My Beautiful Child

My Beautiful Child In Their First Collaboration, Lisa Desimini And Her Husband, Artist Matt Mahurin, Bring To Life The Heartfelt Wishes And Loving Dreams All Parents Have For Their Own Children I Want To Show You Everything, My Beautiful Child Especially How Much I Love You From The Breathtaking Beauty Of A Clear Blue Sky To The Wonder Of Touching A Fuzzy Caterpillar, The Greatest Riches In Life Are Those Moments Of Stillness And Joy We Share With The Children We Cherish Lisa Desimini S Simple, Delicate Words And Matt Mahurin S Warm, Intimate Illustrations Capture The Closeness Between Parent And Child The Kindness, Patience, And Love That Bring True Happiness To Us All Celebratory Yet Soothing, Here Is A Treasure For Every Parent And Child To Share Together

An American children s author and illustrator, Lisa Desimini was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1965, and educated at the School of Visual Arts, in New York City Desimini has illustrated thirty five books for children, nine of which she also authored She is married to fellow artist Matt Mahurin, with whom she collaborated on My Beautiful Child sources the author s website, and

[PDF] ✈ My Beautiful Child By Lisa Desimini –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • My Beautiful Child
  • Lisa Desimini
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9780439458931

10 thoughts on “My Beautiful Child

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    This is one of my favorites to read to my little ones.

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    My Beautiful Child is a realistic fiction book This book is targeted for pre primary and primary aged children The book is about all different things parents can do with their children or show their children It names things such as, showing them how green the grass is, how soft a blanket can be and how a shadow will follow you everywhere you go It really shows how much a parent loves their child and how precious they are I rated this book with 5 stars because it is very enjoyable The pictures cover two pages at a time and there are not a lot of words on each page The book is also a wonderful book to encourage parents to read to their children It has a heartfelt message and is an easy read I also like this book because it has all different races and ethnicities of children and parents This way almost all students can relate to the characters I thinkg this book will be very appealing to children considering the large painted pictures and short text I could use this book in the classroom for enjoyment or when talking about families.

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    On the day my father died, a child at my daycare had borrowed this book, and it was the first time id ever read it I took it as a joint love letter from God and my Father And I balled my eyes out This book was a healing balm, or part of one, and no mistake No, it is not just for children Read it no questions please, just read it.

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    A beautiful it s a wonderful world picture book celebrating parent child love In each picture, there is a parent sharing a an experience like the sweetness of a strawberry or the warmth of the sun I especially appreciate the picture of the father watching the child fly a paper airplane next to a suitcase with scattered papers on the ground.

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    This is a sweet story to snuggle up with your kids with It s ideal for parents, but I think it s a great book for teachers to read, too It s about different things we can show children, whether it s nature, or how to say hello It s such a sweet story.

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    I Loved the way the author puts in down..The style and how he pictures everything..The illustration is a bit funny,, I liked itt though. Very worth reading

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    Read this to your children.Marvel at the art.Desimini Mahurin really capture the wonder of parenting and childhood.

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    A colorful cuddle time book Good for toddlers or moms to be.

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    Picture Book

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    One of those sappy sweet books to a child, but this one isn t quite as sappy I love the cover illustration These parents want their child open for adventures.

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