A Conspiracy of Bones

A Conspiracy of Bones Very good book. Tempe Brennan, forensic pathologist, is back in another thriller Who has sent her the pictures of a faceless corpse What has this to do with a child s cold case the relationship she has with her new boss I read a number of the Tempe Brennan series when they first came out but haven t read one for a number of years The format style is pretty much as I remember it There is the continuing story of Tempe s personal life in the background Ryan is back though is a fairly small role We still have Tempe s relationship with her Mother sister Then there is the main plot surrounding her work.As thriller s go this was a good, sound thriller The excellent writing that I remember from the past is still there I wasn t so keen on the plot line something was missing but I couldn t say what Perhaps it was the detailed lab work which I remember from her previous books It was an enjoyable read a worthy continuation of the series.I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley. New York Times Bestselling Author Kathy Reichs Returns With A New Riveting Novel Featuring Her Vastly Popular Character Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan, Who Must Use All Her Tradecraft To Discover The Identity Of A Faceless Corpse, Its Connection To A Decade Old Missing Child Case, And Why The Dead Man Had Her Cell Phone NumberIt S Sweltering In Charlotte, North Carolina, And Temperance Brennan, Still Recovering From Neurosurgery Following An Aneurysm, Is Battling Nightmares, Migraines, And What She Thinks Might Be Hallucinations When She Receives A Series Of Mysterious Text Messages, Each Containing A New Picture Of A Corpse That Is Missing Its Face And Hands Immediately, She S Anxious To Know Who The Dead Man Is, And Why The Images Were Sent To Her An Identified Corpse Soon Turns Up, Only Partly Answering Her Questions To Win Answers To The Others, Including The Man S Identity, She Must Go Rogue, Working Mostly Outside The System That S Because Tempe S New Boss Holds A Fierce Grudge Against Her And Is Determined To Keep Her Out Of The Case Tempe Bulls Forward Anyway, Even As She Begins Questioning Her Instincts But The Clues She Discovers Are Disturbing And Confusing Was The Faceless Man A Spy A Trafficker A Target For Assassination By The Government And Why Was He Carrying The Name Of A Child Missing For Almost A Decade With Help From A Number Of Law Enforcement Associates Including Her Montreal Beau Andrew Ryan And The Always Ready With A Smart Quip, Ex Homicide Investigator Skinny Slidell, And Utilizing New Cutting Edge Forensic Methods, Tempe Draws Closer To The Astonishing Truth But The She Uncovers, The Darker And Twisted The Picture Becomes I would like to thank Netgalley and Simon and Schuster UK for an advance copy of A Conspiracy of Bones, the nineteenth novel to feature forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan.Tempe isn t getting on with the new medical examiner in Charlotte and is slowly being frozen out of the department, so when she receives pictures of a mutilated dead body she decides to identify the victim and salvage her work life Working off the books with help from her partner former Montreal detective, Andrew Ryan and former Charlotte detective Erskine Skinny Slidell she getsthan she bargained for.I thoroughly enjoyed A Conspiracy of Bones which I found, sometimes despite the subject matter, to be a compulsive read that kept me turning the pages from start to finish This is due to a mixture of Tempe s first person narrative that keeps the reader hooked in to her thoughts and investigation, her honest tone and the steady stream of developments I hesitate to say twists as they don t necessarily push the plot in a different direction but, rather, increase the knowledge base and allow forinformed deductions I was interested in the almost countless number of conspiracy theories enumerated in the novel, due to links with such a podcast, and horrified to realise that I could identify most of them What does that say about my reading matter and interests To be fair I think it underlines how mainstream some of them have become There is also a fair amount of technical information in the novel that I can cheerfully admit to skimming too much brain pain to try and understand Despite these minor inconveniences I found the story absorbing if slightly far fetched at points, then again maybe not depending on your world view, with plenty of action, reveals and developments.It has been a while since I spent time with Tempe so, despite having read most of the previous novels, I felt as if I was coming at it with fresh eyes She is having health and career issues so she s nervy, unsettled and slightly paranoid, in fact she resembles Scarpetta in the later novels Fortunately, despite being unable to always trust her judgement, her instincts and and sharp intellect are still working A Conspiracy of Bones is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending. I would like to thank Edelweiss and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review I have been a huge of fan of Kathy Reichs s books for many years now and was even lucky enough to see her at a meet and great reading a few years back, I was also a fan of the show, Bones As soon as I saw this book on here, I requested it without even reading the synopsis of it When Tempe discovers a faceless corpse but isn t allowed access to study it after, you know she will insert herself into the case regardless With the help of Slidell, they set off to find out who the man is, if there is a possibility of missing children tied to him, and who is this faceless man delivering podcasts that no one seems to know anything about The only downside to the book was there wasn t much of Ryan in it, but overall a great read. Welcome back, Bones..we have missed you.Dr Brennan returns after a hiatus felt by all her readers It s good to have her back but I must admit I was a little ambivalent about this story line But as the story progressed I found her character to becomehuman, questioning her sanity, her abilities and the emotional plus physical damage bombarding her from the death of her colleague and the aneurysm threatening her very existence.Because, or in spite of that Tempe does not let this deter her in investigating the body of a faceless man with no identity found after being ravaged by feral hogs With the aid of her good friend, Sliddell and her partner Ryan she does what she does best and never gives up and never forgets the victims, especially the children.Highly recommended It would appear I ve missed a book in the series,and left me all manner of confused as to where everyone was at when the book opened.I really enjoy this series,and I ll probably read them to the end But this wasn t the best.I felt there was something missing maybe time in the lab,Ryan I mean he doesn t even show up till well into the second half really..As much as Temp may work alone,she s always had people around her,and for menu,just Skinny didn t cut it.An interesting story non the less. Kathy Reichs has created a character that her readers adore But just when you think she can t get any better, you are pleasantly surprised Never content to do things according to the book, Tempe takes giant steps outside the box to solve a very interesting case Along the way the reader is kept in suspense, surprised, educated, and entertained I received an advanced digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Is this book available I saw that it was cancelled by the publisher, and I was wondering why Any ideas I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.I m a fan of Kathy Reichs books and the show Bones, so I was absolutely thrilled when my request to read A conspiracy of Bones was accepted This book is fantastic, a wild ride and a compelling and intriguing mistery When our main protagonist sees a trench coat man around her house and then get some crime scene photos of a dead faceless and handless man on her phone, Temperance decided to investigate, but her physical and professional life isn t easy At all.Larabee, her boss, is dead and the new one shares a bad history with her, since Margot Heavner was called and it was true unprofessional by Brennan when she disclosed information regarding an active missing kid case with a broadcaster, Nick Body, known for his outlandish teories about vaccines, conspiracy theories and so on.Temperance has an aneurisma as the writer and suffers from headaches, her child is in a war zone, her mother has a new boyfriend and cancer and she still has to decided if live with Ryan is what she wants or not So her life is complicated and it s not helped by this case, but clues about a old disaster, missing kids and conspiracy theories pushed Temperance to seek Skinny Slidell s help, Hawkins and other friends, while trying to recover from the professional exile Havner imposed on her.The plot is complex and Brennan fights all the time with theories and self doubts, asking herself what is real, what is not, scared for her aneurysm, her brain, her memories, navigating this complex investigation As always the book is full of twists and discoveries and a lot of learning I learned what is the deep web, or about the livor mortis and the reading was interesting and intriguing I couldn t behappier to have read this book, the ending was really realistic and full of hope and hardwork It touches a lot of topics, from broadcasters who used people s fears for their gains, child pornography and disappereances, the cute and creepy discoviery about zombie ants, the deep web I really loved and enjoyed this book and it was interesting seeing the brilliant Brennan battling with self doubts and what ifs, it was absolutely relatable Brennan is an amazing and realistic character, you can t not root for her and her journey, her growth, her works Ryan was lovely, brilliant and cheeky as always and I really enjoyed reading about Slidell and his partnership with Brennan, his expletives, so colourful, his being a really good guy, fighting for the truth.I loved reading about Temperance s brain processes, how she remembered and connected various bit, having epiphanies and discoveries Absolutely fantastic I wish I had half of her brain, sometimes XD5 stars, a fantastic journey and an another wonderful book

Arthur Ellis Award Best First Novel 1998 Deja Dead

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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • A Conspiracy of Bones
  • Kathy Reichs
  • 13 January 2017
  • 9781982138882

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