Palindrome For Years, Liz Barwick Has Been Battered By Her Brutal Husband, A Famous Pro Football Player This Time It Takes An Emergency Room To Keep Her From Death Now, The Beautiful And Talented Photographer Retreats To An Island Paradise Off Georgia S Coast To Find Solitude And Herself As She Becomes Increasingly Involved With The Strange And Handsome Twin Scions Of The Powerful Drummond Family, She Feels Her Traumatic Memories Begin To Fade But When A Killer Launches A Series Of Gruesome Murders, Liz Discovers That There Is No Place To Hide Not Even In Her Lover S Arms

Stuart Woods is the author the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series and Holly Barker series He is an avid private pilot, flying his own jet on book tours You may see his tour schedule and learn about the author on his website.

☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Palindrome By Stuart Woods ❤ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Palindrome
  • Stuart Woods
  • English
  • 06 February 2019
  • 9780061094828

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    I reckon this will definately be my last Stuart Woods book And I reckon I said that before but it was strongly suggested by a friend who knows that I loved his book Chiefs, which, by the way, was great.As another reviewer put it, Woods sold out to the company, writing two books a year, none of which are a half way decent read So I reckon you guys who read a lot will see through this one quickly It was just bad and barely readable.Enough said, don t have time to pan this book much If you read it though, get used to the word reckon because it s used throughout by all the characters, all the time, including a Harvard graduate Maybe ole Woods thinks that we talk that way down south Who knows I have to say though, the book s only saving grace, for me, was Cits setting, umberland Island which is not too far from where I m from and where I live I m sure there are books though on Cumberland Island so I would have gotten those pictures and descriptions without reading the word reckon 100 times in a book slightly than 400 pages Woods needs to hang up his pen pencil or computer He s way past writing anything that is decent enough to read Last Stuart Woods I ll ever read and I know I ve said that before, but I really, really mean it this time.

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    Palindrome is an impressive, thrilling, gripping story with great characters and a very original plot.

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    I really enjoyed this book and hope some of you will pick it up.My full spoiler free review is on my blogLink

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    I loved the story, plotline, characters setting and back history, but It did seem to pack a hell of a lot of one off events into a very short amount of time I know all novels have to do it to an extent, but it did stretch belief the amount of one off events that occur throughout the book The characters were believable for the most part, but there was a sub plot involving two brothers that I thought was REALLY predictable Still enjoyed reading on, but left me thinking less of the main characters for not guessing at the obvious outcome All in all, great book and if you like Woods, you ll love this one Previously read a load of the Stuart Woods world books novels in the Stone Barrington, Will Lee and Holly Barker series and have read 1 other standalone by him, Dead Eyes, like that I think it skirts the wider world, but I can t remember reading any major characters come into the story at any point Seems to write his main characters from the prospective of people who are nothing like the characters in his series, risky move, that I think really paid off and made for a good read ONE WARING Remember the year this book was published, 1989, many times I ve found myself reading it and wondered why the characters didn t simply use a smartphone or the internet and kept remembering the year Isn t a spoiler of the story, but think you need to be reminded so events in the book stay believable.

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    This was excellent A captivating read of a double mystery which, in the end, merges together for a very sad, but satisfying, conclusion.My compliments to Stuart Woods He was recommended tome by a fellow reader and I m glad I picked the novel up to read I think I might turn out to be a fan Especially so if he can weave a complex plot in the next novel as he did in this one.Gotta say, it s a wonderful feeling when you discover an author who writes this well.

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    Good summer read Interesting premise so 3 stars.

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    Since this is the first book I read by Woods, I wasn t sure what to expect, but I definitely didn t expect what Palindrome delivered it was great It had all the things I look for in a book, great characters whom you re truly interested in, multiple story lines, wonderful plot twists, and the best of all when you the reader think you have it all figured out.nope you don t If you haven t read this book go and get a copy however you can, because you wont be disappointed Great read and I can t wait to read another book by Stuart.

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    Nothing like the book Under the Lake by Stuart Woods After that book I read a lot of his books but recently stopped since it s the same plot book to book This book was an older book and I was surprised I never read it It was a good book but not many twists or turns You knew right away who the killer was It was an interesting twist with the twins but I wished he would ve of gave of a back round information on their story Over all a good book that made me keep reading.

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    This book is incredible I like Stuart Woods series books, but they get a certain routine to them after a while This one, a standalone, is AMAZING You spend a lot of time wondering if you have it right in your head, only to learn something new that makes you second guess yourself You really get to know the characters as well, which is my favorite part of a story.

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    This was a quick beach read a little cheesy for me

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