to take steps towards loving myself and making better decisions Thank you for sharing a bit about your life, Chlo edit after I saw another review I am sure there are going to be white people who feel butthurt about some of the things expressed in this book as we can already see in some of these reviews Chlo s experiences were totally valid and I hate that she had to experience the negative ones, especially those related to race As a white person, I didn t feel like she was being racist in her book to share the experiences she had and her observations about the people involved in those experiences In the summary of the book, it explicitly talks about how Chlo includes politics and race in her book, and I m not sure what readers are going to expect since most POC experience racism from white peopleI know the privilege I have as a white person and I don t get upset at the creator writer director when I watch read listen to something about the racism of white people It makes me angry that it s still occurring and even angrier when white people say that a POC can be racist towards white peopleno Just no I can step back and understand that Chlo is making an observation about her experience, but doesn t feel every single white woman acts the way she described in her experiences working with white womenetc If you re getting upset it s likely because what you re reading is hitting a little too close to home. 3.5 but bumped to 4 because much of what Hilliard experienced with her body struggles, I did as well This book is worth the read. I usually don t laugh out loud while reading but this book had me at a whole new level Hilliard weaves her journalism background with her messy childhood to produce a surprisingly well researched memoir filled with food and admirable naivet I loved getting a glimpse into her hilarious, insightful world. You can find my full review on my blog, The Writerly Way, here.Many thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for an eARC in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. From the moment I saw the title, I knew I needed to read this book It clearly spoke to me.I m going to confess that I had absolutely no idea who Chlo Hilliard was and I almost prefer it that way I mean, yeah, sure, I read books from comedians I know, but sometimes it s fun just to discover some nonfiction with no pre judgment or expectations F ck Your Diet is part memoir, part social commentary It s one woman s journey to self acceptance, while also acknowledging the ways society sets her up for failure.Sometimes it s easier to avoid the pitfalls when you know what they are and can see them coming When I picked up this book, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and overall, I was pleasantly surprised Hilliard clearly has spent some time poking around in my brain, because this book was so freaking relatable, despite the few times her and I just didn t see eye to eye.My Thoughts There were several chapters that were enlightening as to what it s like growing up as a lower class black girl, and it was nice seeing another person s perspective Some of the experiences were funny, especially regarding Hilliard s grandmother and family, and some were just insightful and uplifting Of course, some were downright depressing, because life happens The thing I particularly loved is that Hilliard was honest and raw about all of it, even the negative things, and constantly emphasized the fact that life is a journey It can t all be coasting downhill At times, there s a hard critical look at the role place of people of color in society in general If you can t go in with an open mind, this book probably isn t for you, because it s got some hard truths and some even harder opinions Hilliard doesn t shy away from the race thing Some of it was hard to read, even for myself, but that s the beauty of an opinion Hilliard doesn t take a woe is me approach, and often tries to lighten social commentary with humor surrounding her own experience, which made it a nice balance of lightness with the dark The way Hilliard called out problems while also finding the positives in them and the potential they can lead to something made it of an uplifting read Hilliard talks a lot about body image and an attempt to get healthy, and I feel attacked, y all, but also oddly seen There were times I just couldn t stop laughing, because her struggles were things I also struggled with Clearly, we re kindred souls whose thighs are just undermining everything we try to do Stupid thighs Hilliard takes the reader through a montage of diets and fitness regimes she tried with varying success, always with a slightly tongue in cheek approach Hilliard calls out the struggles some people have in this regard, including food deserts, lack of access, and lack of education I went into this book expecting 100% less facts and statistics than were presented I was impressed, not gonna lie I thought this would just be cute little anecdotes, but nope Hilliard cuts no slack at all in calling out problems with society, backed up with statistics and yes, she cites her sources The book doesn t read like a disertation, don t get me wrong, but she s clearly thought about her past experiences and added up all the factors that led her there While it s true that our choices are our own, there are sooo many factors that lead us to any one decision Hilliard pieces together some of these influences to give a broader picture Sticking Points Hilliard is very passionate about some things, so her narrative at times becomes very preachy and prescriptive Which felt weird, considering the overall vibe the book seems to be going for is love yourself and overall acceptance She s very pro vegan and anti red meat Which is fine But I love bacon and hamburgers Sometimes together, but also apart I confess I skimmed the chapter on sex I KNOW I m disappointed in myself, too Especially since the whole point of the chapter, or the part I actually read, was that it s important to have these discussions because sex matters And I agree But let s just say that our experiences in this arena are vastly different, as are our opinions, so I just passed on this one Based on the title and blurb, I thought this would be about Hilliard s struggle with weight and self acceptance, and it was, but it was also a whole lot , to the point where it felt a little random There were a lot of chapters about a lot of things, and it eventually came back to the health weight stuff, but it was sometimes a bit meandering It wasn t bad, necessarily, but I didn t expect it, and I had a little trouble at times following the train of thought and circling back to the original idea. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my digital copy in exchange for an honest opinion I requested this book because I loved the cover and I loved the title I TOUGHT it was going to be a book written by someone who has fought with their weight all along and some funny stories might come from it But this is the book that taught me to look a little closer at the description of the book I absolutely loved chapter oneand just when I was getting settled into it, my mouth started dropping openthis was the most political and racist book I have ever personally read And yes, it is still racism when it is against white people Once the first literal mouth drop happened, it started happening even for every chapter I went inSo many of the things she talks about happening to her usually because of someone white also happened to myself or other people I know who did not happen to have color in their skin I thought this would be some sort of sisterhood bookonly MY sisterhood actually does include everybody You cannot be talking about how racist someone is, all the while literally talking about your problems with white peopleTo me, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem I never judge people based on something they can t control None of us can choose what color our skin is, what gender we were born to, who our parents are or what they taught us when we were young among other things but we CAN choose who we want to be as we grow up We can choose how to treat people We can choose to change so many of our circumstances in life I don t judge people based on color, whether they like boys or girls or both, how much money they have, where they live, how they talk, what they dress likehow tall or short they areblah blah blah I only judge people on whether or not they are an ass in life. Disclaimer I won a preview copy.A memoir about including dieting, body conscious issues, being a young woman of color, the trials of the work place and love I wouldn t say this book was funny but it had it moments It was a catalog of one women s personal journey While I am sure I m not the reading demographic for this book I felt at times Chloe was too self focused rather that realizing many woman not just POC have many of the same journeys at work and with their body issues I worked in publishing, as a chubby middle aged brunette in a world where skinny blonde women rule I wasn t given any extra mentoring and was first in line to be laid off Now I work in Tech a world where sexism and ageism rule and diversity is just a buzz word that companies use to sound good There is a lot of recommend in this book about eating disorders, discrimination, owning your body and sex I think this would be a great book for a young woman that doesn t quite fit in and wants to know they are not alone. Don t judge this book by its cover.I imagine that because Hilliard, who I d heard nothing of before getting my hands on a free copy of this book, is known for her comedy the publishers decided on this ridiculous title and cover It looks and sounds like a pop celebrity memoir, and there s nothing wrong with that genre but that s not this book at all.Hilliard s book is part memoir, part research expose on systemic oppression like racism, fatphobia, misogyny She covers food deserts, tokenism, beauty standards, American food consumption, veganism, typecasting, and much in a nuanced, thoughtful, and honest voice Her writing is informed by her first career as a journalist, as well as her work in comedy I loved this book, but never would have picked it up on my own had it not fallen into my lap I truly worry the marketing of this will keep it from the readers who would love it best, which is a shame Hilliard s book is a pleasure, smart and relatable and informative I hope it gets th attention it deserves. Chloe Hilliard pulls no punches with how she s struggled with dieting, weight loss, weight gain, body image, and learning to love the skin that she s in Each chapters discusses different moments of her life some of which are painful topics, but she s got a wicked sense of humor to cut the pain This book is for anyone who s struggled with their weight and has finally decided that it s much better mentally, emotionally, and physically to try and be healthy rather than trying to be thin. Fans Of Issa Rae And Phoebe Robinson Will Love This Collection Of Laugh Out Loud Funny And Insightful Essays That Explore Race, Feminism, Pop Culture, And How Society Reinforces The Message That We Are Nothing Without The Perfect Body By The Time Chlo Hilliard Was , She Wore A Size Both Shoe And Dress And Stood Over Six Feet Tall Fitting In Was Never An Option That Didn T Stop Her From Trying Cursed With A Slow Metabolism, Baby Weight, And Big Bones, The Fat Trilogy Chloe Turned To Fad Diets, Starvation, Pills, And Workouts, All Of Which Failed Realizing That Everything From Government Policies To Corporate Capitalism Directly Impacts Our Relationship With Food And Our Waistlines, Chlo Changed Her Outlook On Herself And Hopes Others Will Do The Same For Themselves The Perfect Mix Of Cultural Commentary, Conspiracies, And Confessions, F Ck Your Diet Pokes Fun At The All Too Familiar, Misguided Quest For Better Health, Permanent Weight Loss, And A Sense Of Self Worth

Chlo Hilliard is a writer and comedian who first appeared as a semi finalist on NBC s Last Comic Standing and went on to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and Prior to her comedy career, she was a culture and entertainment journalist whose work has been featured in The Village Voice, Essence, Vibe, and The Source source

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