Up Against the Wall Motherf**ker: A Memoir of the Sixties with Notes for Next Time (Seven Stories Press)

Up Against the Wall Motherf**ker: A Memoir of the Sixties with Notes for Next Time (Seven Stories Press) They Called Themselves The Motherfuckers Others Called Them A Street Gang With An Analysis Osha Neumann S Thoughtful, Funny, And Honest Account Of His Part In S Counterculture Is Also An Unflinching Look At What All That Rebellion Of The Past Means Today The Fast Moving Story Follows The Establishment Of The Motherfuckers, Who Influenced The Yippies And Members Of SDS Makes Vivid The Art, Music, And Politics Of The Era And Reveals The Colorful, Often Deeply Strange, Personalities That Gave The Movement Its Momentum Abbie Hoffman Said The Motherfuckers Were The Middle Class Nightmare An Antimedia Media Phenomenon Simply Because Their Name Could Not Be Printed In The Few Years Of Its Existence The Group Forced Its Way Into The Pentagon During A War Protest, Helped Occupy One Of The Buildings In The Columbia University Takeover, And Cut The Fences At Woodstock To Allow Thousands In For Free, Among Many Other Feats Of Radical Derring DoProgressing From A Fractured Family Of Intellectuals To Rebellion In The Streets Of New York And On To Communes In California, Newmann Shows Us A View Of A Life Led In Rebellion, Anger, And Eventually A Tentative Peace

Osha Thomas Neumann is a prominent civil rights attorney in Berkeley, California.

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Up Against the Wall Motherf**ker: A Memoir of the Sixties with Notes for Next Time (Seven Stories Press)
  • Osha Neumann
  • English
  • 02 April 2019
  • 9781583228494

10 thoughts on “Up Against the Wall Motherf**ker: A Memoir of the Sixties with Notes for Next Time (Seven Stories Press)

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    Was difficult to respect the author as he s such a misogynist and a coward Did manage to make it a little than half way through Maybe he redeems himself in the end I had little to know knowledge of this particular group of activists, if activist is the correct word I did learn a bit about context and particular actions.I ve got a copy of Black Mask Up against the Wall Motherfucker The Incomplete works of Ron Hahne, Ben Morea, and the Black Mask Group I ll see what that has to offer.

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    I started reading this because I adored Cory Doctorow s novel Little Brother and that book mentions this one It s a memoir narrative of the radical violent movement by a group known deliberately as the Motherf ckers They wanted to agitate and they did agitate It was a wild time but it made me sick to read about this group I stopped reading after they describe the superintendent of their building throwing acid on the face of a resident.The author talks about living on a nude commune and having no privacy in front of everyone.He leaves his wife and child and has a second child with the woman with whom he d been carrying on a intermittent long term affair with, who is his second wife at the time of publication.The careless brutality was too much for me I didn t enjoy it because of the violence and the lack of dignity and respect the author and his fellow motherf ckers had for anything resembling civilization Don t ask me why the 1960s judges were sympathetic to the deliberate violence because these men were thugs.

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    there are two sections to this book, the motherfuckers and after the motherfuckers.i love that memoirs like this exist, because neumann s and the motherfucker s story is one that mostly gets left out of or, if not, distorted in the history books and neumann really bares his soul here, examining where he was at and some of the personal issues he was struggling with and also calling out some of the sexism that was embedded in the motherfuckers politics that s the motherfuckers section.the after the motherfuckers section, i didn t like so much neumann s self absorption rapidly becomes less charming as he rockets through everything that has happened since the early 70 s his analyses all refer back to his days as a motherfucker and his understanding of the root issues that were the cause of his and his comrades rebellion the useful bits were overshadowed by the broad brushstrokes he used to paint any struggles he wasn t personally involved in.

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    I ran across this book when looking for information about Underground My Life with SDS and the Weathermen Knowing that one of my neighbors had been a member of this group in the 1960 s, I was curious to peak into his earlier life The books starts off interesting but deteriorates I thought the notes for the next time part consisted of useless to me big picture abstractions rather than any real world helpful hints The Mark Rudd book mentioned above has helpful real world discussion I didn t find out much about my neighbor s youth I recognized one anecdote I d heard him tell, but Neumann used pseudonyms for most of the characters so unless you already know who is who, you can t tell That is probably for the best as they mostly come off as real jerks.

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    While this provides a partial account of the Motherfuckers as a group, the text really grates because Neumann seems completely blind to his own privilege and remarkably lacking in insight It should be read against some of Ben Morea s interviews but we could really do with a biography of Morea and possibly some of the other street level figures from Black Mask and the Motherfuckers The early parts of the book describing the miseries of growing up as a child of Frankfurt group luminaries are a real drag there can t be much that is less interesting than the lives of tenured academics.

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    An interesting memoir of a member of a 1960s leftist gang that just so happens to be dear to my heart I really liked the personal account and that Neumann ended with an analysis of the Left today His style is not at all soap boxy, but very honest in his criticism and support Anarchist is a much better term than leftist for this group.

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    An extreme read, insightful and hard nosed.

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    Interesting look at the life of a self made radical, but it never quite connected in the way I hoped.

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