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My Best Friend A Little Girl Eagerly Welcomes Her Best Friend To Spend The Night She Is Glad To Have A Friend Who Can Run Faster, Climb Higher, And Jump Farther Than Anyone Else But When The Lights Are Turned Out And The Visitor Is Afraid, The Little Girl Proves What Best Friends Are For Once Again Hutchins Captures The Simple Elements Of A Child S Life In A Heartwarming Story, Steeped In TruthA Must Booklist

Pat Hutchins is an English illustrator and writer of children s books.She won the 1974 Kate Greenaway Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year s best children s book illustration by a British subject The work was The Wind Blew, a picture book in rhyme which she also wrote It shows how a crowd of people anxiously chase their belongings in the wind.

✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ My Best Friend By Pat Hutchins ⚣ –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • My Best Friend
  • Pat Hutchins
  • English
  • 23 September 2019
  • 9780688114855

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    A lovely book which explains that we cannot all be good at everything but sometimes we re good at things that other people are not.

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    These reviews were written by children who are aged 7,8,9.It was just really, really short It had only one adult and two children TarikIt was terrible because it was very boring CathalIt was an okay book BellaThat book was kind and I like it DaryaIt is a good book for young readers SimonThere was no funny parts EitvydasIt was a nice little book but it could be better MilaEverything was just she was, she was, she was, she was DanielWhy did the kids look the same MichalI thought it was kind of bad Since it s boring I give it one star VadimVery simple story DianeYou could learn something from it ErinIt was very boring and weird MonicaIt was unfair because the friend knew everything LillyIt was a really friendly story AmelijaIt is for younger children aged 3 4 KamilThis book was literally terrible PatrykIt was very, very short and very, very boring DawidEvery page that we turned on to, it said My best friend, my best friend, my best friend RameenThis book should be for younger children For older children or teenagers, it would be horrible AhmedI was interested in it because it was about someone s best friend AoifeI don t like this book It s very boring MarcelIT IS AWESOME Olga

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    Main Characters An unnamed boy and girlPoint of View 3rd personSetting The boy s housePlot The boy s best friend, a girl, comes over for a sleep over The girl is remarkably better than the boy at many of the activities they engage in during the sleepover , but the boy reacts with admiration and appreciation for their friendship As the children prepare to sleep, the talented best friend is frightened by the curtain swaying from the window breeze The boy is able to calm his friend s fears by closing the window, which garners admiration and appreciation from his best friend.Main Ideas Friendship, Personal abilities, self conceptI recommend this book as a teaching tool for younger kids who are beginning to develop friendships The book helps with threats to self concept and self efficacy as children begin comparing themselves to their peers This book may actually be helpful for adults as well, as we all suffer through friend envy at various points in our development I should give my best friend a call.

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    This book deals with the topic of friendship for young children between the ages of 3 5 year olds The cover page is bright, and colorful It shows two children sharing a book together as they are sitting in bed with the covers up to their waste This book illustrates the things that friends do together It answers the, What it means to be a friend question All preschoolers can identify with this book because the concept of friendship is very important to children within this age group I will use this book as I continue to explore the concept of friendship within the Developmental Discipline.

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    This book could read together by two friends They can each read a page or read the book and then the other friend reads The class may be talking about whose important in our lives, this book would be good to read then Many children have someone who they consider their best friend so they can give reasons why that person is their best friend Students might be surprised to see that other students have the same reason why someone is their friend or make new friends by doing this.

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    This was a cute picture book, although I did find myself wishing that the first little girl had been better at something then her best friend, besides not being afraid I think I just needed a sense of balance I think it s a great picture book for story time though and I might just be being weird about the lack of balance I also really liked the illustrations.

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    My Best Friend is a cute early read book that demonstrates each person is different and can compliment another person One little girl seemed to be perfect at everything than the other little girl Then, the little girl who seemed not as perfect saved the day at the end I would use this book when introducing working with partners reading partners.

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    A little girl eagerly welcomes her best friend to spend the night She is glad to have a friend who can run faster, climb higher, and jump farther than anyone else But when the lights are turned out and the visitor is afraid, the little girl proves what best friends are for once again Hutchins captures the simple elements of a child s life in a heartwarming story, steep

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    This book could be used to explain how each person is differnt and how we all have our stregths and weaknesses I would reccomond this book to a child if they felt like they are not good at anything because it shows how sometimes we don t notice our own strengths.

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    I love this book about friendship, comparison, and the value in understanding that we all know different things and have different skills and that s fantastic Certainly a Hutchins book that should be widely recognized.

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