Every Other Weekend

Every Other Weekend Can Life Begin Again Every Other Weekend Adam Moynihan S Life Used To Be Awesome Straight As, Close Friends And A Home Life So Perfect That It Could Have Been A TV Show Straight Out Of The S Then His Oldest Brother Died Now His Fun Loving Mom Cries Constantly, He And His Remaining Brother Can T Talk Without Fighting, And The Father He Always Admired Proved Himself A Coward By Moving Out When They Needed Him MostJolene Timber S Life Is Nothing Like The Movies She Loves Not The Happy Ones Anyway As An Aspiring Director, She Should Know, Because She S Been Reimagining Her Life As A Film Ever Since She Was A Kid With Her Divorced Parents At Each Other S Throats And Using Her As A Pawn, No Amount Of Mental Reediting Will Give Her The Love She S Starving For Forced To Spend Every Other Weekend In The Same Apartment Building, The Boy Who Thinks Forgiveness Makes Him Weak And The Girl Who Thinks Love Is For Fools Begin An Unlikely Friendship The Weekends He Dreaded And She Endured Soon Become The Best Part Of Their Lives But When One S Life Begins To Mend While The Other S Spirals Out Of Control, They Realize That Falling In Love While Surrounded By Its Demise Means Nothing Is Ever Guaranteed

Abigail was born in Pennsylvania When she was twelve, her family traded in snow storms for year round summers, and moved to Arizona Abigail chronicled the entire cross country road trip in a purple spiral bound notebook that she still has and has been writing ever since She became a tetraplegic after breaking her neck in a car accident when she was seventeen, but hasn t let that stop her from

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  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Every Other Weekend
  • Abigail Johnson
  • English
  • 26 October 2018
  • 9781335929099

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    For sniff, sniff, again four sniveling noises , okay let s try again four sobbing sounds, this comes from my husband because I told him the plot of the book and he actually started to sob while he was chopping onions for his signature meatballs , okay FOUR OH GOD I CRIED SO MUCH, THIS BOOK IS REALLY SAD, HEART WRENCHING and I think I m gonna binge watch It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and SNL episodes to recover from it stars Wow, this is way of too angsty, heartbreaking, emotional and gripping story for my taste Some parts depressed me so much, I feel and hurt for those young beautiful characters have been going through hell in their personal lives Unfortunately nobody can have a chance to choose their family If we have those chances, all those shitty parents feel pissed off because they cannot find a person to blame for their miserable lives and they cannot find any other person to abuse They always use the kids to leave invisible scars could never get healed at the end of their lives And yes, Jolene and Adam are also suffering from their own parents from hell, so they have been pushed to be grown up faster and punched by life s harshest consequences because when life deals you a shitty hand, you may leave the table or you learn how to bluff to change the situation for your own leverage Their slow building not enemies but unlikeable fellows to friends and lovers relationship warmed my heart The weekends turned into their small escapes from their compelling lives.Some parts of book really made me sob so much and so many people stopped me to make sure I was all right My advice for you friends do not ever read a tear jerker, ugly crier books when you re at the public places I did it when I push my shopping cart when I bought my groceries The market security guy got so worried about me and as I told him about this book s plot, he also started to cry I thought this book brought out his worse childhood memories A few other women who eavesdropped our talking also joined the hysterical crying movement One of the worst things, when I tried to calm the choir of ugly criers down, I realized the ice creams I bought already melted Yikes CHARACTERIZATION is good, realistic and well rounded The story line was upsetting, frustrating I wanted to scream at the author to give a break and stop torturing those beautiful characters Only bad thing a little irritated me was too book s longevity Maybe a little reduction would be better for the pacing The readers need to take a break from sniffing, crying, sobbing and other turmoil they have to endure during their reading Just because of all those long pages push me lower my star points Special thanks to Netgalley and HARLEQUIN TEEN for sharing this beautiful, emotional roller coaster with me in exchange my honest review

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    I quite enjoyed it Mel

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    Pages 432Publication January 7th 2020Witty yet poignant story of love in a hopeless placePerfectly developed story about a pair of teens from broken homes who meet at the crappy apartment complex of their fathers, who have custody of them every other weekend Both teens have heavy issues they are dealing with in their personal and family lives They find escape, comfort and joy in being together when they would otherwise have nothing.Jolene Timber is a rich girl from the city whose parents broke up because her father cheated on her mother They had a personal trainer, named Shelly coming to the house regularly and Shelly became friendly with Jo in order to get closer to her father Jolene s mother then was caught them in bed together Now her father works so much Jolene never sees him and his lawyers demand that he gets custody every other weekend, which is just a way to get back at her unloving and sometimes abusive and alcoholic mother So Jo is stuck with Shelly when she comes to the rundown apartment he rented in order to hide assets from her Mom Jo meets Adam, who grew up in the farming suburbs, on the balcony next to hers on his first day coming to see his father who is living in the apartment next to Jolene Adam thinks his father is a coward for leaving his Mom and he shows his animosity to his Dad every chance he gets His family didn t break apart due to cheating, it happened because of a loss and he he feels like his Dad left during their time of need.Jolene is a filmmaker and Adam wants to reassure his mother that he is doing fine at his father s so he asks Jo if he can take a picture of her to send his Mom in order to say he met someone They quickly become friends and thereafter spend just about every minute of every other weekend together Jolene has a quick wit and is always teasing Adam, who blushes like nobody s business The book has than it s fair share of laughable moments As these two get to know each other on their Dad weekends and text during the week, they develop feelings for each other The book is sweet, nostalgic, heartwarming and also deals with some tough issues such as personal loss, grief, abuse, neglect, and It was well written with great characters and supporting characters such as Shelly, Adams brothers Greg and Jeremy and Jolene s friends Cherry and Gabe I really enjoyed the story and the nostalgia of first love.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub

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    this cover just added 2 years to my life

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    This was an absolute masterpiece I wanted to insert so many quote worthy passages from this extremely well written novel, but I decided to let you discover the beauty of Abigail Johnson s prose for yourself I also want to use words like stunning, highly intelligent, topical and relevant A MUST READ Abigail Johnson has created such endearingly unforgettable characters in Jolene and Adam Jolene will crack you up with her wicked wit, her bravado and dramatic self deprecating ways She has had to create a bullet proof shell around her heart in order to endure the war zone that was her childhood Jolene is a filmmaker by necessity, escaping into the world of movies, rewriting the awful script that real life has handed her What a gutsy girl Jolene and Adam are angry, messed up kids who meet one another during their bi weekly visits with their respective separated parents, who happen to live in the same apartment building Their rage and discontent jumped out at you from the written page It was almost impossible to stop reading this story Adam is so decent and adorable He falls instantly under Jolene s spell, even though she fights to keep their relationship in the friend zone because love is never anything anyone has ever freely given her before Her parents are selfish monsters The dialogue is fast paced and often quite hilarious I don t know if I have ever laughed and sniffled so much during a YA before Well done Jolene and Adam s slow burn relationship has its anxious moments, but the satisfyingly realistic ending will leave you crying happy tears They don t know what the future will truly bring for these two, but we know the scenario that they HOPE will be what the Fates have in store for them The scene where Jolene and Adam predict their joint Oscar acceptance speeches his for the adapted screenplay of his first novel, hers for filming and directing that very same first novel had me in stitches Adorable Something tells me that they may very well make it those are two very strong willed, passionate young adults HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A 10 out of 5 stars My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    It was a love story Not romantic exactly, but the kind of love that maybe lasts beyond passion and heartache It was a story of friendship, with all its possibilities laid out in front of it What a powerful story of love that enflames between two teens in a hopeless world What can I tell you about Abigail s writing It s gut wrenching, inspiring, beautiful, and absolutely well worth every page This is the third book that I ve read from Abigail and she continues to impress with with her flawless story telling Abigail once again created unforgettable characters of Adam and Jolene This is the story of two teens that come from backgrounds that have been broken and they connect with one another through the pain, love, friendship, and healing There is a lot of heavy content that is discussed in this novel but Abigail writes with ease and love through every single page Oh my gosh did my heart break for both Adam and Jolene Do you ever wonder how sometimes in this messed up and fed up world we find love With all the heartache that surrounds us in this so called beautiful thing we call life Well. let me tell you right here ladies and gentleman between Adam and Jolene love does exist.This was an unforgettable novel and can t give Abigail enough praise Highly highly recommend my friends 5 5 stars And YES this hardly every happens for me I ve giving a book 5 stars so RUN to pre order this.Thank you so much to Netgalley and Harlequin Inkyard Press for the arc in exchange for an honest review.Publication date 1 7 20Published to GR 10 19 19

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    Forced to spend every other weekend in the same apartment building, the boy who thinks forgiveness makes him weak and the girl who thinks love is for fools begin an unlikely friendship The weekends he dreaded and she endured soon become the best part of their lives. This sounds like its going to be filled with everything I love in a YA contemporary E ARC kindly sent by the publishers at Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review Release date 07 January 2020

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    1st 5 star read of 2020 You made me want to be happy again I am mentally kicking myself for not reading this book sooner because now that I ve read AND fallen completely in love with Adam and Jolene this book has easily become one of my all time favorite reads I stayed up all night reading it and the reading hangover the next morning was 100% worth it I want all of you Prickly, funny, sarcastic, brilliant, and sometimes a little mean you I loved that it made me laugh out loud, I loved that it was easy to claim Jolene instantly as a BFF, I loved how easy it was to fall for Adam even when he was at his moodiest and you could tell he didn t much like my girl Jolene in the beginning haha and I even loved that it not only tugged at my romantic heart strings but it played all my other emotions like a well strung guitar All my life I ve wanted to change things, to make them perfect and safe and unreal, because my reality was a mess This book deals with some pretty heavy stuff but it also gives you hope and friendship and love Not just the romantic kind of love either Family and friends play a huge part And you get the good with the bad and all the complicated messes in between Every other chapter had me either laughing, getting all mushy with the fuzzy feels, bawling my eyes out or wishing instant death on certain characters you know who you are I swear my heart got battered reading this Adam, I never needed a movie with you, because when you love someone and I can say it a million times if you want it s already perfect Every Other Weekend gave me some serious YA feels a la Fangirl It had great characters that were complex, a story that was rich and the distinctive voices the author gave each of her characters was spot on And not just Jo and Adam because there s a huge range of characters that contribute something extra to the story and paints a bigger and broader picture It was a love story Not romantic exactly, but the kind of love that maybe lasts beyond passion and heartache It was a story of friendship, with all its possibilities laid out in front of it That s what Adam and I had I wasn t expecting such a deeply moving story but I m so glad that I took a chance because I can t stop gushing over this book It really left an impression on me Memorable Moments Pretty much all the back and forth texting between Adam and Jolene How Adam envisioned their success, their friendship, their everything he saw us together Not just for a year or throughout college, but always. When Adam promises to read The Fellowship of the Ring outloud to Jo, my book loving heart about melted I m bringing you my copy of The Fellowship of the Ring next weekend We ll find somewhere quiet and I will read than the opening chapters to you Jolene, always being able to pull Adam out of his funk and making him laugh She took both my hands like she was about to bare her soul to me In a soft, gentle voice, she said, If you feel like you need to cry, just give me a sign and I ll collide into you, knocking us both to the ground that way everyone will think you re crying cause I kneed your junk Adam reading Jolene s essay the heart of her essay Jolene s heart beat beautifully through the whole thing.I could keep going but I ll end up quoting the whole book Would I recommend Yes, I really liked this one and hope others do too This book just brought every emotion in me out and I know this story will stay with me for a long while ARC provided for an honest review I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own SAFETY INFO view spoiler Ages Adam and Jolene are both 15 going on 16.Romance Yes but it s definitely a slow burn progression from friendship to romance Sexual Content No descriptive sexual contact MCs kiss and have a few make out scenes Possible Triggers Jolene is targeted by a sexual predator and she is a victim of sexual assault forced kissing and touching No rape Jolene also deals with the world s most toxic parents, she s a product of a antagonist divorce where it s made obvious that neither parent cares for her There s death of a sibling Adam s parents are separated because neither parent could cope with the lose of Adam s oldest brother Greg over two years ago Sibling rivalry Adam and his other brother Jeremy are angry with themselves and each other while dealing with their own grief over Greg Unhealthy abusive relationship and cheating involving secondary characters Standalone Series I believe it s a stand alone but the author mentions in the back of the book that Daniel Greg s best friend is the MC of another book If I save you hide spoiler

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    I m pretty picky with contemporary but I loved the writing and dialogue in this It felt a little young to me which I feel like would be absolutely perfect for teens

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    I m not sure if it was Abigail s intention to leave me sobbing on an airplane with no one to talk to about my feelings but here we are.

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