The Boss's Marriage Arrangement

The Boss's Marriage ArrangementPretending To Be Her Boss S Mistress Is One Thing But Now Everyone In The Office Thinks Harriet Is Matthew Cole S FianceeHarriet Has To Keep Reminding Herself It S All Just For Convenience But How Far Is Matthew Prepared To Go With The Arrangement The Boss s Marriage ArrangementShe works with her best friend and has been in love with her boss from the very beginning Her best friend is a childhood neighbor His girlfriend has been jealous of their friendship Her boss has wanted her for his own The plot line is good But the male hero s jealous tendency is questionable If he would listen to her and believe the one he loves and not the gossip things wouldn t have gone so wrong I did enjoy that as the reader you got his and her thoughts about the situation But there wasn t much trust from him. he had datedwomen than he had done in the past few years But none of them had so much as dragged his thoughts away from Harriet for as long as five seconds Yes, he was celibate after seeing h and he didn t have hope of having her That s why I love PJ s besotted heroes After reading SC s Santangelli Marriage, it erased the pain of cheating hero It might be the reason of 4,5 stars despite of foolishness of both MCs and plot. Read it a long time ago I remember it made me smile so it s worth 5 stars still.A cute romance Matt fell in love at first sight with Harriet Harriet s the same Matt believed that Harriet loved Ben, her best friend, and saved her virginity for Ben His jealousy seemed so painful, at first After a while, despite of her insistence that she didn t love Ben as a lover, his jealousy had grown and further became a silly one It s funny, tho This s why I smiled a lot chuckle So to avoid gossip in his office, he forced her to get engageg and marry him See Oh well, what can I say, love makes people ridiculous, maybe The Boss s Marriage Arrangement is the story of Harriet and Matthew.This book was just OTT sweetness A couple who is crazy for each other but hiding their feelings gets into a faux engagement when the h s closeness with her best friend raises eyes, and finally breaks the dam of jealousy for the hero.They spend the book yearning for each other, while keeping their obsession concealed but they finally break when close proximity forces them to acknowledge their feelings.Sweet and loyal MCs.Safe4 5

Caroline Courtney,

❴Reading❵ ➿ The Boss's Marriage Arrangement Author Penny Jordan –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • The Boss's Marriage Arrangement
  • Penny Jordan
  • English
  • 15 January 2017
  • 9780263866438

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