The Great Gain of Godliness

The Great Gain of Godliness Among CH Spurgeons , Puritan Books, One Prize Was Said To Be Missing Thomas Watsons Notes On MalachiWrote Spurgeon, This Would Be A Great Find, For Watson Is One Of The Clearest And Liveliest Of Puritan Authors The Book That Spurgeon Longed For, Reset And Lightly Edited, Rich Spirituality, Nourishing Doctrine, Practical Wisdom

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Thomas Watson c 1620 1686 was an English, non conformist, Puritan preacher and author He was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he was noted for remarkably intense study In 1646 he commenced a sixteen year pastorate at St Stephen s, Walbrook He showed strong Presbyterian views during the civi

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  • The Great Gain of Godliness
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  • 23 May 2017
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    Originally published in 1682 as Religion Our True Interest , this is yet another good book from the author, written in easygoing, clear manner some words have been modernized to make things easier for us today It ponders on a Bible text, malachi 3 16 18, on what the gain of godliness piety is.First part talk about the character of the godly, of staying such in evil days and be motivated with strong zeal to be faithful , on having a good fear of God and how to know if one has it , on how the godly speak about things of faith examples of subjects are given, and also what does not belong there , and meditate on God s name frequently what he s like, his works, his mercy and so on In the second part the subject is what the good effects of this behavior is, how God reacts to our good conduct He notices, records it, rewards it here and after life A chapter on the difference between the righteous and the world persons, and finally there s a short chapter of consolation for the afflicted believers, to strenghten them.This was a breeze to read and this is true with some authors, that you know they write in a way that makes things flow smoothly Another good sign was that I got many notes out of the text, especially the good fear of God part There are religious books that are very good yet you don t get much to write down from them Kind of wish I had of the author s books, but then I can reread after a while Very enjoyable read.

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    Watson is very clear in his exhortations He doesn t beat around the bush Just like the subtitle explains, this is a good collection of practical notes on Malachi 3 16 18, full of instruction, exhortation, and encouragement For example from page 74 Question How may good conference i.e conversation be arrived at Answer 1 If you wish to discourse of religion, get your minds well furnished with knowledge Some are backward to speak of good things for lack of matterIf you would have your tongues run fluently in religion, they must be fed with a spring of knowledge.Answer 2 If you would discourse readily in the things of God, make religion your delight What men delight in, they will be speaking of.Answer 3 Pray that God will both gift and grace you for Christian conference O Lord open thou my lips Ps 51 15.

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    Thomas Watson is hands down my favorite Puritan The way he writes so draws me into the experience of what he s writing about, I cannot help but love his books the life changing messages they bring As always, he opened my eyes to so many new perspectives on godly living provided the usual practical examples he s so famous for Chapter 6 Is the Fear of God in Our Hearts really impacted me shed new light on many texts concerning this subject Watson is not so hard to read as some of the other Puritans so this book could easily be read in a few days or week be easily understood Putting it into practice, now that would be another story

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    What a blessing it is to read Thomas Watson His works truly are treasures All Watson s writings are devotional, and it warms my heart incredibly to read him In this work he lays down the case for godly living and of holy fear, for we, God s children, are his treasures, his for all eternity.

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    Wow What an incredible book There s so much to benefit from in it Can t recommend it highly enough.

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    Lengthy and covers a lot of ground a little too much ground , for which I give it 3 stars However, I would give his sections on Christian conference discourse among Christians 5 stars It was for that content that I read his book, and it was quite good A few favorite quotes Fear preserves seriousness faith preserves cheerfulness Thus, Christians, when you meet, give one another s souls a visit impart your spiritual knowledge, impart your experiences with one another Can you belong to heaven and not speak of your country

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    Very helpful read Scattered with gems, of which the following probably jumped out the most for me A great part of wisdom lies in consideration He who fears God considers how vain the world is, and therefore dares not love it how short time is, and therefore dares not lose it and how precious salvation is, and therefore dares not neglect it.

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    Started out ok but then got really good.

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    Can t recommend enough glorious theology.

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    A reminder that a healthy fear of God has wholesome effects upon one s life.

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