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Nat Enough In this graphic novel, Natalie and Lily are best friends in elementary school, but before middle school starts Lily drops Natalie like a hot potato and hangs out with the cool kids Natalie doesn t understand why Lily has turned on her, so she launches Operation Get Lily Back Even though she makes new friends with Zoe and Flo, she has to go through several embarrassing events before she realizes that some friendships are not worth pursuing It includes an innocent crush, science experiments gone wrong, and a school play I enjoyed this book It s a sweet story about moving from elementary school to middle school I will be purchasing for my school library Fans of Terri Libenson s Emmie and Friends series and Victoria Jameson s Roller Girl will enjoy this story E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusNatalie is starting middle school, but over the summer her best friend Lily has moved across town and befriended a much cooler girl and is being downright mean, calling Natalie a nerd When we see flashbacks of Natalie s memories, we know that Lily has always been a bit this way, and wasn t a great friend to begin with Still, it s hard to start a new year without a friend, and luckily she meets Zoe after an accident in gym that sends her to the nurse with a minor wound There are a variety of typical middle school dramas working in science on a frog dissection with a know it all girl, but the frogs are made of gelatin and end up in a food fight, crushing on a boy in her Advanced Learning Program, being self conscious about being in the school play and writing for a contest All along, Natalie doubts herself and her talents, hoping that Lily will become her friend again She even makes some attempts at being cooler , but they don t work well Finally, Natalie realizes that she can t put her life on hold while waiting for Lily s approval, and finds her own friend group, activities, and maybe even a romantic interest.Strengths This will be hugely popular with my readers who like Raina Telgemeier s angsty graphic novels The Follett Bound Glued copies are 17.51 and the hard covers are 21.34, but those will fall apart in three minutes flat Buy two of the Follett Bound if you can afford it My favorite use of this book will be to hand to to boys during Boys Read Pink Month in February This had a somewhat innovative format, and the cat and dog chapter dividers were clever Weaknesses This is a fairly standard story, and Natalie s mood isworrisome than amusing Thank goodness she has Zoe, who seems like alikable and interesting character I d love a book about her, or even Flo.What I really think Will definitely purchase. Thank you to Graphix for a copy of this ARC to share with our reading group A friendship book with themes of being who you are and what real friendship means will resonate with kids in elementary Was hoping for a bitdepth into the characters, but my 5ths will enjoy this a lot. I have not read the full graphic novel just the sampler sent out as advanced review copy and I love the sampler SO much I can t wait to read the full book It s cute and snarky and silly and relatable for pre teen girls. kidlitexchange Nat Enough by mariascrivan is another fabulous graphic novel about growing up, dealing with challenging friendships and finding your true self Natalie is low on self confidence heading into middle school, but she has her best friend, Lily, to share this new adventure with But Lily finds a new cooler friend and is really mean to Natalie Natalie tries and tries to get Lily back by trying to be someone she isn t She is worried about being nerdy and hesitates to enter the story contest But when she is true to herself she finds happiness and success I am so happy that these stories are out there for my daughters to read as they grow up I wish they had been around for me My eight year old gave this book fives stars For ages 8 to 12 look for it when it is released on April 7, 2020.Thanks to scholasticinc for sharing this book with kidlitexchange and thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own. With the popularity of Telgemeier s books still going strong, authors illustrators are continuing to produce realistic graphic novels with the familiar themes of friendship, belonging, and change that many middle grade readers relate to Scrivan introduces Natalie, a girl who always feels like she s simply not enough Despite her lack of confidence in many areas of her life, Natalie loves to write and draw she even helps tell the story with her own coloring pencil illustrations and clever commentary As the first year of middle school passes, Natlie will discover her own confidence and what it means to have a real friend.Scrivan s story pairs well with her art style and narration choice as it all has a cohesive feeling of a story told about and by a middle school student Hyperbolic supporting characters will give readers a giggle while important lessons are introduced left and right Most notably, moments of big emotions have full page illustration with expressive characters and minimal to no text allowing these lessons to resonate with readers.As noted above, the illustrations and narrative are a fantastic pair, but this also means both are equally shaky when it comes to being attention grabbing and memorable The story is highly formulaic, leaving little to be excited about, and the characters are two dimensional as they are just there to help Natalie tell her story.Overall, this will make a good filler but isn t unique enough or developed enough to make waves. This graphic novel is about Natalie, who starts middle school to find her best friend has dumped her to be part of the popular crowd Natalie tries to get Lily back, but while trying, she meets new classmates who show her she might not have been experiencing friendship before Natalie has a lot to learn about being herself and finding true friends.This book reminded me of Terri Libenson books, and also maybe a bit of the comic strip Luann Something about the cat and dog jokes on the new chapter pages made me think of comic strips, but I liked it, and that humor and style definitely worked for this book I can t wait to get a copy for the school library these kids LOVE graphic novels, and when these characters go through the same problems the students face, those books don t stay on the shelf I think this will be a hit. Natalie is just starting middle school, but she s having some self confidence problems and feels like she s not enough not talented enough, not popular enough, not pretty enough Also her best friend since 2nd grade, Lily, has found another friend and has turned mean, calling Natalie a nerd and ignoring her Nat is obsessed with winning Lily back, and barely notices the good new friends she s made But when her Language Arts teacher announces a story contest, Natalie has a great idea Maria Scrivan s artwork is great expressive characters and well designed panels The storyline is easy to relate to, and the message is important Similar in style to Raina Telgemeier and Victoria Jameson, I m sure this will be popular in my library.For this andof my reviews, visit CHECK IT OUT This is a cute graphic novel I m torn on the voice of it though It reminded me a lot of older comic strips, like Sunday morning cartoons than say, Raina Telgemeier Sometimes there were really clever and funny jokes especially in the background that might go over the head of its audience But they made me giggle aloud What I find especially conflicting is how there are those really smart and clever jokes but then the storyline is SO BASIC It s like it can t make up its mind, whether it should talk down to its readers or treat them like intelligent human beings.That said, I liked the colored pencil drawings, again very reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes or Family Circle The story may be basic but I like when young books talk about broken friendships Losing friends and finding new ones in middle school, and throughout life, it hard There are so many books about broken romantic relationships but not enough about broken friendships I think for middle readers that this is a good place to start with that lesson.Conclusion Recommend to young readers but I probably won t keep it Making Friends Isn T Easy, But Losing Them Is Even Harder Natalie Has Never Felt That She S Enough Athletic Enough, Stylish Enough, Or Talented Enough And On The First Day Of Middle School, Natalie Discovers That Things Are Worse Than She Thought Now She S Not Even Cool Enough For Her Best Friend, Lily As Natalie Tries To Get Her Best Friend Back, She Learns About Her True Self And Natural Talents If Natalie Can Focus On Who She Is Rather Than Who She Isn T, Then She Might Realize She S Than Enough, Just The Way She Is

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[PDF / Epub] ✩ Nat Enough  ☉ Maria Scrivan –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Nat Enough
  • Maria Scrivan
  • 24 June 2017
  • 9781338538199

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