DovetailThis was a first for me by Karen mcquestion, this was a Arc that I absolutely loved I felt like I was right there in the story with Alice, and John Pearl Frank.And Joe and Kathleen.This story goes from the year 19 16 to 1983 back and forth in time to the Future but Alice taking care of her family after her mother dies her younger sisters and her father A young man named John comes to help out on the farm Alice not knowing they would soon fall in love this young man has a background that back in those days was not lightly looked upon. but I soon saw why Alice fell in love with John and he was such a giving caring guy..1916. going into 1983 Joes dad and stepmom had put him into Trendale a place like psychic ward. because Joe has nightmares and all it scared his family. but Joe s nightmares have a lot to do with things in this story this is a wonderful Story one that touched me deeply one that I will definitely read again Will be recommending to everyone which I have already done I finished this book yesterday but I wanted to sit on it a while and then do my review I just can t say enough about this book I absolutely love this book and if I could I would give it 10 Stars.Thank you netgally For this copy.And also Thank Karen McQuestion For this Amazing Book. This is my first book by Karen McQuestion and I look forward to readingI expected a typical girl moves to small town kind of story, but it was so so muchthan that With a touch of magical realism, the past and the present are found to be deeply connected, the romance is authentic and moving, and the story is captivating Put this one on your list From The Bestselling Author Of Hello Love Comes A Spellbinding New Novel Of Enduring Love, Family Secrets, And Mysterious Death Joe Arneson S Ordinary Life Is Upended By Troubling Dreams Of Himself As A Different Man In Another Place And Time It Isn T Until He Visits His Estranged Grandmother, Pearl, In Her Wisconsin Hometown That A Startling Connection EmergesDrawn Into His Family S Past, Joe Discovers Secrets Weighing On The Old Woman S Soul The Tragic Death Of Her Sister Alice A Half Century Ago And Its Ripple Effect On All Who Loved Her Digging Into The Events Of That Summer In , Joe Is Convinced That His Recurrent Visions Relate To Alice S Untimely Passing And To The Beloved Man She Meant To Marry With The Help Of Kathleen, A Local Woman Joe S Fallen For, The Puzzles Of The Past Start Falling Into PlaceAs Uncovered Truths Bring Joe And Kathleen Closer Together, They Also Reveal A New Danger For Joe S Dreams May Be A Warning From One Star Crossed Couple To Another I ve long believed that no one should be judged on the worst thing they ve ever done And not on the best thing, either, for that matter Human beings are muchcomplex than one event that happened on one day in a very long life Pearl has reached the end of her very long life and has lived with guilt, regrets, sorrow and pain What secrets is she keeping and why is it so hard to reveal them The characters in the book are people that any of us could know and could relate to They have emotions and traits that are individual in what makes their personalities I loved John and Alice Such caring, loving, and unselfish characters I loved Joe and Katherine Their story was one of an immediate attraction to each other but built as they worked to discover the connections from the past to the present There were characters I disliked the whole book Then there was Pearl She had me on both ends of the likeable spectrum I found myself despising her and then forgiving her This worked so perfectly to create the story This book has suspense, drama, secrets, mystery, tragedy and foreboding It also has compassion, devotion, forgiveness, hope and love Love that can transcend time and space The way it s all brought together in the pages had me turning them, each chapter building, to find out how it was going to all end I have yet to pick up a Karen McQuestion book that I have not liked This book is no exception In fact, I loved it It s complex but written so adroitly that the plot and characters are easily followed and built up as the story goes The uniqueness of the dual time lines and building the parallel stories until they merge is page turning anticipation Karen McQuestion has created a book that is like the dovetail joints her title is named after She takes each of the characters and designs them to perfectly fit with the characters they are joined to Then she builds the story, chapter and event from 1916 to the parallel chapter and events in 1983 Each revealingas to what really happened in 1916 that Pearl has held secret for all those years The story starts to link together just as dovetail joints slip together to create a beautiful piece of work when it s finished A dovetail joint can stand the test of time This is a wonderfully detailed and crafted book Written in such a wonderful way that the story unfolds in perfect synchronization A novel that I thoroughly enjoyed from the beginning to the end I want to thank the author, Karen McQuestion, for the honor of reading an ARC of this fantastic book All opinions and thoughts are my heartfelt own It is definitely a five star read for me. I received this from for a review 1983 Joe suffers from debilitating nightmares and his parents commit him to a psych ward 1916 Pearl Joe s grandma is jealous over her sister s new beau and feels responsible for her untimely death.Rating duo timeline stories are hard for me because I usually prefer the older timeline and feel that I can t give the whole story proper attention The story is clean and appropriate for younger teens 2.75 stars Karen McQuestion has crafted an emotionally suspenseful tale that explores the intriguing possibilities of genetic memory It s an inspired story a marvelous, evocative read, the perfect blend of mystery, magic, tragedy, and hope I absolutely loved it, and I devoured it from start to finish. Can love survive all obstacles In DOVETAIL, Karen McQuestion crafts a story spanning generations, one brimming with family secrets between sisters, breathtaking suspense, and the undeniable power of love everlasting I dare you to put the book down before reaching the triumphant conclusion I couldn t. Amazing story,written with duel timelines and two stories.One a beginning,one an ending.Love,forgiveness, friendship and so muchAnother great book by Karen Mcquestion I highly recommend it A story set in two timelines.1916 Pearl is the second of seven sisters When a young student comes to work for her father Pearl is jealous that he prefers her older sister Alice.1983 Joe is in hospital because he suffers terrible nightmares His grandmother Pearl who he has never met comes to collect him to help her empty her family s home so she can sell it.After he arrives in Pearl s home and he learnsabout his family s history Joe s nightmares begin to resemble things that happened in the family before he was born.Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for my e copy in exchange for an honest review. This book has been rattling around in my head for quite a while, probably about four years All along I ve been calling it Dovetail and although bits and pieces were coming to me like listening to a radio station almost out of range I waited to start writing until it wasfully formed in my head After I finished each of my last few books, my younger son Jack would ask, And now are you going to write Dovetail Every time I said, Not just yet And then one day, I knew the time was right and I sat down with my laptop and got to work.It s a longer book than I usually write and there arelayers to it Also, it s different than my other novels, but what else is new I have trouble staying in my lane, so much so I m not even sure I have a lane.Some of my early readers have said this is my best book yet For some reason I m unable to judge my own work, so I don t know if that s true or not All I know is that I hope readers enjoy it. Facebook

[PDF / Epub] ☀ Dovetail ✍ Karen McQuestion –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 349 pages
  • Dovetail
  • Karen McQuestion
  • English
  • 02 November 2018

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